You have been betrayed,yet again

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You have been betrayed,yet again
« on: July 07, 2018, 12:36:49 PM »
Last night the Prime Minister betrayed the nation. Theresa May and her quisling Cabinet have quietly knifed democracy, draped an EU flag over the corpse and now sit obediently at Barnier’s feet.
On Friday, the British government agreed to ensure we keep in alignment with EU rules, including state-aid prohibitions, crippling our ability to develop our own economy as we see fit. This effectively locks us into a single market on goods but not services - free trade where we have a big deficit, but not where we have a big surplus. Incredible.
The government has changed freedom of movement to ‘freedom of mobility’ - this theme is continued throughout May’s proposal: the fundamentals are largely unchanged, they simply have new names. annette, this is not what we voted for.
The Prime Minister has agreed to a “customs territory” meaning our ability to strike trade deals will be severely limited. Our weak Prime Minister has also agreed to our courts observing due regard to the European Court which means, effectively, we will not control our own laws. She has made clear the UK courts will sign off on any new laws, but the reality is quite simple: if the UK does not maintain complete legal alignment, the EU says no more free trade. This is recognised in May’s document, where it acknowledges failure to port over the laws would have consequences. This is a charade, sovereignty as little more than a pretty light show.



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