Cast-Iron Cameron, Father of Lies

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Cast-Iron Cameron, Father of Lies
« on: February 27, 2013, 10:52:11 PM »
Cast-Iron?s Breath-Taking Bluster ? UKIP Rising in Eastleigh

Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, could hardly be worse than Cast-Iron Cameron, Father of Lies, with his latest mendacious outburst on the eve of Eastleigh?s by-election, where UKIP is breathing down the necks of the corrupt elite that has just about wrecked Britain.



Mr Cameron said: ?I think there is more we can do. One of the aspects that we are reaching fairly early conclusion on is that we can no longer grant legal aid to non-UK nationals or for civil cases, people who are facing housing cases or benefit cases.

He has pledged a whole raft of measures to stop parasitic migrants, but has said not a word about the one institution which can thwart every pledge he proffers ? the arrogant European Courts.



Cameron, and every Brit, know full well that the ECHR has the last word on every aspect of British law, and will not hesitate to use its supranational powers to do so. There is also the European Court of Justice (!?!) which interprets EUSSR law. Between them, they can over-rule Westminster on any and every rule that might be proposed.

(for an interesting article on the ECHR?s background, see

Unless and until the UK gets a government willing to draw a line in the sand, or along the White CLiffs of Dover, and repudiate the crazy covenants that put those alien judges in control of Britiah internal affairs, the inanely named European Convention on Human Rights and the Lisbon Treaty, all his bluster is simply that, hot air designed to blow away the threat from UKIP.



The easiest way he could show good faith would be belatedly to keep his word on the referendum he promised, on the EUSSR,  and make it a double-barrelled poll, with the ECHR on the ballot too.

But he won?t.

But Brits also got a glimpse of the enemy within Whitehall from his speech, in which he specifically admitted that sections of the Civil Service seek to manipulate the elected government via their influence on Ministers of the Crown.


?Going through area after area, I?ve told the ministers: tear up your departmental brief, I?m not interested in what you were told to say when you came to this meeting; rip it up, think like a Conservative and make sure you?re really doing what is necessary to ask the difficult questions in your department.


Fat chance of any current ministers thinking like conservatives, if they agreed to serve under Cameroon the Cur!

But for Her Majesty?s PM to admit that his Cabinet colleagues are told what to say by condescending mandarins in closed door conclaves ? time for a clean-out.   Put patriots into these departments, who can produce departmental briefs that reflect the will of the British nation, not whatever Europhile prejudices dominate Whitehall.

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