'I will lead Ukip' Farage reveals plan to REMOVE Tory MPs

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'I will lead Ukip' Farage reveals plan to REMOVE Tory MPs
« on: July 10, 2018, 06:52:53 PM »
'I will lead Ukip' Farage reveals plan to REMOVE Tory MPs allowing great Brexit BETRAYAL
NIGEL FARAGE has added to a day of breaking news in Westminister, by pledging to return as Ukip leader and ensure the Conservative Party does not "sellout" Brexit and the 17.4 million Britons who voted to leave the EU.
By Oli Smith
PUBLISHED: 07:01, Tue, Jul 10, 2018 | UPDATED: 09:23, Tue, Jul 10, 2018
Nigel Farage has pledged to return as Ukip leader if Theresa May continues to pursue her Chequers proposal, which the Brexiteer has branded a "betrayal" of the referendum vote.
The ardent Brexiteer, who left his position as Ukip leader following the referendum vote, has hinted at a return to frontline politics for a long time.
However, the shock resignations from Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson appear to have prompted Mr Farage into this shock pledge.
Speaking to listeners on his LBC phone-in show, the Brexiteer MEP issued a warning directed to Tory MPs who are sitting in marginal seats and have failed to back a "true Brexit".

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He said: "I never thought I would say that again, but the government’s sell-out leaves me with no choice. The latest Brexit betrayal must be reversed."
Mr Farage pointed out that the tenure of Gerard Batten, the current leader of Ukip, will come to an end in March 2019 - the same month when Article 50 ends.
The MEP added: "Unless Brexit is back on track by then, I will have to seriously consider putting my name forward to return as Ukip leader.
“I can ensure any Conservatives listening to this, sitting in marginal seats, who are not prepared to honour the wishes of the electorate, I will make damn sure that you all lose your seats.
“There are millions on Conservative voters who are very unhappy indeed.”
The Brexit supporter also said that his return to Westminister politics rests on whether Mrs May continues to pursue her Chequers agreement and if Article 50 is suspended or delayed.
Brexit: 'It’s a total sell out' says Nigel Farage
He reiterated this pledge in an article for the Daily Telegraph, writing: "I will have no choice but to resume campaigning in all parts of the United Kingdom.
"The Chequers sell-out is, though, by far the most serious dereliction of duty of which Mrs May is guilty to date.
"She clearly had no qualms over committing this latest Brexit stitch-up, believing her party would back her automatically.
"Will Jacob Rees-Mogg and the European Research Group have the guts to bring down this Prime Minister? I hope so.
"For it is obvious that as long as she remains at the helm there will be no clean, democratic Brexit."
Earlier in the day, Farage congratulated Mr Davis for resigning and called on Mrs May to go, accusing her of being "duplicitous".
The latest political bombshell follows a day of chaos for the Government as Theresa May faced fury from party Brexiteers.
There were concerns that Tory MPs, furious at the Brexit tactics, may demand a no-confidence vote.
However, it is believed that Mrs May has faced off any imminent threat of a coup.
Conservative commentator Isabel Oakeshott had earlier tweeted at the opportunity for Mr Farage to return to politics.
She said: "Tory MPs are worrying about haemorrhaging support from Brexit voters in their constituencies.
"If Nigel Farage starts a new movement over the Great Brexit Betrayal many could lose seats."

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SPOT THE BREXITER! May's version of the Cabinet that does NOT represent the people of the

United Kingdom, particularly as a recent poll shows that support for BREXIT is UP BY 15%! BRING ON THE BREXIT THE DEMOCRACY-RESPECTING BRITS VOTED FOR (or the Tories will be penalised at the next GE, for dropping the ball on their watch)!
It’s THIS deal or NO deal - May DEMANDS Brexit backing or vows to fight no confidence

Then its NO DEAL! May has wasted 2 years of our lives on this obfuscation .... that eu will NEVER give a good deal to the majority who voted OUT! Stop wasting time , get her out and put a conservative back in charge ... one that will get things done and isn't in the eu pockets!!!
Trump could TURN on May if protesters anger US President during visit, warns aide

He must understand that it's only Khan and his London army of remoaners that object to his visit. It has never been about Trump, remoaners are once again trying to destroy the UK by meddling in any possible future trade with the US when we leave the EU which would make Brexit on the road to success. If Trump reacts to this minority of the British population, then this will please Khan and his following who will be rejoicing. This is desperation, because time is running out, to keep the UK locked in with Brussels. Please Mr President, rise above it and see this mob for what they are - an army of sad desperate close-minded fools, running out of time!
Boris Johnson’s popularity PLUMMETS as Tory poll shows him DROP down leadership ranking

Javid top of the poll for new leader, where did they poll London? Try outside the M25 and you will get JRM front runner.
TEN MILLION bottles of cheap Spanish wine passed off as French

And they said the American's will give us chlorinated chicken..who was it again? That's right, The E.U. loving lot., Where's Goods monitoring gone Brussels?
Barnier FINALLY speaks out on David Davis resignation: 'Brexit talks will be DIFFICULT'

They've been difficult all along -- and it's Barnier's fault they have been. He has obeyed Juncker's orders to scupper every proposal and wait for May to retreat some more. The EU are devastated now that May is on her way out -- she was our weakest link and their spy in the camp.
Brexit warning: NO UK deal can rival EU membership - 'it's crystal clear' fumes Barnier

Barnier & his chums are a disgrace.Bring on no deal. It will be the EU squirming far more than we will.
Rees-Mogg shares 'ENCOURAGING NEWS' that will see Brexit through despite Chequers chaos

Moggy if the Tory Party don't get May to change this stupid plan then there will be a lot of Tory MPs unseated come the next General Election, all May is doing is pushing Corbyn into No 10 and the Tory Party to the wilderness for a couple of Decades.
Theresa May NO CONFIDENCE challenge BEGINS: 'You have INSULTED the British people'

Well done! Someone who cant be bullied at last prepared to confront pariah May on her duplicity (and stupidity). We will thank the good guys like Andrew Bridgen when she is out the door. Anyone else to join him?
May in crisis: Tory party vice-chairs Ben Bradley and Maria Caulfield QUIT over Brexit

May thinks that she can quickly replace all the leaving MP'S and carry on as though she is right,how long will take her to realise that she cannot replace 17.4 million voters who will show her that she is wrong at the next election?
'THIS IS NOT FAIR!’ Donald Trump RAGES at EU leaders ahead of NATO summit in Brussels

I like President Trump more and more.Please help us destroy the evil eu tyranny.They have got Europe in a death grip!
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'EU is going to push BACK!' Warning May's plan could get her KICKED OUT like Thatcher

I never thought I'd see the day when I cheered on the EU and said go for it!But here I am today saying Go for it - kick the plan out. Its bizarre that all we have left is a refusal to accept a UK plan by the EU, to prevent a faux sovereignty and government by foreign powers by the back door. Our government has truly let us down and defied democracy.
Angela Merkel’s dismay at Brexit chaos: ‘Time is running OUT’

The sooner this woman is placed in a mental institution the better.
Thai cave rescue: Football team invited to FIFA World Cup final

What a wonderful gesture to encourage their recovery and inspire their ambitions for the future.

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