A call to the French Army and Police Forces.

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A call to the French Army and Police Forces.
« on: July 17, 2018, 06:44:49 PM »
YouTube link of the video from June 28th 2018 : https://youtu.be/nbwfnL9822Q

A call to the French Army and Police Forces.

General Officers, Admirals, Senior Officers, Junior Officers, Marine Officers, NCOs of all ranks in the Army, Sea, Air, Foreign Legion, National Gendarmerie, National Police, Municipal Police, Customs.

The hour is alarming, tragic.

It is not disrespectful to you, for what a citizen wants to tell you, for what you are about to hear.
Far from it.
In the great and noble tradition of the Army, with a capital « A », it is inconceivable not to respect the Civil Political Power, I name the Executive Power, under which the Constitution of the 5th Republic places you hierarchically.
It is unthinkable, for a Frenchman wearing the Uniform with Pride and Honor, not to obey.
It is unthinkable to disobey one’s constitutional Leader.
Yet, on December 5th 2016, a catastrophic, excessively threatening event, a treachery, devastated the democratic harmony.
A second event, directly resulting from it, occurs on May 9th 2018.
For those of you who don’t know it yet, and this is understandable in regard to the voluntary withholding of information by almost all the mainstream media, time has come to alert you very precisely, without leaving the slightest doubt as to the situation of our Homeland.
You can verify what I am about to tell you on the official website : https://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/
On December 5th 2016, the Prime Minister of the time, Manuel Valls, decreed the creation of the General Inspection of Justice, placing the Judicial Authority, one of the 3 pillars of our Democracy, under the direct control of the Ministry of Justice, under the control of the Executive Power.
This decree has the N° 2016 – 1675.
It has been published in the Official Journal N° 283 the following day, on December 6th, for an entry into force on January 1st 2017.
However, the independence of the Judicial Authority, with regard to Judges, was guaranteed by the article 64 of the Constitution.
The President of the Republic of the time, François Hollande, although constitutionally the guarantor of this independence, did not oppose this decree.
He failed in his duty.
He betrayed.
Knowing the studies that you followed, you cannot ignore that the Constitution of October 4th 1958 determined very clearly the separation of the 3 Powers :
* The Executive Power,
* The Legislative Power,
* The Judicial Authority.
The article 16 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of August 26 1789, referred to in the preamble of the Constitution aforementioned, reads as follows :
« Any society in which the guarantee of rights is not ensured, nor the separation of powers determined, has no Constitution ».
Since there was a violation of the separation of Powers, the Constitution of the 5th Republic was defeated on January 1st 2017.
The consequences of this disappearance are historical, dramatic for the future of the People, for its becoming, for your future.
For the most important of these consequences :
In the absence of a Constitution, except to admit the state of dictatorship, whoever the candidate, the presidential election of May 7th 2017 was simply IM-PO-SSIBLE.
I am aware that what I am telling you is gigantic, monstrous, but it is so.
I repeat : unless we admit that France has entered a dictatorship, Mr Emmanuel Macron cannot have been elected President of the Republic.
He is usurping the civil service of President of the Republic, with all the penal consequences attached, in particular that provided for in the article 433 - 12 of the Penal Code.
The repercussions are of the same kind : colossal.
Unable, in the absence of a Constitution, to be President of the Republic, Mr Macron was unable to appoint Mr Edouard Philippe as Prime Minister.
As a result, the illegal Prime Minister was unable to propose the members of his government to Mr Macron.
France has been officially governed for over a year by U-SUR-PERS.
Regarding the Army, Mr Macron, illegitimate tenant of the Elysée, could not have appointed General François Lecointre, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, to replace General Pierre De Villiers, who resigned.
Actually, YOU, whose primary role is to ensure the protection of the Nation and Citizens against external and internal aggressions, you do not currently have a Supreme Chief, any
more than you have a Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, Defence, Finance, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.
The Constitutional Bill N° 911 of May 9th 2018, presented by the Executive, is nothing more and nothing less than a new Constitution founding the 6th Republic.
BUT WHY the usurper of the Elysée and the one of Matignon, their associated government accomplices, talk about CONSTITUTIONAL LAW ?
Because a law is voted by the Parliament, NOT BY CONSULTATION OF THE PEOPLE, NOT BY REFERENDUM.
You can only change something if it exists.
The current illegitimate Executive, with the active complicity of the National Assembly where it has a majority, reiterates the same stab in the back, the same treason against the People, than the one committed by Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, with the post referendum in 2005 and the Lisbon Treaty.
This awareness made, the facts denounced verifiable and verified under the article 433 – 12 of the Penal Code, the People of France expects you, Polices Forces, to proceed with the arrest of Mr Emmanuel Macron, and the placement under house arrest of the members of the government.
Under no circumstances, can your salutary intervention be considered a coup d’état, since the Executive Power is illegitimate.
We are rather in the context of a public clean-up operation.
In accordance with the article 7 of the Constitution, before its disappearance, Mr Gérard Larcher, President of the Senate before the entry into force of the perfidious decree, having been already officially requested on March 29th 2018 by a RENAISSANCE de la
RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE (RENAISSANCE of the FRENCH REPUBLIC) delegation, which moved to the Senate, will have to ensure the interim period.
If he escapes from this constitutional responsibility, or is prevented from doing so, the article 7 forecast that it is the government which will then have to assume this interim responsibility.
But this government, illegitimate, as previously demonstrated, will not be able to assume this function.
There remains the founding President of RENAISSANCE de la RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE (RENAISSANCE of the FRENCH REPUBLIC), a volunteer who, if proposed, will accept this office, as aready officially announced on November 13th 2017, the time required for the legal restoration of the Constitution, the restoration of the Rule of Law, the restoration of the entire sovereignty of the People.
I can’t warn enough the Directorate General of Homeland Security, about the role it will have to play :
* either to the side of the usurpers, with a morality comparable to that of the Vichy police during the Second World War,
* or to the side of the People.
I recommend that Mr Macron’s bodyguards advise him to submit his resignation as soon as possible, to surrender, before the commission of uncontrolled, irreversible, irreparable acts, which he will have to assume full responsibility, associated with the government.
Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Legionnaires, Gendarmes, Police Officers, Custom Officers :
The Nation needs you.
She is calling you.
She is counting on you.
She has confidence.

Translated from French by Elisabeth Maslard

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