The Great Betrayal is a truly dark episode in our history,

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The Chequers deal at first sight looked like a weak proposal by a weak prime minister. It is now clear that something much more sinister has happened. This is effectively a Remain coup, many months in the making, and with big business collusion.
It has now emerged that May had a different Brexit team working on her Chequers capitulation. Not Dexeu, the official department for exiting the EU headed by David Davis, who has now resigned. But in the smoky backrooms of Whitehall there was another team, Cabinet Office Europe, working on this Soft Remain surrender.

Having resigned, both Steve Baker and David Davis now see that their work, their white papers, were effectively just a "distraction" for May and Hammond, both Remainers, to help cover the real plans being hatched. Baker describes Dexeu as a "Potemkin department" - a mirage, a fantasy, a distraction, a fraud not just on those ministers but on the general public.
And, amazingly, it gets more sinister still. Remember the recent warnings from Airbus and BMW, just before the Chequers surrender was announced? Here at LL we suspected this had been orchestrated by the Remain anti-democrats on the Soros wing. But it's so much worse. It was May's Remain cabal in government. The Telegraph revealed this week that the warnings came after "discussions" with "Remain ministers".
Let that sink in. The government called a referendum and told the public the decision was theirs, and that the government would implement what we decided. They were then elected in the 2017 general election on a manifesto promising to implement that result, taking control of our laws, our money and our borders. We now see that, in secret, the Remainers leading the government were plotting a coup that even their Brexit ministers didn't know about. The end result everyone can now see - May's disgraceful, abject surrender to the EU thugs that will rank alongside Suez as one of the greatest humiliations in this country's history.
And right on cue, the former Tory cabinet minister (and Remainer) Justine Greening has come out demanding a second referendum - the endgame for Remain all along.
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This is an appalling and unforgivable betrayal of the British people and our democratic values. It must be stopped. The EU has already offered a Canada style free trade deal in March. Alternatively, trading on WTO terms would be infinitely preferable to the Chequers surrender. The Chequers betrayal really is the worst of all worlds and we must stop it.
We need to make a stand.
Thank you,
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