Kick Brexiteer Kate Hoey out as a Labour MP, say Vauxhall party members after vo

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Labour chiefs were today urged to suspend Kate Hoey from the parliamentary party after local members passed a vote of no confidence in her.
The Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party also called for her to be barred from standing as the Labour candidate at the next election.

Local members lost their patience with the Eurosceptic Labour MP after she sided with the Government to avoid it being defeated on its Trade Bill in a Brexit showdown earlier this month.


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They passed a motion accusing Ms Hoey of “collaborating” with the Right-wing European Research Group, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, in the bust-up over a customs union.

MPs campaigning for a “soft” Brexit wanted the UK to join a customs union if the Government failed to agree a free-trade deal with the EU as proposed in the Chequers plan.

Kate Hoey retained her seat at last year's general election (Lucy Young)
But the Government staved off a defeat, by 307 to 301, with the support of four Labour MPs including Ms Hoey, Frank Field, John Mann and Graham Stringer.

The local Labour party’s motion stated: “This CLP recognises Kate’s hard work as a constituency MP and that there have been many issues on which she has taken a principled stand which have not necessarily been supported by all local Party activists.
“However, we believe that the accumulation of her actions and statements over the years, culminating in her supporting this reactionary Government and a Tory Brexit which will threaten jobs, peace in Northern Ireland and the future of the NHS, and undermine workers’ rights and environmental and other standards, cannot be deemed to be compatible with Labour’s core beliefs and values.”

It also criticised the former sports minister for taking on a job with Boris Johnson when he was Mayor of London, for her role with the Countryside Alliance, for supporting fox hunting and for “colluding” with Nigel Farage.

Emily Wallace, chairwoman of Vauxhall Labour Party, said: “The meeting was open to all of our 2,300 members to attend and speak, however there were no members that came to speak in defence of Kate.

“Just three delegates abstained on the motion, no one voted against and the other 42 delegates voted in favour.”

Responding to the vote, Ms Hoey told The Standard: “Vote was not a surprise but it’s only a motion and won’t in any way change my views on the EU.
“My country comes before my Party anytime and helping my constituents is my priority.”
Ms Hoey, who has come under attack from Leftwingers for her opposition to Jeremy Corbyn, also criticised the motion put forward by the “soft” Brexit MPs as a “back-hand way of staying in the Customs Union”.
The CLP motion has no formal standing in Labour’s selection procedures but it is understood that party chiefs will be taking it seriously.
Veteran MP Frank Field is also facing a move by Labour activists in his Birkenhead constituency to have him suspended from the parliamentary party in the Brexit row.
However, Mr Field, 76, who chairs the Commons Work and Pensions Committee, has criticised a motion against him, being debated this evening, as “Momentum-inspired”.

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