Subversion and the EU MILITARY UNION

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Subversion and the EU MILITARY UNION
« on: July 31, 2018, 07:10:17 PM »
To : [email protected], [email protected]
Cc : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and the EU MILITARY UNION
Dear Andrew,
Please see the newspaper article below.
I demand that you work with Jacob Rees-Mogg to have these unelected Whitehall civil servants, Victoria Billing, Alastair Brockbank, Sarah Winter, and Olly Robbins removed from office, questioned where their loyalties lie, and arrested for treason.
Lord Denning (1899-1999) Master of the Rolls said: “To every subject of this land, however powerful, I would use Thomas Fuller’s words over three hundred years ago, ‘Be ye never so high, the law is above you.’ ”
The people are the sovereign, that sovereignty being held in trust by Her Majesty. The sovereign instructed a clean Brexit, to stop paying £Billions to the EU, and repatriation of all our powers and pre-eminences, this subversion cannot go unpunished.
With supposed friends like these, who needs enemies, and how many more of them lurk behind the doors of Whitehall?
These people are supposed to do our bidding, not work against us while drawing handsome wages from the public purse.
The people’s patience has worn dangerously thin with these treacherous people.
I also request that the London School of Economics be investigated for Treason and subversion of Brexit, and for trying to replace our Constitution with a lesser document a little while ago.
yours sincerely
Mrs Jane Birkby
English Constitution Group

I admire your letter Jane and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unceasing efforts to correct the many traitorous efforts by our politicians. However, I suggest that your target in this letter is slightly off centre. Civil servants do not make policy THE GOVERNMENT DOES! There fore I believe these civil servants let the cat out of the bag as to the true intentions of the Conservative government. That is to destroy our armed forces by under funding them and then putting our defence under the control of the EU armed forces. The reversal of Brexit must surely follow. We should be demanding that the ministers involved must be brought to account and the  public made aware of the serious danger that their policies are sacrificing the future integrity of the United Kingdom. This money that is being promised to support the EU army must be used to support OUR armed forces.
Jerry Wraith

Such an excellent letter Jane.  Thank you so much for writing it. 
Unlike Jerry Wraith’s comment, (though he is partly right) I think you had the correct targets.  I am not convinced that MPs make many decisions as I don’t think they have the intelligence -  being too far up their own backsides.  I believe it is senior civil servants who make some decisions since they are the ones who think they have the intelligent wherewithal (having gainfully risen so high in the pecking order) to come up with these ideas.  The MPs being grateful for the keen assistance, simply go along with it because it sounds like a good idea.  Bear in mind that a lot of civil servants (I knew quite a number like this) get promoted to get them out of the way  -  rising higher and higher (just as Cressid Dick did)  -  for being either useless, incompetent, lazy or seriously abrasive.
Anyway so many thanks for your letter.  I will pass it around widely without the subsequent comments.
TOP Whitehall officials were caught boasting to EU diplomats that Brexit will be like a KitKat with chocolate covering ties to Brussels for years to come.
tape on webpage
Bombshell tapes passed to The Sun reveal senior civil servants secretly pledging to continue spending taxpayers’ cash propping up Brussels defence and foreign projects — including the controversial “EU Army”.
As part of the deal suggested by a Cabinet Office adviser, EU military officials would be based in Whitehall forever.
Our revelation on Thursday night reignited the bitter war of words between Brexiteers and the Civil Service - who were accused of trying to “hoodwink” voters.
Angry MPs said vast amounts of detail about the UK’s post-Brexit plans had been shared with other EU countries before them, sparking claims the officials had “briefed against their country”.
A private conference last Friday saw ambassadors and officials from France, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Poland and Italy meet the Brits at the London School of Economics to discuss post-exit plans.
Victoria Billing and Alastair Brockbank were among the delegates at the conference at the London School of Economics
European academics also attending were told the discussions were so secret that even the countries that speakers were from should not be reported outside the room.
But one furious attendee blew open the secret chat, telling The Sun: “The public have a right to know what is being carved up behind the scenes.”
Senior Brexit Department official Victoria Billing sparked mocking laughter by describing the defence and foreign policy deal sought by the UK as a “KitKat” – a “cover” hiding the depths of the continued agreement.
And Cabinet Office security adviser Alastair Brockbank - who works for top Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins - told the diplomats that Britain stood ready to continue paying “significant contributions” to controversial common EU defence and foreign policy projects adding: “We are interested in it all.”
Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has demanded an official inquiry into the meeting and said it was wrong for British civil servants to brief the other side behind closed doors
And he claimed that Britain could yet fund the Permanent Structured Cooperation that will see 25 EU countries merge their armed forces.
He said as the project grew “we would see what we can contribute towards PESCO still.”
Mr Brockbank boasted that it was civil servants who “are negotiating the detail of that at the same time as we are discussing the political high-level fluffy bits that will go into any declaration that gets made public.”
And he admitted his plans will lead to a nightmare headache for Theresa May, claiming: “Honestly speaking and off the record this has been for us some quite difficult political conversations for us in the UK.”
Last night leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg demanded an official inquiry into the meeting, saying: “It is wrong for British civil servants to be briefing the other side in except in a formal negotiation context.”
On our our side, on foreign policy and defence, we are actually looking for something... which I normally call a patchwork but someone yesterday called a Kit-Kat which I rather liked, where you have the cover of, you have the kind of political framework cover and underneath you have a series of different agreements.
Senior Brexit Department Official Victoria Billing
He hit out: “Former civil servants rounded on Brexiteers a few months ago and compared them to Nazis for questioning the traditions of the Civil Service and now we have civil servants appearing to brief against their country.”
The top Tory added that the “KitKat comment is a clear attempt to hoodwink voters.”
“This looks like a clear attempt to fix the game and this must be formally investigated urgently.”
Sent: Subject: Re: EU MILITARY UNION
This is why our military capabilities are being destroyed, and our 2 new aircraft carriers have 2 towers, the first in history. this all started years ago when all our regiments were disbanded and if that wasn't enough Theresa May now wants our military personnel pumped full of the anthrax vaccine which has caused untold injuries to the American forces. When will the people wake up and actually start to do something. Di 
Watch just before 33 minutes in and up to 44. Note Rees-Mogg does not deny what is happening. So what part of Brexit are we leaving? It is plain to see we are in fact going deeper in.
UK Column News - 16th March 2018 - YouTube
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Bombshell tapes reveal how top Whitehall officials compared Brexit to ...
20 hours ago - TOP Whitehall officials were caught boasting to EU diplomats that Brexit will be like a KitKat with chocolate covering ties to Brussels for years to come. Bombshell tapes passed to The Sunreveal senior civil servants secretly pledging to continue spending taxpayers' cash propping up Brussels defence and ...

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14 hours ago - BREXITEERS were left outraged last night after secret tapes came to light indicating theUK was planning to pay for an EU army after Brexit. ... REVEALED: Civil servants plan UK toFUND EU army post Brexit in secret plot caught on tape. BREXITEERS were left outraged last night after secret tapes came to ...


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