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« on: August 03, 2018, 06:12:36 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: August 02, 2018
In: News

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“There could be no sandwiches in the event of a no deal Brexit because tomatoes and lettuce would be stopped or delayed at the border!” The euro-fanatics really are a few pickles short of a sandwich!
Alastair Campbell, Blair’s manipulating warmonger who sent thousands to their deaths in the Iraq war on a false prospectus, says that Leavers should go to jail “for lying”. This is the man who promoted (during the Referendum campaign) the biggest series of lies ever presented to the British people (“unemployment would rise” – it fell dramatically: “house prices would collapse” – they rose; “exports would collapse” – they rose; “the stock market would collapse” – it is now 20% higher than before the 2016 referendum)
There is corruption, gross corruption, criminal activity – and right at the bottom in the gutter of politics there is the Remainer campaign, where the Blairite Alastair Campbell flourishes.
Lord Mandelson, the highly paid and now highly pensioned former EU Commissioner, accused Leavers of “hating Foreigners”. This kind of schoolboy abuse is unworthy of serious debate but Mandelson is part of that supranational superior class of elitists who wish to abolish ALL foreigners. In his multicultural-abolish-the-nation world there would be no borders, no foreigners nor races nor religions. And in his present Shangri La – the European Union – it is Jews like himself who are fleeing – especially from the violent anti semitic Muslims whom Mandelson (in his own words) “scoured the world” for – as migrants to vote Labour!
In the Remainer House of Lords Mandelson’s EU pals, like himself, are paid substantial pensions by the European Union to attack Brexit Britain. The biggest scandal of all was perpetrated by Remainer David Cameron who spent £9m on EU propaganda JUST BEFORE the deadline for restrictions on referendum spending. And the Remainer campaign spent twice as much as the Leave campaign……presided over by an “Electoral Commission” full of fanatical Remainers who should be immediately dismissed for blatant bias.
Then we have the duplicitous Christopher Booker of whom even the Sunday Telegraph is now ashamed – they have relegated him to some backwater in the paper and his slot has gone to Daniel Hannan. Booker comes up with the fatuous claim that in the event of a no deal Brexit Heathrow could close – for months! Like the buffoon Leo Varadkar the Irish Leader who said that British planes could not fly over Ireland if the Irish could not fish in our waters. Needless to say there are strict international laws of aviation guaranteeing flights which make these two project fear experts look the hysterical fools they are. Varadkar is evidently unaware that the Republic of Ireland is entirely surrounded by airspace regions under the remit of UK air traffic control!
Ireland has evidently forgotten how much it owes the UK. We take 70% of their exports and as Brexit Central pointed out:
When the EU left Ireland swinging in the wind after the financial crisis it was the United Kingdom that lent it tens of billions to lessen the catastrophic consequences of its membership of the euro.
It has also transpired that, far from the Irish border being a problem the Irish Government has been assured by President of the EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker that trade will flow under all circumstances (as Freenations has always asserted)
The head of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council has warned the Irish Government that new proposals from the EU (which would remove the Irish veto on taxation of foreign multinationals) could cost Dublin Euro 4bn per annum in lost revenue.
Up to now the Irish have been able to offer ridiculously low corporation tax to the likes of Google and Amazon and have effectively taken tax revenue from other EU countries – as well as the offices of those rich companies which come to Dublin instead of Germany or France (or the UK for that matter).
But tax harmonisation across the EU would put an end to that, the Irish Republic would lose billions – and the jobs of those tax evaders who would leave for other jurisdictions.
The BBC reported that there could be no sandwiches in the event of a no deal Brexit because tomatoes and lettuce would be stopped or delayed at the border! The euro-fanatics really are a few pickles short of a sandwich!
Roger Helmer exposes another Remainer buffoon, Lord Price, a former Waitrose director and former Conservative Trade Minister who said that “Brexit could mean a significant increase in the cost of fruit and veg, and dairy products”.  “all these things are going to add cost and they are going to add to the cost of a tariff that will be applied because the EU has pretty penal tariffs on food, to protect European farmers.”
What an economic illiterate. Helmer rightly says: “Either we stay in the EU (or in the Customs Union, which amounts to much the same thing).  Or we leave.  You can’t have it both ways.  If we stay in, Lord Price’s problem does not arise.  But if we leave on schedule, then we don’t have to pay EU tariffs at all.  And that, in simple terms, is why food gets cheaper.”
There would be no suggestion of our still paying tariffs on supplies from outside the EU. We would set our own tariffs – radically reducing the cost of living for the poorest who pay a disproportionate percentage of their income on clothes and food.
New Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab opened talks last week by insisting our massive £39bn payments to the EU budget would be conditional on Brussels fulfilling its side of the bargain. This was dismissed by Remainers who – always seeking to make their country suffer – claimed the cash had been agreed and there were no strings attached.
But EU negotiator Michel Barnier, who met Mr Raab on Thursday, has admitted: “It is indeed right there is agreement on nothing until we have agreement on everything.” So at last the EU has realised there is a lot of British money and a lot of (EU profitable) trade on the line if they do not make a rational trade deal – not that May’s supine Chequers proposal amounts to that!
And Italy’s interior minister Matteo Salvini has said the EU trying to ‘swindle’ Britain and the European Union was trying to cheat Britain out of the Brexit it voted for. Similar words of support have come from Merkel’s coalition partners the CSU in Germany and from Hungary.
John McFarlane, the boss of Barclays bank says the UK finance sector will emerge largely unscathed from Brexit and retain its position as one of the world’s top two financial centres for the foreseeable future.
Consumer financial expectations rose to 51.3 in July from 48.2 where over 50 indicates optimism. This is the best household outlook since 2016. UK net debt is down to 85% of GDP and the annual deficit is the lowest for over a decade. The total for 2018 so far is £16.8bn – £5.4bn less than year ago.
The PMI for UK manufacturing for June stood at 54.4 while services went up to 55.1 and Barclaycard showed consumer spending was up 5.1% in May from a year ago. In the April-to-June quarter retail sales increased by 2.1% – the biggest quarterly rise since 2015.
The number of strikes in the UK last year was the lowest recorded to date, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). There were 79 stoppages in 2017, the lowest figures since records began in 1891!!
Overseas visitors to the UK hit 4 million in July – an all time record. One survey showed that foreigners viewed Britain in a better light since Brexit!
Even a few Remainers were forced to admit that leaving the EU would mean higher pay for British workers – because business could not so easily bring in (under EU free movement) workers to undercut British wages. Now it has come true as fewer EU citizens come to the UK.
Staff shortages are leading to rising starting salaries for those moving into new jobs. Salaries for workers moving into new permanent roles rose at their fastest rate for three years in May.
No wonder that 400 constituencies in the UK voted to leave and only 246 voted to remain!


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