21 Signs That The UK Is Being Transformed Into A Hellish Big Brother Surveillanc

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21 Signs That The UK Is Being Transformed Into A Hellish Big Brother Surveillance Society

21 Signs That The UK Is Being Transformed Into A Hellish Big Brother Surveillance Society
By Michael, on April 1st, 2012

Why would anyone want to live in the UK at this point? Well, if you enjoy having every little detail of your life dictated to you by elitist control freaks then you might like living there. But most of the rest of the world is absolutely horrified that the UK is being transformed into a hellish Big Brother surveillance society. The UK truly is on the ?cutting edge? when it comes to implementing liberty-killing rules and regulations. Many have pointed out that the United States is becoming a Big Brother police state, but the truth is that the UK is even worse. The madness going on in the UK is where the rest of the world is headed. Right now, there are more surveillance cameras per capita in the UK than anywhere else in the world. If you accidentally drop a couple of potato chips in public or if you whisper a phrase that is not politically correct in a restaurant there is a good chance that you will be hauled into court. In the UK, the public has been sold the lie that society will be better off if everything and everyone is constantly monitored. But instead of improving society, what all of this surveillance is really doing is turning the entire nation into a very frightening version of George Orwell?s 1984.
Sadly, most of the rest of the globe is going down the exact same path that the UK has gone. The UK is several years ahead of most of the rest of us, but eventually almost every nation on earth will be just like them.
The following are 21 signs that the UK is being transformed into a hellish Big Brother surveillance society?.
#1 A new UK law will allow the government ?listening agency? to openly monitor all phone calls, all emails, all website visits, all Facebook status updates and all text messages.
The following is from a recent article in the Telegraph?.
Under legislation expected in next month?s Queen?s Speech, internet companies will be instructed to install hardware enabling GCHQ ? the Government?s electronic ?listening? agency ? to examine ?on demand? any phone call made, text message and email sent, and website accessed in ?real time?, The Sunday Times reported.
#2 Police in the UK use advanced software that enables them to track the ?digital footprints? of virtually anyone that they want to investigate. The following is how one news report in the UK described this software?.
The Metropolitan Police has bought Geotime, a security programme used by the U.S. military which tracks suspects? movements and communications and displays them on a three-dimensional graphic.
The software aggregates information gathered from social networking sites, GPS devices like the iPhone, mobile phones, financial transactions and IP network logs to build a detailed picture of an individual?s movements.
#3 In the UK there is a ?three strikes? rule that allows your entire family to be cut off from the Internet if anyone who lives in your house is accused of copyright infringement three times.
#4 In the UK, free speech on the Internet is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. A recent UK government report calls for Internet service providers to remove as much ?extremist material? from the Internet as possible. The following is an excerpt from that report?.
The Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit does limited but valuable work in challenging internet service providers to remove violent extremist material where it contravenes the law. We suggest that the Government work with internet service providers in the UK to develop a Code of Conduct committing them to removing violent extremist material, as defined for the purposes of section 3 of the Terrorism Act 2006. Many relevant websites are hosted abroad: the Government should also therefore strive towards greater international cooperation to tackle this issue.
#5 In the UK, citizens are instructed that those that hold ?anti-government beliefs? are potential terrorists and that they should be reported to the authorities immediately.
#6 In the UK there are more surveillance cameras per capita than anywhere else on the entire planet. It has been estimated that there are at least 4.8 million surveillance cameras constantly watching every move that citizens make.
#7 Under new government plans, cameras at UK gas stations will automatically stop any vehicles that do not have insurance or that are not up to date on taxes from being filled with fuel.
#8 In the UK, it is legal for local governments to assign agents to follow citizens secretly without any judicial oversight whatsoever.
#9 There are thousands upon thousands of ?dysfunctional families? in the UK that are being subjected to intensive 24-hour video surveillance to make sure that their children attend school, go to bed on time and eat proper meals.
#10 In the UK, police can demand to see your identification at any time for any reason that they want.
#11 Did you think that ?future crime? was just something Tom Cruise had to worry about in the movies? Well, police in the UK are reportedly very interested in implementing ?predictive policing? techniques in an attempt to get a better handle on crime.
#12 Tens of thousands of parents who homeschool their own children in the UK have been forced to undergo criminal background checks before being allowed to do so.
#13 Parents at one school in the UK were forced to undergo criminal background checks to prove that they were not pedophiles before they were allowed to accompany their own children to school Christmas events.
#14 In the UK, if you preach against sin in public there is a good chance that you will be convicted of a hate crime.
#15 Christian ministers in the UK have been told that trying to preach Christianity in an area that is primarily Muslim is essentially a ?hate crime?.
#16 Simply playing the Bible in public is enough to get you into trouble with the law in the UK. For example, police once threatened a cafe owner with arrest for silently playing a Bible DVD on a small television on the back wall of his cafe. The following is an excerpt from a Daily Mail article about this incident?.
Mr Murray, 31, was left shocked after he was questioned for nearly an hour by the officers, who arrived unannounced at the premises.

He said he had turned off the Bible DVD after an ?aggressive inquisition? during which he thought he was going to be arrested and ?frog-marched out of the cafe like a criminal?.
#17 In the UK, it is now illegal to photograph the police for any reason whatsoever.
#18 In the UK, if you do not dispose of your trash correctly or if you do not recycle properly, you can be hit with huge fines. In fact, right now millions of UK citizens actually have microchips in their garbage bins which track their disposal activities.
#19 One 79-year-old retiree in the UK was told that she would be required to have ?three warning signs, a ?lookout? and a fluorescent safety jacket? if she wanted to continue to work on her garden.
#20 Government officials in the UK seem absolutely obsessed with gathering information on young children. The following example is from an article in the Register?.
The government obsession with collecting data has now extended to five-year-olds, as local Community Health Services get ready to arm-twist parents into revealing the most intimate details of their own and their child?s personal, behavioural and eating habits.
The questionnaire ? or ?School Entry Wellbeing Review? ? is a four-page tick-box opus, at present being piloted in Lincolnshire, requiring parents to supply over 100 different data points about their own and their offspring?s health. Previously, parents received a ?Health Record? on the birth of a child, which contained around eight questions which needed to be answered when that child started school.
#21 Tens of thousands of kids in the UK are being branded as ?racist? or ?homophobic? and are being put into permanent databases just for using common playground insults. The following comes from an article by Paul Joseph Watson?.
Over 30,000 British schoolchildren, some as young as three, have had their names registered on a government database and branded ?racist? or ?homophobic? for using playground insults, infractions that could impact their future careers.
In the old days, we were all taught that totalitarian police states such as North Korea, Nazi Germany and the USSR were bad.
But now we are being taught that totalitarian police states are good.
These days we are told that society works better when control freaks are watching, tracking, monitoring and recording virtually everything that we do.
Sadly, advances in technology now make it possible for governments to track and control all of us to a far greater degree than dictators in the past ever dreamed was possible.
With each passing year, the control grids get tighter and we lose even more liberty and freedom.
If we do not stand up for liberty and freedom while we still can, eventually it will be too late.
Please speak out and let your voice be heard. We simply cannot afford to let the control freaks win.
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Readers Cooments
I used to think that the Brits were about 40 years ahead of the US on the downward slope. But, the USA is catching up quickly?..maybe only 2-3 years behind the Brits now in sliding into the total collapse of the rule of law. The Brits have no constitutional protections. America?s Constitution is dying quickly. Just ask the Smirking Chimp and War Criminal Bush, and his successor the failed Obummer.
This is nothing new. England has been on this path for a long, long time. I wouldn?t go there voluntarily just because of the ?biometric? search at the border and the right of the cops to take your DNA for littering in public.
All these extreme measures and their criminals still have guns, even with a ban going on its second decade.
All these extreme measures and they still have IslamoFascists running loose and carrying out attacks.
It?s pathetic to see a once-great people reduced to this, but they did it to themselves. I wonder when or if they?ll ever wake up?
The prophecy must be fulfilled. The end must come, nothing can delay or postpone it.
And almost none of them has a weapon.
We in the US so far have a better deal.
There are a lot of questions like: ?How much more can we tolerate??
I?ve said this before, and I just want to repeat:
when they come for your guns, you can be sure: it is starting.
That?s what has to be ?the last drop?.
There will be no other chance, once they?ve taken your guns.
From what I understand, not even the policemen in the UK carry guns.
(If there is someone living in the UK, please let me know if I am wrong.)
we have special firearms officers and alot of police in the capital around government buildings carry submachine guns most do have tasers though.
gary, leeds, uk
The only time I see a British policeman with a gun is at an airport or guarding an embassy or important public building. The vast majority of criminals don?t carry guns so that it makes the papers when they are found to be armed.
Man with no name
The more unstable an economy becomes, the more the government tightens the noose of control on its citizens?
The UK has a debt/GDP ratio of around 950% now.
ie they owe 10 times what they make, so they?re living on borrowed time, just like the whole Eurozone is.
There?s no way out of the mess they created for themselves so they create a police state to TRY and protect themselves when the ********** hits the fan as it surely will soon enough. Somehow I don?t think it will work.
Disarm the population, watch everything they do, force them to conform to endless laws and restrictions etc.
Orwell?s 1984 is fast becoming reality if it hasn?t already for most of the western world countries.
You have to feel sorry for the next generation of humans born into this mindless corrupt idiocy.
gary, leeds, uk
UK national debt is 68.2% of GDP, USA equivalent is 101%.Please don?t let the truth get in the way of a good rant. The last time I looked I was not living in any kind of police state
you know whats odd?even with all their surveillance they still missed the subway bombing. I think all the surveillance makes the cops more lazy and they sit on their butts watching a monitor instead of doing good old fashioned detective work.
sigh.. really?
makes you wonder if ?they? are behind it, no?
People in USA have a better deal ? They must be kidding?.
National Defence Authorization Act 2012
Enemy Expatriation Act
NDRP (peacetime martial law)
and so on?..more BS to come there?
USA is about 10 years AHEAD of the rest of the world?.
I am a much in this article is wrong and out of date. Regrading photography
Members of the public and the media do not need a permit to film or photograph in public places and police have no power to stop them filming or photographing incidents or police personnel.
From here: :http://www.met.police.uk/about/photography.htm
However, we are still in a BB society.
atomic annie
?From my cold dead hands.?
http://N/A Otter Walks on Two Feet
Facebook is Big Brother!!!
http://goto.glocalnet.net/pdn/ Awakened
I wonder if a muslim would be called a ?hater? if he preached about allah in an area that is primarily Christian (About #15).
Andrew Lemon
Guido, are you aware that biometric checks are routinely used at US airports? You may not realise but they actually perform these checks on US citizens as well as foreigners. I have seen it myself; I have never had to provide fingerprints upon entering the UK. Are you aware that passengers flying into the US ?cannot congregate near the toilets? (yes ? if flying to the US you cannot stand and wait to use the toilet on an aircraft if there are others waiting to use it).
I travel frequently on business intranationally, but not internationally in about 2 years, and I have never had to provide my fingerprints. I also have never been prevented from using the head, even with a line. On long flights, even international ones, I make a point to get up and stand in the galley or storage area to stretch my legs. I?ve never been stopped or bothered, but I make a point to return to the seat if the pilot requests it. I do get searched every time, though, since I refuse to use the meat gazer.
In any case, it doesn?t invalidate what I wrote. We?re just not as far along as England. The point can be applied, though. What has all this security accomplished? I?m not aware of any instance in which security stopped an event on a plane. The passengers, on the other hand, have been involved in stopping every event from the pilot last week who went nuts to the muslim lunatic who tried to knock down the cockpit door to the underwear bomber, etc. According to several articles I?ve read, TSA fails to detect weapons at checkpoints when tested. One guy put up a youtube video showing how he beat them at the meat gazer and shortly after all the new security went into affect several years ago, a college kid managed to sneak box cutters onto a plane. I, myself, inadvertently flew transatlantic with a pocket knife and a couple lighters in my suit vest without realizing it. Then, there was the time in the last year when TSA let a woman walk right past them with a gun. Or the time they ran a metal detector portal for 3 hours and didn?t realize it was unplugged the whole time. I think George Carlin was right when he said security was a joke, it just exists to make white people feel safe. For some reason, with all the abuses and accidents and screwups, people think it?s great to do more and more.
Great article as always, actually really shocking. I spend a lot of time researching globalism and world events, and have to admit, I was shocked at how bad things are in the UK. I did some internet business to UK (Ebay) with a retired UK police officer, very nice chap indeed. I had asked him how things were there with the crime, and he confimed that the guns were taken away years ago and the crime skyrocketed. He also said the muslim prescence there is very strong and that the islamic community cries and shouts and protests when they do not get theri way. he feels sharia law in the UK is at hand. He did not mention about the surveillance issues so much, but just the general degrading of society away from Christian values and a general loss of freedoms amongst the Brits. There is disturbing indeed. My parents were there in the mid 1960′s for a month and they both said it was a wonderful place and they enjoyed it very much. Sadly, that. like many places in the world including the good ole USA are changing quickly.
The globalist agenda is coming together and the prophecies in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation are starting to waken from their sleep as it were. I just watched a video documentary this weekend about the Jews in Jerusalem having all the impliments ALREADY MADE for the new temple and the coming messiah!!!
This current age is drawing to an end, and if you are a pre-millenial believer than the rapture of the church seems to be getting closer each day, if you are a post-mellenial believer, than you can expect to see the rise of anti-christ in the VERY near future.
I agree with ?angrycitizen? when the US government implements martial law and then comes for citizens guns, you know America is through, and the crime will explode once that happens.
http://goto.glocalnet.net/pdn/ Awakened
Obama WILL be re-elected!
http://Godlikeproductions oldmandowntheroad
WAKE the ****** UP?.obama took off Hank Williams Monday night football, just because Hank called obama a dictator, and obama did what all dictators do, he got rid of Hank. 2nd obama got Jack Van Impe kicked off TBN for telling the world that obama is the ANTICHRIST. 3rd Where?s Glenn Beck another victim of the worlds next dictator obama. Hope you get the change you want. Better stock up on KY jelly, if obama gets reelected your gonna need it HAHA I will bewatching from above watching him torture you all
James Bare
Searching For an Identity
James E. Bare D.C.
When discussing politics, it is really not about Right and Left, Conservative or Liberal. It is very simple. It is all about Liberty and Freedom, or Tyranny and Oppression. It does not matter the political label that is attached. One cannot look the other way as one?s chosen so called Conservative or Liberal party promotes Tyranny and Oppression.
One must awaken and realizes that the end result of our present political polarization is Serfdom for all , with no Freedom and Liberty for anyone.
There should be no further tolerance , for anyone that promotes; ideology, laws, rules, regulations and legislation whose end result is Tyranny and Oppression.
This is not the promotion of anarchy, it is about respect for the gifts and blessings of Liberty and Freedom we all have been given as an unalienable birthright. Those that would use their accumulated power and / or wealth to manipulate society to serve their purposes, and thus take from others their liberty and freedom, do need the restraint of law to check their inclinations.
It is not about class warfare, the Rich Vs the Poor, Left Vs Right , Capitalists Vs Socialists Vs Communists Vs Fascists Vs Anarchists. Either one?s country promotes Liberty and Freedom for all, or all the people ( including you ) of that country wind up Serf?s controlled by a ruling class elite .
The differences between the Left and Right ? The Left claims they will treat their Serf?s better than the Right. Both Right and Left political ideologies promote Tyranny and Oppression. It is just who is being Tyrannized, and who is being Oppressed, is different.
We must not be quiescent, in the face of Oppression and Tyranny. Even though it is our nature to be so. To quote from Jefferson ?that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable?.
Liberty and Freedom are always present and are unalienable to us. But through laws, regulations, rules, legal decisions, and social contracts, we give up our use and access to these bit by bit until we find we are Serf?s. Serf?s with their very lives directed and controlled by a haughty ruling class elite. Yet the very second we throw out these impediments to Freedom and Liberty, we can once again experience the blessings of Freedom and Liberty. These blessings never leave our side, but we can, and have, turned our backs upon them.
As Americans we have allowed Non-American political beliefs to infiltrate our consciousness. We tend think in terms of Liberal or Conservative, Left or Right . The American Constitution and it?s founding ideals have nothing to do with these political constructs. All that has happened by accepting these polarizing Non American political systems, is that we have become divided while arguing about what political ideology can ultimately create the happiest Serf?s, and do so as painlessly as possible . It is time to reject these foreign polarizing ideologies. It is time to fulfill our unalienable birthright, so that we might seek and promote the commonality of benefits and blessings for all, by relentlessly promoting Freedom and Liberty for all.
http://stopneocons.bravejournal.com Winston Smith
#10, no 4th amendment (though, not much one left here in USA either)
Britain in its history, last 500+ yrs, has been a nasty and aggressive state?.the rested for awhile and are back up to dominate, w/their friends across the tsea, he ANglo-AMerican alliance?..
Strange. I actually wasn?t aware the fascists had won WWII, and occupied Britain. Sad, come to think of it.
Winston Smith I really think you need to study history rather than spurting out malicious trash based more on emotion than fact. The longest period of peace the world has ever known was when the British had an empire, of course it was not all good but overall it spread modern civilization, the rule of law, liberty, freedom and democracy to the four corners of the planet. Its empire was built on trade, not invasion and it knew when to walk away from it. The US itself in their fight for independence was not so clear cut as some would have others believe, only approximately one third of Americans supported the war, one third wanted to stay British and the other third could not care less either way. Nothing in life or history is so black and white as in your statement and overall the British throughout history have fought for what is right. As for the article, although I don?t agree with the British governments proposals which are being forced on them by the EU, the UK is far less restrictive than the US, where human rights are routinely abused if you don?t quite fit in with the status quo.
signed with them when you bought it. And if they do cut your Internet which very rarely happens, then you just switch Internet providers, simple. Others like no. 12 and 9 are common sense. These people may have a history of child abuse or just came out of prison for child related crimes.
The rest I?ve never heard of before or are instances that have only ever happened to that one person you described in your list. So just because we don?t have the freedom to wave guns around and kill anyone who we don?t like, it doesn?t mean we can be compared to the likes of NK or the USSR.
? 45 Signs That America Will Soon Be A Nation With A Very Tiny Elite And The Rest Of Us Will Be Poor
Vaccines And Autism: The Secret That You Are Not Supposed To Know ?

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