Right Wing, Left Wing, Upside Down or Back to Front is completely irrelevant.

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Right Wing, Left Wing, Upside Down or Back to Front is completely irrelevant. 
What was done to Tommy Robinson was the action of a ruthless, lawless, murderous & merciless Orwellian Police State!
Having suffered the same myself, I am well qualified to recognise it! 
Those who denigrate Tommy Robinson, on whatever grounds, or are lukewarm in their support, or withhold it, are worse than Quisling ever was. 
They are not only accepting, but supporting the increasing enforcement  of what is effectively Sharia Law.  Let none think I am critical only of Muslims.   In truth, we cannot blame them.  I am much more critical of the mass murderers & war criminals of Lawyer Blair's Regime, whose massacre of millions (still continuing) gave Muslims every reason to hate us more than they already did: And the 'Heirs to Blair', who have laid down a red carpet for the invaders, plainly obvious among 'refugees'.       
I am one of few surviving veterans of the Arctic Convoys of World War 2, who, late in life, learned that Britain is not now the land I thought I was fighting for all those years ago, & felt it my duty to tell of it.   
This brought many years of persecution: I survived only because my constitution proved stronger than most.  Eventually, & much belatedly, I fled the land of my birth for safety in Ireland. .
Close on 93 years of age, I now spend all my time & energy trying to open the eyes of the millions who refuse to see what is happening to the country of which I was once so proud.  And, hopefully, TO STIMULATE THEM INTO FINDING ENOUGH COURAGE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
Norman Scarth.

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