Katie Hopkins Has A Message For America, applies to whole world..

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Katie Hopkins Has A Message For America, applies to whole world... Youtube, February 7, 2018.


A few notes:

She notes that two Muslims were just convicted of wanting to behead her. MI5 chief said the level of terrorism is impossible to establish; local imams have the right to pick the police who patrol their districts; there are more acid attacks in London than Islamabad; discrimination against Whites is institutionalized and systemic; there is no redress for Whites; London is Londonistan, but the British survive outside London working hard, voting for Brexit and supporting Trump -- all considered racists and wrong, browbeaten into silence. The migrants do not come to find a new life, they bring their societies and hatreds to Europe. Massive systematic human traffickings through Calais. "Save the Children" moved hundreds of thousands of migrants into Europe; in one Italian town the migrants rioted because the WiFi was too slow. She went to Sweden and saw the non-go areas where the Somalis and Eritreans have absolute power, and fight each others; she was there just before an automobile attack and an 11 year old girl was killed, but a photograph of her body never appeared in the mass media; the Swedish feminists fight for the rights of Muslims to rape Swedish girls. Sweden: In the future we will not build walls to keep people out, we will build walls to keep the people we love in.
We do not have to let our countries fall: (1) resist the multicultural narrative; (2) we can arms ourselves with information (British have no Second Amendment), not the lies of Google and Facebook; (3) we have have the moral courage to fight. Tump is our Jedi master. Get furious and fight back.

__._,_.___James Sanchez

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