British and proud

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British and proud
« on: August 09, 2018, 08:39:44 PM »
The British people have a history and heritage we can be proud of.
It was the British Empire that ended slavery.
It was the British Empire that built roads, railways, universities, schools, canals, factories and infrastructure all across what is now called the Third World.
It was the British Empire that lifted living standards for the world’s poorest and thanks to the law and order and agriculture we established across the Third World, hundreds of millions of poor people could feed their families, live in safety and gain an education.

When the Spanish Armada tried to destroy our small nation-state and subject the whole of Europe to the evil of the Inquisition, it was the Royal Navy that saved Europe.
Britain is perhaps the oldest democracy in the West and Parliamentary government was established across the world thanks to the endeavours of our people.
The nations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even the United States of America were founded and built by the British people, an achievement unparalleled in all of human history.
It was the stubborn resistance to tyranny by the British people that destroyed the ambitions of Napoleon and the Kaiser.
When all of Europe fell to the Nazis, our small island fought and stood entirely alone against the might of the Third Reich, paving the way for the defeat of fascism and a halt to the Holocaust.
It was Britain that spearheaded the Industrial Revolution and paved the way for modern civilisation.
British inventors, scientists and engineers literally built the modern world.
Our history is a long and unbroken story of resistance to tyranny, of democracy and achievement.
All of this was achieved by a nation that is half the size of Morocco and has a population that is one-third that of Bangladesh.
It is about time we told the traitors of the establishment to take a running jump.
Our country is the best in the world and our achievements are unequalled by any other nation.
So next time you see a liberal or a socialist mocking or distorting our glorious heritage, make sure you intervene and blast these traitors with the truth.
It’s time for all patriots to immerse themselves in our history, to become fully aware of the endeavours of our ancestors.
Just waving a Union Jack and shouting football chants does not make you a patriot.
Unless you fully understand the trials and tribulations that crafted your own nation, you cannot hope to fight to save it.
Our heritage is an inheritance and it is your duty to pass this inheritance on to the next generation of our people.
If you want to join our political campaign to save our country from mass immigration and multiculturalism, then now is the time to join Britain First as a member.

Paul Golding

Britain First


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Re: British and proud
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2018, 01:50:05 PM »
I don't understand the need to put down football fans for chanting patriotic stuff. Why are liberals so triggered by this?

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