More lies from Remain funders...

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More lies from Remain funders...
« on: August 14, 2018, 07:21:12 PM »
More lies from Remain funders... “We live in a democracy, and the right to freedom of speech is precious." What ??

George Soros  (of they who say they are, yet are not, but are of the S of S) has moved to defy his critics over his £400,000 donation to the pro-EU campaign group Best for Britain by pledging an additional £100,000 to support efforts to fight Brexit.

Lie upon lie after Soros funds and Malloch Brown chairs what is NOT 'Best for Britain'.
After the biggest poll yet, Best for Britain and Hope Not Hate have produced a new map of British attitude towards Brexit and the tide has turned. Over 100 Leave constituencies have changed to Remain. Scroll down to see your constituency on the map

Chairman - Mark Malloch Brown
A long but very interesting article on the EU.
 Soros says that “the EU seems to have lost its way”, since the financial crisis of 2018, and by reacting through the implementation of an austerity-based fiscal regime, it has “transformed the Eurozone into a relationship between creditors and debtors.” that is “neither voluntary nor equal – the very opposite of the credo on which the EU was based.” - But he wants to keep us in this globalist failure??

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