If LCJ Igor Judge had a conscience... (A 'MEDICAL' disposal !!)

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Lord Chief Justice Lord Igor Judge is due to retire this year.  Having inadvertently shown his true sadistic colours, if he had a scrap of conscience, an ounce of shame, he would resign tomorrow.  So frustrated was he that his intention to put me in a lunatic asylum had been foiled, his usual skill with words failed him.  Josef Mengele (the Nazi doctor) is regarded as a monster.  The sadistic shrinks who use the liquid cosh to turn a sane person into a zombie are not one bit better.   Yet that was what Igor Judge had in mind for me, and, behind his benevolent smile, he was stupid enough to make it clear.   Below are my 'Grounds for Appeal' against Judge's ORDER.   

If you don't want to bother reading the 4,000 words, start at my paragraph 57 & read onwards. 
Norman Scarth.

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: 2013//P1/10211. AG v S. Further Grounds
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2013 20:32:56 +0000

To The Civil Appeals Registry, RCJ.   (again sent as an attachmnet for ease of printing).
Second instalment of Grounds for Appeal is at the end.
N.Scarth ref (new): AG-v-S-130228-Grnds4Appeal                                                    Civil Appeal Ref:        2013/PI/10211 To the Civil Appeals Registry [email protected]  Your ref: 2013/PI/10211

This document is in response to the letter from the Civil Appeals Registry dated 26th February 2013, received by post on the 28th February 2013 (It had also been sent by email). The text of the letter is pasted at the end for convenience. 

This document has been sent by email & by post, Friday 1st March 2013. 

In the matter of an appeal to the Supreme Court by the defendant, Norman Scarth against the ORDER by Lord Chief Justice Lord Igor Judge (supported by The Rt. Hon. Mr Justice Keith & the Rt. Hon. Mr Justice Globe) in the Queen?s Bench Division of the High Court of Justice on 23rd January 2013, after hearing the Application for Committal within the Claim by Her Majesty?s Attorney General (the Claimant) against Norman Scarth (the Defendant). Case Number CO/3898/2012

The letter from the Civil Appeals Registry asks me to provide GROUNDS FOR APPEAL,     & I do so now. 

(1)           The first thing I do is to quote just 22 words from the ?Judgment? by the Lord Chief Justice,"... a medical disposal, which was certainly the one which we would have been most keen to grasp if we could have done".  (my emphasis).                              I will come back to those words later.

(2)          This has not been a criminal ?Prosecution?, where a Defendant has SOME protection against abuse by an oppressive State (a ?Jury of his Peers? being the most valuable).  This took place under the guise of a CIVIL action, where he has none. 

(3)          It has in fact been PERSECUTION, this particular action being only the latest in a persecution which has been on-going for SEVENTEEN YEARS, becoming life threatening on 9th August 1999, with any attack by a mob-handed gang of West Yorkshire Police ? being used as a Private Army!    There has been a nation-wide cover up of that police crime. 

(4)          Far from reducing as I got older, it has increased, until, at the age of 86, I was forced to flee the land of my birth  - the land for which I fought in World War II - & seek safety in the Republic of Ireland. 

(5)          From my position of safety, I have been able to observe the futile antics in the Royal Courts of Justice with amusement, though the state of ?Justice? in Britain is far from funny.

(6)           I have the very faint hope that my puny actions might help to improve matters for future generations. 

(7)          The ?hearing? in the RCJ on 23rd January 2013 came about from a malicious ?Claim? by Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who, in 2008 (before he came to power) had me thrown out of a political party ?Candidate Selection Meeting? where I was intending to offer myself as a candidate.   So much for HIS commitment to ?Democracy?!
(8)           The Attorney General?s Claim is a very bad example of abuse of power & ?Abuse of the Process of Law?.   The ?trial? itself was in gross violation of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights & the 1998 Human Rights Act of the United Kingdom, other actions which brought it about were in violation of other Articles. 

(9)           The Bench acted in contempt of their own Judicial Oaths & that of The Sovereign, in whose name they purport to act.   

(10)        This was compounded by the fact that the solicitor & counsel who were SUPPOSED to be representing me ignored my instruction, allowing monstrous lies & distortions of the truth to go unchallenged, along with gross improprieties in the conduct of the ?trial?.   

(11)        Constantly referring to their ?Duty to the Court? they used that as an excuse to ignore their duty to ME!      They were worse than useless.     

(12)        Their ignorance of the law was astonishing.  Their refusal to put forward anything in my favour meant I was forced to submit my own documents to the court.  They were in fact ?Statements of Truth? (& stand as fact if not challenged), but Lord Judge refers to them contemptuously as ?a number of different documents?.  With no effective representation, I was, effectively, a Litigant In Person, as I have been in the past.     

(13)        As Honorary Secretary of the Litigants In Person Society I have much more experience ? and evidence ? than just my own, & tend to agree with those who say that the hostility towards the LIP from lawyers is endemic throughout the profession.   

(14)        Until the age of 70 I believed, as we were constantly told, that, ?British Judges are the Finest in the World?.  Then came a succession of shocks, all my lifelong beliefs shattered, as I learned there were rotten apples among our judges (we all know what happens to the rest of the apples in a barrel if the rotten ones are not removed).

(15)        In memory of my shipmates who had died around me in World War II, & what we believed we were fighting for, I made it my mission in life to expose the rotten apples.  It has proved to be a mission more dangerous to me personally than the Arctic Convoys on which I served.   

(16)        The hostility of the legal professionals towards the ordinary LIP has been multiplied tenfold  against me:  (1) In 1994, called only as an ?expert witness? I was able to prove most serious perjury by powerful prosecution witness, thereby securing the acquittal of a victim of a malicious prosecution.  (2) My unsuccessful efforts to have the powerful perjurers prosecuted.  (3) My manifesto when standing as an Independent Old Age Pensioner? at the 1997 General Election.  (4) My book, CAUSE for CONCERN, published the same year.  (5) My single-handed success in the European Court of Human Rights (33745/96).  (6)  That it brought a vital change in British law, incorporated into the 1998 Human Rights Act (see letter from Geoffrey Hoon MP, then Lord Chancellor Irvine?s spokesman in The Commons). (7) The change is much hated by lawyers & judges.  (8) My bold (or foolish) words to Lord Woolf (then MR), Lord Justice Otton & LJ Ward in the Civil Appeal Court in 1999 when I told their Lordships, ?Her Majesty the Queen, whose courts these are, is badly served by the shyster who now infest the Judiciary?.  (9)  Those words being quoted in a half page newspaper story, headlined ?Norman Routs Top Judge?.  (10) My continuing efforts to expose the rotten apples.   

(17)        At this point it might be pertinent to mention the part played by the Treasury Solicitor?s Department.   What might be called the ?ATTACKING? half of the Department has been used to progress the Attorney General?s malicious Claim. 

(18)        The other half of the Department, the ?DEFENSIVE? half are currently doing all they can to block my attempts to seek a remedy in the courts for the great harm done to me over the last 17 years.   

(19)        It is the false belief of the legal professionals that ?The Law? belongs to them, that outsiders who think to use the law to remedy an injustice are trespassers, who must be repulsed by every means possible!   

(20)        I ?Did My Bit? (a phrase of the times) in WW2 to keep Hitler from our shores, to save Britain from becoming a Police State, to preserve Democracy & the Rule of Law. 

(21)        At a time of life when I should be enjoying a well?earned retirement, I am again ?Doing My Bit?, hopefully to reduce the likelihood of anarchy, bloodshed & civil war, the likelihood coming ever closer as the British State becomes ever more oppressive, as did Hitler?s Germany.   It took a World War to end that. 

(22)        It may also be pertinent to quote Lord Denning, rated (by some??) as the finest judge of the 20th Century.  In his book ?WHAT NEXT IN THE LAW? he wrote about ?Abuse of Power?. ?Whoever may be guilty of abuse of power, be it Government, State, Employer, Trade Union or whoever, the law must provide a speedy remedy. Otherwise the victims will find their own remedy. There will be anarchy!?  Do we really want that?   With the ever-increasing oppression by The State (the attacks on me being glaring examples), the likelihood is getting closer.

(23)           During previous attempts to deny jury trials to the British people, Lord Devlin said, ?THE JURY IS THE LAMP BY WHICH WE SEE THAT FREEDOM LIVES!?  The fact that I was denied one is enough for the Order to be quashed.

(24)        The Aggressive half of the Treasury Solicitor?s Department, INCOLLUSION WITH OTHERS, has spent vast amounts of taxpayers? money with the intention of having me (completely sane, despite what Lord Judge says) incarcerated in a ?Mental Hospital?, a practice common in Stalinist Russia, described by Nobel Laureate Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn as ?Worse than the gas chambers? (see McCardle attachment).   

(25)        I am not the only one to see it thus: In a family court case, Lord Justice Aitken described the actions of social workers in Devon as ?more like Stalin?s Russia or Mao?s China than the West of England. (See Christopher Booker in The Telegraph of 30 October 2010).

(26)        And for why? It is alleged that I committed the fiendish ?crimes? of offering leaflets, using a video camera, & publishing a video on Youtube! ?RUN FOR YOUR LIVES ? HE?S GOT A LEAFLET!  EVEN WORSE ? HE?S GOT A CAMERA!  He must be a homicidal lunatic!? SOMEBODY is crackers, but it isn?t me!   

(27)        To waste such vast amounts of taxpayers? money, to go to such extraordinary lengths against anyone for such ?crimes? would be diabolical.  Against an 87 year old WW2 veteran who has given so much to Britain makes it far, FAR worse.  However, when it comes to ?Abuse of Process?(& waste of taxpayers? money) it gets WORSE STILL! 

(28)        So we come to the ?trial? before Lord Chief Justice Lord Igor Judge (no less), Mr Justice Keith & Mr Justice Globe in the Royal Courts of Justice on 23rdJanuary 2013. 

(29)        All those involved in the persecution knew from the start that, for all the vast sums of money spent, with me safe in the Republic of Ireland, the whole exercise was futile. Why on earth did they start in the first place, & why did they continue? 

(30)        The answer must be they were stupid enough to think I might be stupid enough to attend at the Royal Courts of Justice on 23rd January, when they could grab me & drag me off to a lunatic asylum.  I may be senile, but I?m not THAT daft!  So, I did NOT attend. 

(31)        The truth is, I am in fear of my life if I dare set foot in the land of my birth again, & HAVE EVERY CAUSE TO BE, as can be shown if the grounds in this document are deemed not to be enough for the appeal to be granted! 

(32)         That being so, with no chance that a lawyer will ?represent? me any better than did Messrs Nathan & Waldman, I am forced to rely on written challenges to the sneers, insults, lies & distorted truth which were allowed by Lord Judge, adding his own for good measure. 

(33)         One glaring example related to the cast-iron evidence I presented to show that OFFICIAL transcripts sometimes have such gross errors as to be worthless.    He dismisses this in 14 words contemptuous words, ?He takes issue ? with the quality of any official recordings made of court proceedings?. 

(34)         There should be more than ME take issue!   If he wasn?t aware before, he, along with the rest of his profession,  should have been AGHAST that such gross errors should not only occur, but that they should be ?on the record? for posterity.   

(35)         Among the specious arguments for banning recording of court hearings is that they may be used to brief witnesses who are still to come.  Well, a good memory is ?a recording device?, & people with good memories could brief witnesses still to come.  Should people with good memories be banned?   

(36)         With the gross errors in official transcripts mentioned, far from recording being banned, there is good reason why it should be compulsory for the parties (& possibly others?) to do so. 

(37)        Which brings us to matters which the Lord Judge DOES want to be ?on the record for posterity?.   Paragraphs 3 to 15 of his Judgment contain some 1,788 or so words, but at the start of paragraph 16 he admits they were not relevant to the matter before the court.   

(38)        So why waste the court?s time & taxpayers? money in speaking, transcribing, typing, recording & storing them?  Especially after the vast sums of taxpayers? money already spent on this exercise, which was going to be futile from the word go!

(39)        The answer is that he, along with the rest of his profession, continually promotes the canard that all criticism of the Demi-Gods of the Judiciary comes from people who are mentally ill.  Those 1,788 (IRRELEVANT) words are for that purpose!   The very fact that he spoke them is evidence that he was ?mis-directing himself?, away from the matter in hand.   

(40)        Much is currently coming to light about corruption by those with power, including a great deal about the actions & failures of several police forces, of collusion with journalists & others, & of cover-up, the supposedly ?Independent? Police Complaints Commission being party to cover-up, as was its predecessor, the Police Complaints Authority.

(41)        That organisation was abolished because of ?Lack of Public Confidence? (a euphemism for corruption), but its successor is proving no better, being currently under Parliamentary investigation.

(42)        As said, I have suffered 17 years of sustained persecution, but this latest attack could be said to have started when I attended the public gallery of Bradford Crown Court as an observer on 25th July 2011.  What happened then is all the proof anyone needed to know that it is not paranoia which makes me feel I am a marked man. 

(43)        As I took my seat, a woman I now know to be Mrs Christine Wood sat immediately behind me.  As a ?Witness Support Worker? she had no cause to be in that public gallery, but had been ordered to sit behind me as a spy, a task way above her pay grade! 

(44)        It was she who got the idea that I was using a recording device & ran to tell the usher, who ran to tell the judge.   (In fact Judge Jonathan Lee Rose, & later LJ Pitchford, admitted that the device I had was not capable of recording the hearing). 

(45)          Anyway, Judge Rose had me arrested, &, despite finding that my ?device? was not capable of recording the hearing, the following day he sentenced me (then aged 85) to 6 months in the ?Hell-Hole? known as Armley Gaol. 

(46)        (NOTE:  It was Martin Narey, one time Director-General of HM Prison Service [no less!] who wrote of ?A litany of failure & moral neglect in Hell-Hole Prisons?.  It was HM Chief Inspector of Prisons General Sir David Ramsbotham who spoke on The Frost Programme of ?Barbaric Prison Guards?).   
(47)        The imprisonment was SUPPOSEDLY for ?Contempt of Court? but was really intended to stop me exposing the rotten apples, as has been all the persecution of the last 17 years.   

(48)        On 25th October 2011, a few weeks after worldwide outrage brought my ?early? release from prison, there came the culmination of a large operation mounted by the criminal element within West Yorkshire Police (of which we are learning more by the day!), when, at the EXTRA-JUDICIAL instigation of  Judge Rose, they sprang  ?The Foulest Honey-Trap Ever?.

(49)        With no warrant & no idea what they were going to charge me with, West Yorkshire Police officers entered as trespassers the block of Sheltered Housing where I lived.  Having thus gained illegal entry they then (with the active assistance of the landlords who were supposed to ensure my safety) devised a plan to use a policewoman prostitute to lure me from the security of my ?Sheltered? (???) Flat, when a gang of them pounced on me, snapped on handcuffs & dragged me off to Bradford Lubyanka, ignoring my plea that I be allowed to turn off my computer, turn off the cooker & lock the outer door which I had left open. 

(50)        That of course was the idea.  While I was away, they entered my flat, again as trespassers, stealing my computer, mobile phone & other items.  That equipment, with evidence vital for my defence against the Application by the Attorney General & the malicious prosecution which was also taking place at this time, is STILL illegally held by them   

(51)        Denied the evidence on that computer, no hearing, either the one to which this appeal relates, the malicious prosecution in Manchester Magistrates? Court, or my own cases where I am seeking a remedy for wrongs done to me, can possibly be classed as ?Fair? under Article 6. 

(52)        One particular complaint against ?my? lawyers is that, having promised to recover the computer, they did absolutely nothing about it. 

(53)        Stephen Jones of the (Defensive half) of the Treasury Solicitors? Dept. is the one seeking to block my own Claims.   He says (twice),?the claimant has no real prospect of succeeding on the claim?.  Sadly, with the present state of ?Justice? in Britain, he is absolutely right. 

(54)        Such is the hostility of the legal profession (including the judiciary), the chance of a LIP winning in a British court is at least 100 to 1 against!   Perhaps the Supreme Court will prove me wrong in this?
(55)        The more he has learned about law, the better he presents his case, the worse the LIP will be treated.  Lord Woolf said as much in his ?ACCESS TO JUSTICE, Interim Report, 1995?, though it was left out of his Final Report, a couple of years later. 

(56)        It has been said that the hatred of lawyers for the LIP equals that of the Nazis for the Jews.
(57)        As evidence that this is not far from the truth, I quote again those 22 words from the ?Judgment? by the Lord Chief Justice,"... a medical disposal, which was certainly the one which we would have been most keen to grasp if we could have done".  (my emphasis). 

(58)        That is exactly what happened in Soviet Russia to those who were less than 100% in support of Stalin ? IF they escaped a bullet in the back of the head!   

(59)        To leave Stalinist Russia for Hitler?s Germany:  The words ?MEDICAL DISPOSAL? are chillingly reminiscent of ?THE FINAL SOLUTION?.   And ?KEEN TO GRASP??   You can be sure he was very ?keen? indeed! 

(60)        Reading those words, there is not a shadow of doubt that had I been foolish enough to attend the hearing he would NOT have imposed a prison sentence, suspended or otherwise.  LORD JUDGE WOULD HAVE HAD ME DRAGGED STRAIGHT OFF TO END MY DAYS IN A NUTHOUSE! 

(61)        Here is a man at the absolute top of his profession, reached by his ability to say the right words at the right time, which is of course the essential skill of lawyers.  Yet, so ingrained is his hostility towards such as me, so frustrated is he that his desire to put me in a ?Mental Hospital? has been foiled, that skill deserts him, & he is unable to stop himself disclosing that hostility. 

(62)        Does he truly think I am suffering from mental illness?  A man who was able to win a case in the European Court of Human Rights, single-handed?   You can be sure he does not!   

(63)        But that is how he & his chums want me to be labelled, that is how he & his chums want the public to believe me to be.  That way, all my exposing of the rotten apples can be dismissed as the ramblings of a lunatic. (In spite of the fact that three doctors, one of them a psychiatrist, said I was NOT suffering from mental illness).   
(64)        You can be sure that some who have said that I do suffer from mental illness will confess that they lied, IF my own High Court actions are ever allowed to get off the ground.  Which is of course why the legal professionals are so desperate to stop that happening! 

(65)        How does anyone ?PROVE? their sanity?  With the reports from several doctors I am better able to do so than most.  Apart from that, it is a long-standing principle of English Law that if a person escapes from a mental hospital & is able to remain free for twelve months without being re-captured, that is regarded as proof he is sane.  Well, I DID escape, & HAVE remained free for more than the required twelve months.     
(66)       This is the first instalment of my Grounds for Appeal.   For one 87 year old man, alone, it has taken considerable effort to give these few examples of the unfairness of the trial & the horror which preceded it.   I hope it may be enough, but can give more if the court requires me to do so, & if I live long enough.

Norman Scarth.                                                                                            3,385 words.


The facts stated by me above are true to the best of my knowledge, belief & recollection.
Signed, N.Scarth. Friday 1st March 2013


Below is the text of the letter from the Civil Appeals Registry dated 26th February 2013,

Ref: 2013/PI/10211

Dear Sir

         Re: Attorney General v Norman Scarth
 I acknowledge receipt of your papers, which this office received on 14th February 2013.
 You have not complied with the standard minimum requirement for submitting an application to the Civil Appeals Office. You have not provided the following, indicated with a tick.
        ? Grounds for appeal (Grounds must be on a separate sheet of paper headed Grounds for Appeal).
          Please provide the above document within 5 days or the papers will be returned.
          Yours sincerely
 Ms Khanom
          Registry Office
          [email protected]

See next page for second instalment of GROUNDS FOR APPEAL
Second instalment of GROUNDS FOR APPEAL   (Saturday 2nd March 2013):
1)    As already indicated, there are a multitude of grounds for appeal which could be put forward, as to both the conduct of the ?trial? & the serious criminal actions against me which preceded it.  Those criminal acts against me made all my own actions not only justifiable in the public interest, but essential - if we are ever to return to the Rule of Law in Britain.   
2)    However, I state emphatically  that, after reading only that which is above, the Supreme Court (who should be hearing the appeal), (or otherwise the Appeal Court) have no option but to quash the Order of the Lord Chief Justice immediately, on a vital & time-honoured principle of English Law.
3)    That principle was in the 1926(?) Ruling of LCJ Hewart in R. v Sussex Justice, re-affirmed most strongly in the Hoffman/Pinochet case.  No-one was suggesting for one moment that Lord Hoffman was biased (Heaven Forbid!), but the thought that some person might have THOUGHT he MIGHT have been biased was enough for General Pinochet to be given his freedom. 

4)    When that principle could apply to a mass murderer & war criminal, it SURELY should apply to someone whose every action for the last 17 years has been for the sole purpose  of restoring the Rule of Law to Britain.  We certainly do NOT have it now!   
5)    Is it possible that someone might have thought LCJ Lord Judge might have been biased against me? 

6)    I can assure you there are a great many who are SURE of it!   And many more will be when his words about ?A MEDICAL DISPOSAL? are published more widely!
Safe here in the Republic of Ireland, the result of this appeal matters not a jot to me personally, but I was once proud to be British.  I hope the Supreme Court might go a little way to restoring that pride.
Norman Scarth. 

Once again I declare that this is a Statement of Truth, that all those matters stated as facts by me are true to the best of my knowledge, belief & recollections.  N.Scarth. 

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« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2013, 12:01:28 AM »
Any who have not seen my book, 'CAUSE for CONCERN', & might like to do so, can click on the link.   It was published in 1997, shortly after I stood for Parliament as an 'Independent Old Age Pensioner'.   My effect on the result was much bigger than the bare result indicated.  Chesterfield was one of only 4 constituencies where the massive swing to Labour was reversed.  Though Lord Stansgate (Tony Benn) won, I sowed the seed which ended his Parliamentary career.
With the new Prime Minister (Blair) & his wife being lawyers, Cabinet, Government & Parliament infested with lawyers, it was perhaps not wise to continue my mission to expose the Legal/Judicial Mafia: BUT, continue I did!  THERE'S NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL!
Norman Scarth.
PS: Any of you thinking to nominate me for the Nobel Prize for Literature? Emoji    NS

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