May Continues to Betray as Britain Surges Onwards!

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May Continues to Betray as Britain Surges Onwards!
« on: August 19, 2018, 04:50:15 PM »
17th August 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,

May Continues to Betray as Britain Surges Onwards!

Today, British diplomats have once again tried to sell the Chequers plan to the European Union. Having been rejected by Barnier as unworkable last month, it is clear the Government has no intention of changing its objectives, and are continuing to push ahead with this most unwholesome of proposals.

The Northern Irish border issue continues to be politicised by Eurocrats, who see it as their best chance to constrain a post-Brexit Britain that, given the right tools, would enormously outcompete the stagnating Single Market. The recent comment made by a UK official “we haven’t been making much progress on Northern Ireland” could act as a synopsis of the entire process. Theresa May, newly self-appointed as the Brexit lead negotiator, was too busy ambling around the Swiss hills to attend the meetings in Brussels this week herself…

The news of embryonic plans being made for a WTO Brexit are most welcome, but somewhat tapered by the odd comments made today by the Foreign Secretary. Jeremy Hunt took it upon himself to announce a WTO outcome would be “a mistake we would regret for generations”. We’re sure Hunt’s wife, whose nationality he recently forgot, is now looking back at their wedding day with similar sentiments!

Whilst the vivid imaginations of frothing-at-the-mouth Remoaners have continued to conjure up grave images of pestilence and famine as a result of Brexit, back in the real world things are looking markedly more upbeat. Not that one would be able to tell, given the minimal airtime such news has been given by the major news outlets. On Monday it was announced UK exports have increased by £26 billion compared to last year! Helped by a pound which has settled at a more organic level, and a world-leading Services sector, these levels of commerce are only set to continue once we shake off the EU’s ill-fitting red tape.

The optimistic news does not end there though! We also found out this week UK unemployment is at its lowest rate since 1975, at just 4%. This continues the trend which has been unfurling since the Brexit vote, and just goes to show how out-of-touch the experts who predicted mass unemployment really are. In their mind’s eye Britain would have turned into a dismal island of jobless vagabonds by now, forced to crawl back to Europe on their hands and knees. Yet the proud Great British Public are doing what they do best, defying those who doubt them.
Added to this, our economy is now growing faster than the Eurozone’s. Thank goodness we didn’t join that shambolic political project!

Incidentally, the EU-funded CBI – an organisation which passionately endorsed joining the Euro at the time – felt it necessary to try and dictate Government policy last week. This came about in a statement to the press which called for immigration targets to be scrapped and for big businesses to be allowed to continue shipping in cheap labour. Given the comfortable tax environment corporations which come to the United Kingdom enjoy, we might recommend they actually start investing in the British workforce, and give our more than capable youngsters the opportunity to learn a trade!

However, it seems the Prime Minister is on the brink of giving the CBI what they want, and is, ridiculously, likely to “capitulate” on Freedom of Movement - according to former Brexit Department adviser, Stewart Jackson on Thursday!

Taking back control of our borders is a must after Brexit, and a responsibly conducted immigration policy will allow for those who have long-suffered as a result of open doors, to enjoy a less uncertain future. Greater wage security, more job opportunities, and adequately funded health provisions are something which the political elite may take for granted, but have been out of reach for many for far too long.
As you may have been aware, Get Britain Out took these legitimate concerns about a Brexit stitch-up to the shiny black door of Number 10 Downing Street last week. Supported by tens of thousands of you, we delivered a letter to Theresa May voicing our concerns about the current trajectory of the Brexit negotiations. A huge thank you to all who signed. So far this time, we have not even had an acknowledgment from the Communications Unit!

Recently, Theresa May sent out a letter asking all Conservative Members to back her negotiating tactics. Her attempts to paint her Chequers plan as anything other than a document of surrender and a spineless submission, have not washed down well with the Party membership.

We now call on our supporters to bombard Theresa with their own views on this project of treason. For information on how to do this, please see the bottom of this email. She really needs to be inundated with e-mails and letters from the grassroots to demonstrate just how angry the voting public are.

There can be no doubt Theresa May has made a complete pig’s ear of the Brexit talks. Having revealed her colours as a clear Remainer, the Prime Minister seems to be giving in to every single EU demand without a second thought.
It has therefore been very strange to hear Eurocrats now claim Britain has been seeking an unfair advantage by bugging EU meeting rooms in an attempt to bolster its own negotiating tactics. We’re certainly not seeing any advantage! Indeed, given how inadequate the negotiations have been so far, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone has had ended up bugging the wrong rooms!

Get INVOLVED! For information on how to protest against Chequers, click here.  Let’s Keep Pushing!


Our Director, Jayne Adye, spoke to the Daily Express this week about Get Britain Out’s research, which showed a proposed EU revised regulation would increase the price of tyres! (Motorists face soaring costs under proposed EU tyre rules)

Writing for BrexitCentral, Research Executive Luke Watson argues the future for British medicine exists outside the European Medicines Agency. (Brexit must mean the UK getting out of the European Medicines Agency)
This opinion piece was also picked up in an article by the Daily Express, which conveyed Luke’s message that British medicine will thrive outside the EU. (Brexiteers demand CLEAN exit without EMA)

Senior Research Executive, Robert Bates, spoke to BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire discussing the rejuvenated Project Fear. (Robert Bates on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire) Listen from 2:24:00.

The delivery of our letter to Theresa May was covered in the Daily Express, which informed supporters about the event. (BREXIT ERUPTION: Tens of thousands LOSE PATIENCE with May)

And BrexitCentral filmed our Director outside No 10 prior to the delivery, explaining how angry the 50,000+ cosignatories are about the Brexit negotiations so far. (Brexiteers take anti-Chequers petition to Downing Street)

The Daily Express also did a follow up piece, after the delivery of our letter. (Time RUNNING OUT for May as 50,000 sign Brexit petition)

Robert was invited onto the Daily Telegraph’s Brexit podcast, where he discussed why it is so important for Theresa May to listen to the voices of ordinary Britons. (We can harden Brexit after we leave the European Union, says Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party) Listen from 20:48.
On BBC Radio 5 Live, Robert participated in a short debate on Britain’s immigration system after Brexit, and why it is important to invest in the British people. (Robert Bates on BBC Radio 5 Live) Listen from 50:00.

The European Arrest Warrant puts British citizens at risk. Leaving it will not undermine our security cooperation with Europe, writes Luke for The Commentator. (Brexit Britain and policing Project Fear)
That’s it for this edition of our e-Bulletin – and a huge thank you, as always, for your support.

Huge thanks also to all of you who e-mailed us with your agreement to your signatures being added to the letters delivered to the Prime Minister.

Please take the time to write to the Prime Minister yourselves, as explained above. It is about time Mrs May started listening to the People, instead of Olly Robbins, and all those Remainers surrounding her!

Get Britain Out will keep on fighting for the Best Brexit for the United Kingdom, so we can take back control of our laws, borders, trade and our money. There is less than a year to Brexit Day!
Best wishes,
Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team at Get Britain Out
P.S. Please forward this e-Bulletin to anyone you think needs to know more about Brexit, and point out the link here to Sign Up to receive them.
P.P.S. If you have any short and specific Brexit queries, please e-mail us at [email protected] Many of your queries will have already been answered in our articles published on our website on this page. However, we will do our best to help with short replies to any queries.
And finally - P.P.P.S. We really appreciate your support. We rely on donations to carry out our work, and everything you donate to our campaign goes towards securing the Best Clear Brexit deal for Great Britain – every £ counts! Donations can be made via bank transfer, cheque, standing order, or Paypal. Further details can be found here. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card donations or foreign currency cheques. Thank you to everyone who has helped.
  Copyright © 2018 GetBritainOut, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
[email protected]

You can also keep up with Get Britain Out on Twitter or Facebook.

Promoted by Jayne Adye, on behalf of Get Britain Out a trading name of The EU Referendum Campaign Limited.
Both of: 37 Albert Embankment, Lambeth, London, SE1 7TL

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