Speech by BOB LOMAS at "CROWN, POUND and DEMOCRACY" rally (Trafalgar Square, 21

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Speech by BOB LOMAS
(Trafalgar Square, 21 April 2002)
Bob Lomas is founder and Chairman of the MAGNA CARTA SOCIETY
Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters of the family of the United Kingdom, for if we are not a family we are not a nation.
When I was a young man, I was a soldier. I did not have the opportunity to be an angry young man. Now I'm making up for it. I've joined the brigade of angry old men.
My friends, that is a much larger and clearer picture than Parliament showed this nation when our traitorous politicians took us into the new growing soviet in Europe.
Many of us here today no doubt had ancestors at Trafalgar and Waterloo. They fought to prevent the Code Napoleon casting its dark shadow of oppression over this nation.
My father fought in the Great War. He survived all the major battles, the Somme, Passchendale, Ypres and Vimey ridge. He lived to be an old man, but that dreadful struggle for democracy stayed with him until his dying day.
I will not stand by, and allow treacherous politicians and cheapskate lawyers to betray the sacrifices made by my fallen comrades, my fathers fallen comrades, and my grandfathers and great-grandfathers fallen comrades.
In 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in this ancient city, the capital of the nation, now, as Parliament would have us believe, a province of the EU.
At the time of her Coronation the Queen entered into a contract with the people. She took a sacred oath, not to rule us, not to reign over us, but to govern us, according to our laws and customs.
The sovereignty of this nation belongs to the people, and the queen, the official 'governor' of the nation and sovereign head of state, is the physical embodiment of the people's sovereignty.
Any attempt to reduce, usurp or suborn, the sovereign powers of the queen, powers vested in her by the people at the time of her Coronation, is an act of treason.
In 1972 Edward Heath signed the Treaty of Accession to the Treaty of Rome. According to the requirements of the Treaty of Rome, Heath did not so much sign a treaty, he signed an article of capitulation.
Before he did so, Lord Kilmuir gave him strong warning that signing the treaty would lead to a surrender of national sovereignty.
Heath signed regardless, and so committed an act of treason, for he sought to place the Queen in breach of her Coronation Oath.
He sought to strip her of her powers as sovereign Head of State.
Following that treachery, Parliament, by means of lies and deceits, forced through the European Community Act 1972, [ECA1972] an attempt to legitimise the treason.
No lawful act can uphold an unlawful act, therefore the ECAct1972 must be ultra vires - unlawful.
It follows that the ECAct1972 cannot merely be repealed, simply because it had no legitimacy in the first place.
Following the Maastricht Treaty, forced through by John Major by some of the most despicable methods ever to disgrace the Commons, John Major boasted in the Commons that the Queen was now a mere citizen of the EU.
More recently, in the trial of Steve Thoburn, charged, found guilty and made a criminal for trading in customary measures, as is his right under the protection of the constitution and the crown, Justice Morgan presiding made it clear that in 1972 parliament surrendered national sovereignty to the European Community, and that EU Law is now the supreme law in this land.
Morgan was claiming that the crown had no legitimacy in that court. There can be little doubt that it was a toe in the water exercise for introducing political courts - illegal under the constitution.
Major and Morgan were talking treason, for they dismissed the supremacy of the Queen as sovereign Head of State.
Neither the statements of Major nor Morgan have been publicly denounced or dismissed, so we can only assume they were stating the view and position of Parliament.
If this was so, it follows that in 1972 either the Queen abdicated or she was deposed, for you cannot have a sovereign Head of State of a country that is not sovereign.
It also follows that as Parliament draws its legitimacy from the Crown, from 1972 on Parliament has been without legitimacy - an elected dictatorship - and all the pageant and trappings of the state opening of Parliament has been a sham, a charade enacted to deceive the people into believing that all is as before, and that the Queen is still administering the supremacy of the Crown.
Many thousands of letters and petitions have been sent to the Queen protesting at the takeover of this nation by a foreign power. The replies received state that the Queen is obliged to act on the advice of her Ministers - presumably even if that advice amounts to making her break her oath to her people, which is an act of treason, in legal terms, 'persuading the monarch to govern in a particular way'.
They are attempting to persuade us that the queen is suzerain, whose job it is to rubber-stamp the dictates of foreigners.
My friends, this we do not accept.
Parliament has no powers other than those delegated to it on a limited basis, both in time and deference to the Monarch and the People.
Parliament is no more than the estates of the realm, part of the Queen's dominion.
Parliamentarians take an oath of allegiance to the Queen, just as the Queen took an oath of allegiance to us, the British people. Oaths that are designed to ensure that neither Parliament nor Crown can become a dictatorship.
This excellent and long tested system was constructed to eliminate despotic kings. Now we suffer a despotic Parliament.
Where formerly it was Parliament and the People versus the Crown, now it is the Crown and the People versus Parliament.
Parliament must be brought to heel.
We must put our weight behind the Crown and insist that Her Majesty instructs her Ministers and the Judiciary to conduct a full Judicial Review of the parliamentary procedures and doings that engaged us in the European Community.
I am confident that the majority of us gathered here today are in no doubt that the Queen and the Country have been betrayed, and that treason has taken place.
Under the law of misprision of treason, any person who has a suspicion that treason has taken place, is obliged by law to report that suspicion to an authority of the crown, who in turn is obliged to inform a higher authority.
Failure to do so makes one complicit with that treason, should it eventually be proved.
Some of us have already engaged in this process. If from what I have told here today, or from what suspicions you formerly had, you suspect that treason has taken place, report it to your police station, report it to your member of parliament, report it to a magistrate - whichever.
Ladies and gentlemen I urge you to do your duty.
Shout treason long and loud, until it rings out in the streets, and across the counties and throughout the land.
For if you do not, by tacit consent you will be inviting the shadow of tyranny to descend on this our most cherished land.

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