A pernicious prosecution

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A pernicious prosecution
« on: September 14, 2018, 05:39:34 PM »
As you may recall, I was prosecuted in 2015 for alleged misuse of my allowances and expenses as an MEP.  In fact, throughout my five years in the European Parliament I did my public duty on behalf of the electors of SE England. 
Two years later, after publishing a book about irredeemable corruption in the EU, the European Commission contrived with the UK government to accuse me of fraud and several other offences.  (Kill the messenger if you can’t kill the message.)   
An analysis of the events before, during and after my trial demonstrate that English law was not properly applied. In particular:
- English law was used to decide EU law;
- the judge was hand-picked;
- the charges I faced were changed several times, including at the end of the trial;
- the final version of the charges were never put to me;
- my defence was wilfully obstructed;
- the timing of the trial was orchestrated for blatant political purposes;
- and afterwards the EU demanded compensation!
I am aware of the obstacles facing any potential appeal, especially given my history as a political trouble-maker.  Nonetheless, the facts should be known, especially given the connivance of the two governments.

The full story is now on my website: http://amoteinbrusselseye.blogspot.com/

 Dear Mr Mote,
The Socialists always accuse others of what they do themselves. It is a technique as old as Marx itself and far older. What we now have is a European version of the old USSR. I expect it will become harsher as it embeds itself but especially now as it faces increasing opposition from patriots. Its collapse may possibly quite violent, especially as it attempts to avoid its doom like every other Socialist attempt to impose its tyranny.

My old boss "Marcus" had investigated the Far Left in the sixties and seventies on behalf of our Intelligence services, before they were taken over by the Germans et al, and he always impressed upon us his knowledge in such matters. The EU is like all the rest of these inhuman tyrannies. They have so far used stealth but it will not save them.As in Venezuela and all the rest, "Communism" is against human nature. The Left always try to defy Mother Nature. They will as always end in using enforced compliance as it collapses- as it is now doing.
The German and French banks are way over stretched as are the British banks. We have been bankrupted by mass migration from the Third World, intended to undermine national cohesion but it will not work, The nations are stirring. Socialism is a criminal gang conspiracy to steal the birthright and property of others. Our national deficit is running at around 249,000,000,000 per annum but probably much higher, when one takes into account private debt running into a trillion and more.

What will happen when the welfare state runs out of cash having to pay 50-60 millions of unemployable Third worlders with a long history of parasitism? Andrew Neather was not joking when he revealed that the Blair Government sent out civil servants to the Swat Valley in Pakistan to recruit immigrants to UK to rub "the Right's nose in diversity". The Swat Valley is notorious for its primitiveness and illiteracy.

Now we face an EU that has ridiculous dreams for a Euro-Army, more expansion and seemingly determined to start a war with Russia that as far as my colleagues and I can determine is not a threat like the old USSR. The hysteria over Putin and the "Novichok"
is ridiculous. I trained in NBC during my time with the Reserves, when the Warsaw Pact was a real enemy. Novichok is a dangerous toxin and the supposed victims recovered when if this had been real, would have died. This whole affair is an attempt to prepare the British and Europeans for the war the EU intends to fight with Putin. He has said that he will launch a nuclear attack if threatened and I believe him. Nuclear war is a fool's game. Nobody wins-trust me. My life expectancy on mobilisation was 24 hours.

That is the reality and only a psychopath or somebody heedless of the risks would attempt to save their rpotten schemes by such idiocy. MAD is what we used to call this ideology-Mutually Assured Destruction, for very good reason.

Kindest Regards

Guy Leven-Torres


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