99% Slaves 1% Masters in the Global Economy

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99% Slaves 1% Masters in the Global Economy
« on: March 05, 2013, 11:22:04 AM »
99% Slaves 1% Masters in the Global Economy

Sat, 02/03/2013 - 14:00

As the debt-slave Globalisation (also known as multiculturalism) plan put together by World bankers at the Bilderberg Group nears completion let?s look at what it means for the 99% ordinary working people in Britain:

Worse pay:

As we compete on wages, instead of productivity, with the rest of the World the British Worker can only expect lower pay for longer hours.

Over the last 30 years of Globalisation/multiculturalism real wages and living standards have dropped for British Workers.

De-unionised Labour and zero-hours contracts will become the norm for the British Workers.

70% of welfare spending now goes on tax credits to subsidise low wages, which is in effect subsidising big business.

This new zero-hour ?flexible workforce? is the Twenty First Century equivalent of standing outside the dock gates in the morning hoping for a day?s work.

Worse unions:

The de-unionised debt-slaves won?t be allowed collective bargaining leading to much lower wages and worse conditions.

The Workers still in Unions are being sold down the river by their Marxist capo Union bosses supporting Globalisation, most of these Marxist Union bosses earn hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and have no connection with the Workers they nominally represent.

We all saw the hijacked Marxist Trade Union Congress support mass immigration in pursuit of Globalisation/multiculturalism and lower wages.

More Privatisation:

The Government will use more minimum wage employees with no pensions via private contractors.

A lot of these Workers will be on zero-hours contracts.

Worse education:

The new breed of debt-slave won?t need much of an education. The dumbing down of education over the last 50 years serves two purposes: firstly saving money and secondly less well educated debt-slaves cause less trouble and work for less. We will see an increase in the use of class assistants instead of fully trained teachers in State schools, they have already been taking classes on their own in some schools.

Worse pensions:

The new breed of debt-slave won?t have much of a pension and will rely on the State?s largesse. Already the State is using widespread euthanasia of the old with the NHS?s Liverpool Care Pathway, straight from Nazi Germany, where the poor and elderly (130,000 in 2012) are drugged up and food and water are withheld until they die.

NHS hospitals and their managers are paid cash bonuses for each patient they place on the Liverpool Care Pathway. Expect the Liverpool Care Pathway ( probably under a new name ) to soon include the seriously disabled and mentally ill.

The Masters and their Marxist Union capos have no time for non-productive debt-slaves.

Worse welfare:

We are seeing the cutback of all welfare, and in West Sussex a 63 year old man recently starved to death after ATOS removed his benefits.

ATOS are a private assessment firm who are paid ?300 if they kick you off welfare benefits and only ?100 if they keep you on. We are moving closer to a ?don?t work - don?t eat? culture.

More repression:

The State has already started removing the Children of Nationalists to put them through the most horrific abuse as the ultimate sanction against anti-Globalists.

There will be even worse State oppression as Globalisation/multiculturalism progresses. This will probably lead to some sort of terrorist backlash from Nationalists leading to worse State oppression.

Worse democracy:

Most People now realise that the leaders of major parties whether Marxists capos like Blair, Brown, Milibands etc. or Corporate puppets like Cameron and Osborne, are on the payroll of the banks and corporations.

Tony Blair now owns ten houses around the World and is believed to be worth around ?300 to ?500 million from pay-offs. You?ll notice that all these corrupt Politicians get their pay-offs in the form of consultancy work.

As the workers start to object to the Globalised debt-slavery and form their own Nationalist self-defence groups we are seeing a new and sinister development where debt-slaves? Children are taken by the State if it is deemed their political beliefs are wrong.

In February 2013, in Birmingham UK, a newly born Child was removed from her mother because her boyfriend was linked to legal Nationalist Groups.

Labour Party activists have been gloating all over Birmingham about the fun they?ll have abusing ?the fascists? child. This horror is straight from North Korea and could eventually lead to a debt-slave backlash in the form of terrorism.

More War Crimes:

As the Global Elite now control our Politicians they can use our armies for whatever War Crimes or genocide they want.

Worse Police:

Already they use lower paid PCSOs instead of real Police Officers, and also have Wardens from the Council which are even cheaper.

On one Manchester Council Estate they have a private security firm, which really means two men and a dog. The Masters don?t really care how safe the debt-slaves? neighbourhoods are.

Worse holidays:

With a lot of debt-slaves working 48 hour weeks they can?t afford to take their holidays, which only pay 40 hours. A lot of debt-slaves will soon work through agencies with no holidays or pension at all in the future.

More foreign aid:

Blair led the way on this corruption where our Politicians give ?12billion per year to third World dictators in return for kick-backs in the form of consultancy fees when they leave office.

Worse roads:

It?s often said you can tell the true state of any Country by its? roads. Look at the British roads with their potholes and patchwork repairs.

The Masters don?t really care about the debt-slaves? roads, or damage to their cars if they can still afford one. The roads will probably get privatised and certainly will get worse.


Quite simply ?do an Iceland? and declare the debts null and void due to fraud and throw the bankers in prison.

However due to the corruption in British Politics that won?t happen here, the Milibands are corrupt Marxist capos and the Conservatives are openly in the pay of the Globalist bankers.

The long term solution will be to build up Nationalist Political Parties and Unions to represent the British Workers.
 However in the short term we can all take some action.


1. Inform and educate yourself - the State and Globalist controlled media won?t.

2. Resist on an individual level by removing your support and finance from Globalist Political Parties, Unions, Charities and other groups. Many of these were once great Nationalist organisations but have been hijacked and corrupted by Globalists/multiculturalists/Marxists.

3. Talk to friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues about the situation.

4. Get on the internet and put an anti-Globalisation message out.

5. If safe join and/or support Nationalist Groups, Unions, Charities and Political Parties - if unsafe consider becoming a Lone Wolf Agitator for a Nationalist Party or Union.

6. Support campaigns like the Charlene Downes one or at least raise awareness.

7. Mentally refuse to accept this horrific future for yourself and friends/family/People.

8. Make 10 copies of this and distribute to friends/family/neighbours.

Here is something that needs passing to every person in the country.  Please copy to everyone  -  EVERYONE  -  you know.
Though you might not be interested in ?politics?,  politics is very interested in you.  It effects you whether you like it or not and is already having considerable effect upon your life and the lives of your family,  children and friends.
Until we,  the people,  stop its cancerous creep,  it will continue to take control of you and everything you do in life.
PLEASE take this seriously.


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Re: 99% Slaves 1% Masters in the Global Economy
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2013, 11:27:55 AM »
This has gone viral with people of all persuasions flooding my e mail box with copies of this,I will certainly be running off more than ten copies to distribute around.
The Leveller

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