'1000 Years of Annoying the French'

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'1000 Years of Annoying the French'
« on: September 21, 2018, 05:21:32 PM »
Hello Folks.  The news this morning about the French President, Macron wanting to deter other countries from leaving the EU puzzles me.
‘IF’! the EU is such a wonderful set up to be a member of;  Why should countries have to be deterred from leaving it???  WHY  INDEED  doesn’t Macron, Merkel,
Barnier, Juncker and Co wish we ‘silly British fools’ for leaving the EU, the best of our ‘Silly British Luck’ and hurry us to the ‘Proverbial Door’ and wish us bon voyage???
Am I missing something?
Anyway, French thinking in particular, always has been back to front. That is why this nation in the past for 100s of years has always beaten the French across the World,
both in empire building and on their own ground, thus preventing them from conquering Europe by force of arms. I have in mind,  Henry V at Agincourt,
John Churchill, at Blenheim etc, etc  and Wellington at Waterloo etc, etc. and many other historical events. All these events occurred when the French nation was 3½  times
bigger than England’s population.
The 1066 invasion was led by Norsemen and also all kinds of demographic movements of peoples were occurring after the Romans left in 410 for about 700 years and the
UK did not exist as a kingdom at that time anyway. Sorry to have digressed.    Ken.

Hello Ken et al

Yes, it says something, doesn't it, that nations have to be threatened to stay in the EU.   As to the French, I remember being told by a Tower of London Guard that the 'Normans' were descendants of  'Northmen' who had intermarried with the French for 100 years, but if they had been completely French we Englishmen would have beaten them hollow at Hastings!

BTW, I  recently found a large paperback book at a Charity shop entitled:    '1000 Years of Annoying the French' by Stephen Clarke which I am looking forward to reading.

'1000 Years of Annoying the French' Hi Folks.  Demographics is a fascinating subject even to take a little interest in. Normandy is so named because of the Norsemen who settled there as most of you
will know. These seafarers got all over the place;  Iceland, Greenland,  The North American Continent into the Mediterranean  and they invaded down through Russia
and the Ukraine. The peoples of Scandinavian countries as a whole were, in the past, always going off to somewhere. That may be where we Brits got our seafaring
ambitions from; it’s in our blood and psychic. Also, we Brits have many kinds of national blood groups in us.
This will surprise most of you. I have just asked Google;  ‘how many North American indigenous people settled in the UK in all of history?’  Answer 177,000!
I knew some had, but I thought that it was in 15,000+ bracket. Well that answer surprised me also. Has anyone out there ever had an urge to build a totem pole or take
to living in a wigwam/tepee?    Ken.


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