UKIP lealets "worse than the BNP"

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UKIP lealets "worse than the BNP"
« on: March 05, 2013, 08:54:59 PM »
UKIP lealets "worse than the BNP"

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 02:04 AM PST
A few interesting little items this morning starting off with Labour's joke candidate for the recent Eastleigh by-election, John O'Farrel sharing some of his campaign experiences with us in this morning's Guardian:
The smart and dedicated volunteers in the campaign included many who held long-term political ambitions. They included one Asian councillor who told me that whenever she encountered a BNP voter she affected a really strong Indian accent and pretended she had seven children all on benefits. "And all my husbands' many wives are doing the same thing."
Meanwhile arguably the principle victor in that contest has some profound advice for us via an Interview with Russia Today:
RT: What would you say to criticism that your views on immigration are fuelling prejudice?
Nigel Farage: I resent that and reject that. If people are deeply prejudicial against those from oversees they can go and vote for BNP. Don?t vote for us, go and vote for the BNP if that?s how you feel.
 His comments don't tie up too well with the IslamoMarxist brigade though who seem to have issued some kind of political fatwa according to the Huffington Post.
UAF's joint secretary Weyman Bennett said that Ukip leaflets he had seen during the recent Eastleigh by-election had often been "worse than the BNP".


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