An essay by former police-man Albert Burgess

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An essay by former police-man Albert Burgess
« on: September 27, 2018, 07:18:20 PM »
I joined the police service after the death of PC Keith Blacklock as a result of his violent murder on the Broadwater estate in Tottenham. You can write letters or just tell your local copper you support him, but there came a time in my life when that was no longer enough. I felt so strongly about this I had no choice I had to apply to join the police service, I was too old to join as a regular constable so I applied to join the special constabulary. Believe me there was no one more surprised than me that I was accepted. After initial training I was posted to Kings Cross Road police station. My bedside reading was Moriarty’s Police Law the last book on police law to deal with offences against the state such as sedition and treason. Unlike most specials I wanted to know more about our laws so every night I was not on the beat I was sat studying police law, because I wanted to know as much law and how to apply it because I wanted to be more than just another special going in on a Friday night for the pub fights, which is why I worked three nights a week and did over twenty hours a week walking a beat. As a result my knowledge of criminal law is good.
After my retirement I was given a CD Rom and I was told it was of historical interest so I sat down wearing my historian’s hat after reading for ten minutes I was wearing my police hat and thinking my God this is sedition. The papers I was reading were official government papers released under the 30 year rule all were marked secret, confidential and restricted most signed by ministers and civil servants. I took an oath before God and too our Sovereign Lady the Queen that I would uphold the law to the best of my ability without favour fear malice or ill will. I was a retired constable but an oath is an oath and I believe when you take an oath it is for life. The papers you know as 30/1048 told the story of how Edward Heath using a man by the name of Norman Reddaway set out to subvert the constitution the major crime of sedition and to hand over this Kingdom lock stock and barrel to a foreign power.
That set me out on a 13 year fight the first thing I realised was I needed to study the common and constitutional law, to make the case I needed to know as much as I could about English law. The first thing I did was to print out the papers and take them to St Aldate’s police station in Oxford and I laid an allegation of treason the Sgt laughed but not for long he took the papers. Then I received a letter from Superintendent Trotman he said the police have a right to decide which crimes they investigate and which they don’t and they were not going to investigate my allegation of treason, so I submitted an allegation of neglect of duty and misprision of treason against Trotman. The professional standards buried that. So I sent the Allegation of treason to the Met commissioner he refused to investigate all the time I was buying very old English History and common and constitutional law books. I am now poorer £2000 but in its place I have about 400 very old books on our history and our law. Every day for 13 years I have worked my way through these books until I knew enough to write my own book Layman’s Guide to the English Constitution 800 years of legal history condensed into 32 easy to read pages. I have my solicitor daughter to thank for the lay out, she saw me trying to lay it out and said dad get out of the way I need to take pity on you. I did my first talk at the BCG Conference at Stoke on Trent then I said this is a numbers game and it will take time. When I started no one was talking treason particularly the police first they laughed then they stopped laughing then they started to talk to every other police force about how to avoid dealing with treason until now we have 17 county police forces who have recorded 5 separate allegations of treason between them. And treason has become an every day word/crime.
Blair wanted to repeal all the treason laws and he asked Lord Goldsmith to get rid of treason as an offence, Goldsmith asked the law commission to recommend to Parliament that they repeal the treason laws, Blair had already got rid of 3 treason laws but they were not really important because other treason laws had them covered. I emailed the law commission and said if you repeal a treason law that removes a protection from the sovereign and constitution and that places them at grave risk and that constitutes an act of treason. They replied by return that it is Parliament who repeal it they only recommend the repeal. By return I said if you recommend the repeal of a treason law that in law is a conspiracy with others to place the sovereign and constitution at grave risk and that constitutes an act of treason. If you recommend the repeal of a treason law I will do my level best which is very good to see you spend the rest of your life in prison I do not know, you I am not sleeping with your sister, if you want to spend the rest of your life in prison I really don’t care. It took 3 weeks to come back from that in which time they will have spoken to every one they could think of and looked in every book they could find but they said We have no intention of looking at the treason laws. So the reason we have treason laws is because I stopped their repeal. The 1695 Treason Act places a 3 year limit on prosecutions for treason, or does it? It places a time limit on bringing a charge of treason for treason committed in the Kingdom unless the treason is to kill the king. Now government by assuming the use of the Royal prerogative are imagining the death of the Queen as a fully sovereign Queen so we can still hang them for that, and every EEC/EU treaty has been signed outside the Kingdom which means we can hang every minister who has signed any EEC/EU treaty.
I spent 13 years as a constable learning and applying the law, I have spent 13 years studying the history and development of English common and constitutional law. So the one thing I am very good at is English law. As a result of my work on English law we now have treason on every ones lips, we now have 5 recorded allegations of treason between 17 county police force and we still have 14 treason laws on the books. So you can understand why it pisses me off to be called a troll and worse by people who shout common law but who actually know nothing about it, who ask police officers if they are on their common law oath when police officers have never taken a common law oath, police officers and judges took the oaths from the 1868 Promissory Oaths Act, before that they took the oath from the 1559 Act of Supremacy now police officers take the oath from the 2002 Police Reform Act. I get fed up seeing people arrested or chucked out of court for filming or sound recording in court and screaming they have a common law right to record, when what you should do is ask the judge if you can record he will ask both sides if they object to the case being recorded and if either side object you will not be allowed to record if no one objects you will be allowed to record. I get sick of hearing litigants in person who lost in court shouting about corrupt courts and judges, when, when they enter the court they should explain to the judge they are not legally trained or familiar with the workings of the court and could he help you with the law and court procedures. If asked the law requires him to help you. Now with the judge helping with the law and procedures you have to have a seriously crap case to loose. This mantra every one screams about no loss no harm no injury which everyone says is common law, does not appear in any of my books on common law a lot written by our most prominent lawyers and judges going back to Henry DeBracton CJ 1235 not to mention it is actually stupid no harm no injury I have never come across anyone who was injured who was not harmed. So the no injury is surplus to requirements.. But none of my books mentions no loss no harm anyway. Now there are bad police officers and judges but it is plain stupidity to accuse all constables or all judges of being corrupt that is simply not true. Instead you listen to people like Michael Shrimpton John Harris and Roger Hayes Shrimpton was struck off as a barrister after making a hoax bomb call for which he went to Prison, I liked John Harris but his knowledge of law does not exist, I said Roger Hayes was a fool and he would go to prison and he went to prison now you can call me a troll and worse or you can start to listen and learn, I love the enthusiasm of the White Pendragons but the amount of legal knowledge they have will not fill a postage stamp.

Albert Burgess

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