Exclusive:Chilcot Inquiry to challenge official line on Iraq

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Exclusive:Chilcot Inquiry to challenge official line on Iraq
« on: March 06, 2013, 09:41:06 PM »
Chilcot Inquiry to challenge official line on Iraq

'Authoritative' report will draw on unprecedented access to Blair-Bush emails
The inquiry into how Tony Blair committed Britain to war in Iraq is
set to challenge the official version of events when it reports later
this year, The Independent understands.
The team led by Sir John Chilcot, which is examining Britain's part
in the US-led invasion, will "challenge previous accounts of what
happened", according to senior sources in the inquiry.
In my opinion the Iraq Inquiry will be a political disaster unless
they interview Tony Blair's 2003 War Whip.Dan Norris.
Assurances had to be given to Dan that the WMD were not nukes lost by
the USAF, and as later reported:-
Lost Nuclear Warheads from a B-52 Now in Iran?
Weekend Edition
July 30 / 31, 2005
CounterPunch Diary
Iran may have the weapons-grade uranium out of three nuclear warheads
dumped out of a B-52 back in 1991.
When eventually North Korea made one of those ex-USAF warheads fizzle
on 9th Oct 2006, .....
It is evident that the letter of assurance from Tony Blair was forced
to write to Dan Norris early 2003, became the blackmail instrument in
the hands of Gordon Brown, and that eventually forced Tony Blair from
office in June 2007.
Cherie Blair indicated this in her book:-

Gordon Brown pushed Tony Blair to quit: Cherie
Economic Times of India
10 May, 2008, 1052 hrs IST, AGENCIES
LONDON: Gordon Brown hounded Tony Blair out of office, the latter's
wife, Cherie, has dramatically claimed in her autobiography,
serialised versions of which will start appearing in The Sun from today.
Cherie Blair accuses Brown of "rattling the keys above his head" as
far back as April 2004.
Cherie says she fought to stop Tony from standing down, but admitted
that the two are now once again on talking terms.
"I thought he (Brown) was putting too much pressure on Tony to leave
when Tony wasn't ready," the tabloid quotes her, as saying.
According to The Telegraph though, Tony would have handed power to
Gordon Brown before the 2005 General Election if the then Chancellor
had agreed to push ahead with Blair's reforms.
Cherie Blair argues that her husband should still have been the Prime
Minister of the United Kingdom, and tells how Tony Blair had a
"crisis of confidence" over the Iraq war and feared that he had
become an electoral liability.
Mrs Blair makes the revelations in extracts from her memoirs,
Speaking for Myself, which are serialised today.
The extracts are expected to infuriate Brown who has already seen his
authority diminish following the recent Labour meltdown in the local
The former first lady also says that her husband is now informally
advising Brown on how to win back support.
Blair is said to have been concerned that Brown would not back key
policies on city academies, foundation hospitals and pension reform
if he had taken over before last year.
Cherie Blair, a successful barrister, has had a rocky relationship
with Brown and she apparently was persuaded to tone down her
autobiography by her husband.
She has brought forward the release of extracts of her memoirs which
were not due to be published until October prompting speculation that
she is trying to deepen Brown's current problems.
However, Mrs. Blair insists that she takes no pleasure from Brown's
current difficulties. But she does disclose that "Gordon's
impatience" to take over from Mr Blair was a problem that he could
have done without.
Mrs Blair added that there was no deal struck in an Islington
restaurant in 1994 for Mr Brown to take over from her husband as has
been reported..
The book also dismisses recent speculation that Mr Blair does not
believe that Mr Brown can beat David Cameron.
It is understood that Cherie Blair is receiving a six-figure sum for
the interview and serialisation deal with two Rupert Murdoch titles
that includes many anecdotes about her decade in Downing Street.
Since leaving office last June, Tony Blair is estimated to have
earned about 10 million pounds, even though his role as a Middle East
peace envoy is unpaid.
He has received an advance of almost five million pounds for his
memoirs and will be paid a reported two million pounds a year as an
adviser to Zurich, a Swiss-based financial company.
J P Morgan, the US bank, has also signed him up in a part-time post
that could bring him a further two million pounds a year.

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