Did PM Theresa May commit treason ?

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Did PM Theresa May commit treason ?
« on: October 07, 2018, 08:46:45 PM »
A must watch for this weekend thanks to Robert Oulds of the Bruges Group.  Can you imagine, the TRUTH and TREASON being openly discussed? Well, now you don’t have to,  see for yourselves.      Bob Lomas. The Magna Carta Society.
 Robert Oulds
 Re: The EU's Strategic Funding of Defence and Security Analysts | And Opposing the Chequers Plan

When a self created despotic political dictatorship eventually sees the end
of its term and licence on the horizon it becomes even more dishonest and
devious to the extent of inventing new terminologies often by deliberately
corrupting, misusing and distorting everyday words and expressions.

A recent example of this is ‘hate crime’, which has been politically
designed and introduced to imply that the very normal and reasonable
sentiment of dislike is in reality a subversive aggressive and menacing
hatred, another twist of the truth to afford that which can now only be
described as a police state with yet another undemocratic stick with which
to beat the unsuspecting mass.

This kind of practice has historically been common in the European political
world to which our now illegitimate parliament gives its allegiance  but it
is the antithesis of our democratic principle, created over centuries to
facilitate the disposition of the British people who are both conservative
and socialist by instinct, being far from radical and with a strong social
conscience befitting their Christian heritage.

Obviously it has been taken up by some of the spoilt brat snowflake
politically correct contingent but it being far from the realm of common
sense and practicalities it is already floundering in its own liquidity.
Never the less it is presently available to our now dishonest and
illegitimate judiciary so for clarification let us refer to our still lawful
dictionary for clarification on hatred.

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