?Ukip, which I founded, has sadly become a new version of the BNP "

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Posted: 06 Mar 2013 01:56 AM PST
The Telegraph invokes a blast from the past this morning with a response from Alan Sked. A strange character who I once heard speak in the West Midlands many years ago. Maybe the Telegraph would have been better off asking him what  is the point of saving us from the clutches of the EU only to be turned into an Islamic Republic?
What?s the difference between the United Kingdom Independence Party and the British National Party? It?s hard to say, according to Ukip?s founder Dr Alan Sked.
?Ukip, which I founded, has sadly become a new version of the BNP with a principal focus on immigration and Islam, as shown by its flagship 2010 policy to ban the burka and [the Ukip leader] Nigel Farage?s claim on Question Time that London?s housing shortage was due to council properties being given to migrants the day after they stepped off the plane,? says the London School of Economics boffin.
There's never a frown nowadays when reading about the problems of the Lib Dems and from far away lands arrives another instalment. Al Aribiya News informs us of more internal strife which includes this little snippet:
Stollar was reported to the local government watchdog for saying "Nazis are not welcome in our town" when addressing a group of people during his failed campaign to get elected to Parliament. He seemed none too fussy who he branded with the N-word, knowing as he should that not all members of the BNP (British National Party) think or behave like Nazis. Luckily for him the ethical standards officer ruled that Stollar?s views fell ?within the normal and acceptable limits of political debate", even if they lowered the tone. He should acknowledge that the same acceptable limits apply to David Ward?s views.


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