Letter to Cressida Dick re Craig Mackey

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Letter to Cressida Dick re Craig Mackey
« on: October 10, 2018, 07:18:35 PM »
Cressida Dick                                                                                   Albert Burgess
Commissioner of the Metropolis                                                     
New Scotland Yard                                                                         
Victoria Embankment                                                                       
SW1A 2JL                                                                                         
Ref Craig Mackey   
Ms Dick
On the 22nd March 2018 an attack was made on members of the public outside the Palace of Westminster by an Islamic terrorist, who had run over a large number of people crossing the bridge. He then exited the motor vehicle with a large knife and was attempting to stab people when PC Keith Palmer a 48 year old married officer tackled this terrorist and was stabbed loosing his life in performance of his duty to uphold the law and protect other innocent members of the public. He died a hero’s death in the highest traditions of the UK police service. I would recommend PC Palmer be put forward for a posthumous George Cross.
Which brings me to the Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey? This officer gave evidence at the inquest that he saw the terrorist attacking PC Palmer and he locked himself in his car where he was safe because he realized he might become a target.
DC Mackey by considering his own safety above his duty as the holder of the office of constable to uphold the law to the best of his ability and without favour, fear, malice or ill will. Has willingly failed in his clear duty to go to the assistance of PC Palmer. He has seriously neglected his duty to go to the assistance of a colleague, had he done so PC Palmer may not have lost his life. And the terrorist may have been arrested alive to stand trial. There is every possibility two lives may have been saved had DC Mackey not coward in a locked vehicle. His excuse he was protecting two other people is just that an excuse.
I am submitting a formal allegation that Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey has committed the most disgraceful neglect of duty. Before you tell me I do not understand as a uniformed constable I have taken a butcher knife a cavalry officers sabre and a semi automatic pistol of members of the public. Even now aged 74 I would have gone to PC Palmer’s assistance.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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