EU Defence Union 'activated'; NATO is not 'in demand'.

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EU Defence Union 'activated'; NATO is not 'in demand'.
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:00:41 PM »
Subject: Activated.
German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen has revealed that the structures for a European Defence Union have been “activated”, sparking outrage among Brexiteers, whose persistent warnings of the secret creation of an EU army have been proven correct.
The German Defence Minister also gave strong hints that the EU would be sending troops from its member states into Africa, where, she argued, NATO is not “in demand”.
“We must become more European. I see many areas where NATO is not in demand, for example, the whole Africa topic,” she said.
“Here the European Union is very much in demand. Because NATO has been existing for decades, we haven’t built a security structure for a European Defence Union worthy of the name.
The last time that I saw any ‘serious’ talk about a European army was being planned, the number of troops proposed that would be in that army was a mere 60,000 troops.
To what purpose would it serve? Too small to do anything serious overseas. Too small to defend Europe in a conflict against Russia, and I did not see any ideas of an airborne
transport system being built. Nor the building of any seaborne transport system. Perhaps it was because the idea had been floated by the French, who haven’t got a clue
Note I’m talking about military transport systems here, that is without relying on the commandeering of civilian aircraft etc. [C/Aircraft cannot transport tanks e. g].
I wonder if anyone knows that the UK has more of an airborne military transport system than the rest of NATO Europe put together. The USA has several hundred military
transport aircraft of many types and 11 aircraft carrier fleets plus others that are mothballed. To make a further comparison e. g. During the Cold War years, the USA had
300,000 troops [not a mere 60,0000] stationed in Europe with 1,000s of tanks and large numbers of aircraft squadrons plus tactical land based nuclear bombers.
With its present pathetic military plans Europe would once again have to rely on Uncle Sam to get us out of trouble re any war that we started just as we have had to do during
the last 100 years and more.    Ken.

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