Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate Bilderberg Group on Allegations of Corr

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Bilderbergers(An older article of interest)
The Editor

Written by Green Arrow

Well I must confess to being well impressed with a recent article by James Delingpole over on the Telegraph and I would like to thank the many people who emailed me the link.  I would not liked to have missed this piece of James's work.
The article opens with a clever little image that I have taken the liberty of using, then James starts off his article by writing briefly about the Bilderbergers and the New World Order and asking whether the reader believes they are a force for good or evil.

First off, this years Bilderberg meeting was held in Spain, unreported and held in camera and if you visit this link you will discover just exactly how the self appointed "elite" get together to decided the direction of the world.
However, now that they have been dragged from under their stone and into the view of the world, they have started to announce their meetings and who attends them.  They do not go into the details of the "private" meetings that also take place after their conferences.
At the meetings, no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued. Since 1954, fifty-seven conferences have been held. The names of the participants are made available to the press. Participants are chosen for their experience, their knowledge, and their standing; all participants attend Bilderberg in a private and not an official capacity.

If I had time, I would just love to do research into every single British person, their organisations and companies who have attended Bilderberg Meetings.  Here is the attendees list for this year.

Of course these days, people now accept that the Bilderbergers and the New World Order exist but I remember back in 1976 when I first got involved with Nationalism being asked by my local Organiser whether I had ever heard of The Bilderbergers, New World Order and Arthur R. Butz?

"No", I replied, "I've just come out of the Navy" and then I started to discover the truth and what a long journey it has been. 

And what hard work it has also been for nationalists the world over, in trying to alert the general public about the evils of the Bilderbergers and the New World Order.  We were laughed at and ridiculed for even saying those organisations existed and accused of being conspiracy freaks.  You will learn that anyone who starts to get near the truth is usually called a "conspiracy freak" or attacked in other ways but bit by bit we are getting the truth out and more and more people are waking up to the evil that is the New World Order.

But this James Delingpole is good, very good.  Check out the following and see if you can spot what James spotted -  because I missed it on my first pass.
The 58th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Sitges, Spain 3 ? 6 June 2010. The Conference will deal mainly with Financial Reform, Security, Cyber Technology, Energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, World Food Problem, Global Cooling, Social Networking, Medical Science, EU-US relations.

Ok, forget about asking questions about just who pays for the hugely expensive Bilderberg meetings and the massive security that surrounds these events.  Forget for now, how The European Union is involved with them and how Van Rompuy of Belgium was appointed as the first EU President after attending the 2009 Bilderberg meeting.  Forget those questions for now, let's just look at James's article and what it was he spotted in their "press release".

You did spot it? Well done.  Global Cooling.  Suddenly it is no longer Global Warming that the global power elite are concerned about but Global Cooling and they are wetting themselves with fear at the backlash from the public who have been exploited for financial gain after discovering that Global Warming was nothing more than one big Con trick, because as James writes:
Our fuel bills have risen inexorably; our countryside, our views and our property values have been ravaged by hideous wind farms; our holidays have been made more expensive; our cost of living has been driven up by green taxes; our freedoms have been curtailed in any number of pettily irritating ways from what kind of light bulbs we are permitted to use to how we dispose of our rubbish. And to what end? If man-made global warming was really happening and really a problem we might possibly have carried on putting up with all these constraints on our liberty and assaults on our  income. But if it turns out to have been a myth??

James, finishes his excellent article by saying that we need a "Global Warming" Nuremberg.  Well if I recollect, the usual sentence for those found guilty at the Nuremberg Trials was death and I for one would have no problem with that sentence being passed on any of the New World Order.

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Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate Bilderberg Group on Allegations of Corruption and Conduct of Politicians

By Andrew Puhanic
 February 9, 2013
An Italian Lawyer from Italy, Alfonso Luigi Marra, has gone to the extraordinary length to request that the Public Prosecutor of Rome investigate the Bilderberg Group.
However, rather than only implicating the Bilderberg Group as Ferdinando Imposimato is trying to do, Lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra has even gone to the extraordinary length to implicate the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti (another Bilderberg Group regular attendee) and has asked the Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate the Bilderberg Group.
The following is a translation of the complete transcript of the request made by Alfonso Luigi Marra against the Bilderberg Group and Mario Monti.
Please note, this is an online translation from Italian to English, so some of the English may not be grammatically correct.
To read the original version of this transcript, click here.

Denunciation of belonging to Mario Monti and other criminal organization and occult called Bilderberg Club (Bilderberg Group).
I, the undersigned Alfonso Luigi Marra, born in San Giovanni in Fiore (CS), and electively domiciled in Naples, Business District G1, Denunzio membership of Mr. Mario Monti, born on 19/12/43, and various other characters listed below, the circle Bilderberg, in relation to two profiles.
The first the occultezza and the second is the tremendous wrongfulness of the purposes of Bilderberg that, even according to witnesses such as the Hon. Ferdinando Imposimato, derived from court papers, are to be seen as a ?secret world government seeking to destabilize democracies through the carnage.?
Bilderberg has indeed reacted upon being exposed now in millions of web pages ?autopubblicandosi? in 2009 in a ?forum? so transparent that illustrate everything (except of course the crime). Things including the States, the time and place of the meetings (now ?conferences?), actually known for years, why not explicit, but because doggedly revealed by the ?hounds? anti-international conspiracy, including the distinguished Daniel Estulin.
Such a ?doing good? (Daniel Estulin) to make certain that the next ?conference? would open the doors to the world and will be inspired by the purest ideals of the good, the beautiful, the just and the useful, because nothing stops these enemies of hours exposed ? humanity, to continue elsewhere conspiracies with which, since 1954, make love with our fortunes.
A ?secrecy? lasted more than 50 years because the result of very wide institutional collusion, media, political and judicial. So much so that many sources describe the Bilderberg even as born of hidden longings Globalists environments diverted NATO?s criminal secret society with the highest banking powers.
But a pointless gimmick, to groped to save autopubblicandosi, because the crimes are in the very words of which all?invero singular ?forum?.
On the one hand reads fact the art. Anselmi 1 of Law (Law no. 17 of 25.02.82): ?We consider secret societies, such as those prohibited by art. 18 of the Constitution, those which, even within associations evident, concealing their existence or taking secret purposes and social activities jointly or through the unknown, in whole or in part, and even each other, partners, engage in direct to interfere on the exercise of the functions of constitutional bodies, public administrations also an autonomous, public bodies, including economic, and essential public services of national interest. ?
On the other hand, the home of the ?forum? Bilderberg ? tragicomically ? reads: ?.. In short, Bilderberg is a small, flexible, informal and non-registered forum in which they can be expressed different points of view and can be intensified mutual understanding. Bilderberg The only activity is its annual Conference.
During these meetings are not collected votes and will not be issued rulings behaviour. Since 1954 were held 59 conferences. For each meeting, the names of the participants as the agenda shall be made public and can be found in the press. ?
Lying words, because much more than meet once a year in the horrid activities consist of them, but that implies, in themselves, the illicit nature of Bilderberg, because the composition of the contexts of the characters ?conferences? mingle without documentation configures itself with the secret of Law Anselmi.
The configuration because it is ? just as forbidden ? a mixture of public men not free to attend meetings not private, non-protocol, undocumented segretati, with the owners of the world?s highest concentrations of private interests.
A surreal, unbelievable, illegal mixture of Heads of State, Kings, Queens, Ministers, Presidents of Parliaments (type Barroso), European Commissioners, closed in secret areas with bankers such as David Rockefeller, and others at the highest levels of the ECB, the Fed or the BDI, with the top of the top multinational companies, with journalists from major publications, and in fact with the key people of everything that happens in the world.

Men ? just like Monti after the ?conference? of St. Moritz on 9/12 June 2011 ? sol that sortano muffled by alcoves of the secrets of the rituals inseminatorii bilderberghina impregnation, are kidnapped by Messianic breaths and transferred to the Olympus of all forms of power, like Clinton, Obama (whose government representatives participating in the ?conference?), Trichet, Ignazio Visco, Romano Prodi, Tony Blair, Mario Draghi, Franco Barnab?, Giulio Tremonti, Marco Tronchetti Provera, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa, Alessandro Profumo, Emma Bonino, Gianni Riotta, Ben Bernanke, Corrado Passera, Walter Veltroni, Sergio Romano, Carlo Rossella, Claudio Martelli and many others.
Politicians, kings, queens, princes, such as Sofia of Greece, Bernhard of the Netherlands, Beatrix of Holland, Charles, King Juan Carlos of Spain, grotesquely mixed in a common delusion of omnipotence with sharks industry, commerce and of global finance, such as Edmond de Rothschild, or our own Giovanni Agnelli, Umberto Agnelli, John Elkan, with representatives of Coca Cola, IBM, Sony, British Petroleum, Shell, Exxon, Pan Am, Mobil, Texas Instruments, ENI, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Philips, Dunlop, HP.
A unique, illegal brotherhood of people who ? forget the lessons of history, but full of reversals of power ?timeless? moment before being caught up ? it is considered above the law, because of being so many, powerful, connected regimes of relationships from year to year more and more have consolidated in the ?salons? of the world and in every other place and time that the circumstances require. Men who must inter alia be considered the architects of the crime of crimes: the primary and secondary seignorage.
Men whose ?points of view? ? those in the 59 conferences that have followed have ?intensified mutual understanding? ? actually configure global policies of these 59 years, atomic energy and military choices with which we have ruined , the wars to break out, or those to be put down, those governments to promote or to break, crush, or those economies to be fed, those dictators to kill or to be incurred, ethnic groups, nations, peoples, or to exterminate to harass those economically or be promoted, pollution and allow that to size, and so on all made dramatic our daily life.
Crazy things made possible by a lack of the judiciary which is perhaps now the case of remedying, investigating also those judges who themselves are part of or are adjacent to the Bilderberg organizations controlled by it or close to it.
Behaviours, those of Bilderberg, its members and those who support them, which constitute the obvious, blatant violation, to say the least, of the articles of the Criminal Code:-n. 241 (terrorist attack against the integrity, independence or the unity of the state);-n. 283 (terrorist attack against the Constitution of the State);-n. 648 bis (Recycling)-n. 501 (Upward and downward fraudulent prices on the public market or the stock exchanges of commerce);-n. 501 a (speculative maneuvers of goods);-n. 416 (criminal association).
I ask for these reasons, want the Public Prosecutor of Rome launch a broad investigation aimed at info-activities to verify compliance or non-compliance with laws work of the Bilderberg club and its members and in relation to what happened recently that in recent years in ?conferences?, and is related to continuing to work each during the year and in different ?theaters?, with particular reference to the legality of the conduct of Mario Monti as a member of Bilderberg, and the possible relevance of the reasons for those who supported his appointment to the Presidency of the Council to its membership of the Bilderberg and / or other secret organizations or in conflict with the public interest.
I ask in particular the assessment of whether there are connections between some politicians denounced by the participation of the Mountains ?conference? Bilderberg St. Moritz in June 2011 and his appointment to the Presidency of the Council.
Explicitly ask to be informed in case of request for dismissal pursuant to art. 408 Code of Criminal Procedure.
Alfonso Luigi Marra
Contributed by The Globalist Report
Andrew Puhanic is based in Melbourne Australia and is the Editor of the Globalist Report.The Globalist Report is an Alternative News platform that aim?s to publish informative and relevant articles about issues that the mainstream media ignores.  Click here to contact Andrew Puhanic. You may also contact Andrew via Facebook and Twitter.

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With thanks to MRG for the link

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Italian Prosecutor Implicates Bilderberg Group and CIA for Massacres in Italy During the Seventies and Eighties

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By Andrew Puhanic
 January 30, 2012
The Bilderberg Group has now been directly implicated for the murder of Italian activists during the seventies and eighties.
According to Ferdinando Imposimato, a former prosecutor that investigated the Italian Mafia who is also an honorary president of the Italian Supreme Court, during a speech he delivered at a book launch revealed for the first time that the Bilderberg Group were responsible for massacres of political activists during the seventies and eighties in Italy.
Ferdinando Imposimato not only implicates the Bilderberg Group, he also reveals that the CIA and Bilderberg Group were working in partnership to destabilize the Italian political framework during the seventies and eighties.
While discussing how the Bilderberg Group and CIA tried to infiltrate Italy, Mr. Imposimato was quoted as saying

The strategy (used by the CIA) was used to shift the political balance from right to center-left and then to left. This was orchestrated by the CIA.
Unknown to many, the Bilderberg Group has a long history of manipulating political frameworks around the world.
Within the last 12 months, prominent members of the Bilderberg Group have been appointed to the upper echelons of the United States and United Kingdom governments.

Interestingly, Italy has been represented at many Bilderberg Group meetings.
In fact, at the last three Bilderberg Group meetings, 17 participants were Italian. On average, Italians make up 5% of the participants list at all Bilderberg Group meetings.
The following is a list of Italian Bilderberg Group participants:
Franco Bernabe, John Elkann, Mario Monti, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa, Paolo Scaroni, Giulio Tremonti, Gianni Agnelli, Umberto Agnelli, Alfredo Ambrosetti, Emma Bonino, Giampiero Cantoni, Lucio Caracciolo, Louis G. Cavalchini, Adriana Ceretelli, Innocent Cipolletta, Gian C. Citizens Cesi, Rodolfo De Benedetti, Ferruccio De Bortoli, Paolo Zannoni, Antonio Vittorino, Ignazio Visco, Walter Veltroni, Marco Tronchetti Provera, Ugo Stille, Barbara Spinelli, Domenico Siniscalco, Stefano Silvestri, Renato Ruggiero, Carlo Rossella, Virginio Rognoni, Sergio Romano Gianni Riotta, Alessandro Profumo, Romano Prodi, Corrado Passera, Cesare Merlini, S. Rainer Masera, Claudio Martelli, Giorgio La Malfa, Francesco Giavazzi, Gabriele Galateri, Paolo Fresco, John Elkann, Mario Draghi, Gianni De Michelis.
To learn more about the Bilderberg Group, click here.

Contributed by the Globalist Report

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