Letter to Cressida Dick re Craig Mackey

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Letter to Cressida Dick re Craig Mackey
« on: October 15, 2018, 08:23:11 PM »
Cressida Dick                                                                                    Albert Burgess
Commissioner of the Metropolis                                                      15 Parliament Road
New Scotland Yard                                                                           Thame
Victoria Embankment                                                                       South Oxfordshire
London                                                                                              OX9 3TE
SW1A 2JL                                                                                        15th October 2018
Ref Craig Mackey
I have today seen that Craig Mackey is going to retire early due to public pressure, I have submitted a formal allegation of neglect of duty based on this officers evidence to the Coroners Court  in which he stated he considered he would be a target so locked himself in his car. This is a clear admission of cowardice. His car is no doubt bomb proof.  So in the face of a serious terrorist attack this officer ran and took shelter in his car whilst PC Palmer gave his life in total commitment to his oath and his duty to her Majesty to uphold her law to the best of his ability. It is entirely irrelevant whether or not he could have saved PC Palmer he made no effort to try and assist this courageous officer.
They recently altered the rules so that an officer subject to a formal allegation of crime or as in this case a serious neglect of duty, cannot retire until after he has been fully investigated.
It is completely unacceptable to the tax payer who pay for the pensions for our police officers that PC Palmers widows pension whose husband died a hero's death is equal to one months pension to Craig Mackey's pension. This is entirely wrong PC Palmers widow should at least continue to receive his full salary as well as a lump sum to help her through this difficult time.
This extremely courageous officer who threatened the law abiding public with prosecution for laying flowers outside a pensioners home who whilst defending himself killed his attacker as the law allows. This hero who can threaten the law abiding subjects of her Majesty whilst running from an armed terrorist who had already murdered four and injured dozens more. I speak here for her Majesty's loyal and law abiding natural born subjects when I tell you, you are requested and required to fully investigate Craig Mackey's actions and to ensure he does not retire for any reasons before this enquiry into his conduct has been fully investigated. Your lame excuses for Craig Mackey are just that lame excuses, and amount to lying to the public in defence of the indefensible. You should also stop referring to what you refer to as the far right or far right terrorists, you have to understand these are her Majesty's most patriotic and loyal subjects, any attack on them is an attack on her Majesty whose laws they are attempting to uphold, and  who have a considerable love of the ancient Kingdom they were born into. And who are sick to death of being treated like 3rd class subjects in their own country. Tommy Robinson is not a terrorist in any way shape or form nor are his actions racist, he is doing your job of trying to defend vulnerable children from rape and sexual slavery. Her Majesty's natural born subjects have lost all faith in the ability of our police to protect them or their children. We are sick to death of seeing our police behaving in a manor we consider deviant. Your leadership is generally considered to be hopeless. The way you follow Khan around is sickening. You are the country's most senior police officer let me remind you that is an administrative job, you are there to see the cars are road worthy and the officers have paper to write on and pens to write with. You have no more authority to uphold the law than the newest attested constable. It is way past the time you started doing your job properly 900 officers trolling the internet for signs of anti Islamic comments is not a proper use of their time or our money. In case it has slipped by you Islam is not a peaceful religion it is an evil and satanic death cult who throw deviants of high buildings who believe paedophilia is good, who believe rape is good, who believe sexual and other slavery are good. I would recommend you wake up find some courage and uphold English law which finds all these things abhorrent. And start defending our inalienable right to free speech and expression before Khan finds a high building to throw you off after his mates have gang raped you and your girlfriend of course.   
Respectfully submitted.

Albert Burgess

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