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When he signed the European Communities Act (ECA72) in 1972, Prime Minister Edward Heath knowingly and wilfully tricked, deceived and betrayed the British people into foreign rule by the EEC/EU under the pretence that they’d be joining a European common trading agreement. The underlying intention was to surrender Britain’s sovereignty.
There can be no doubt that he deliberately lied to the nation. “I will only sign ECA72 with the will of the people, the will of Parliament and there will be no loss of sovereignty.” As we know the people were never consulted. Having twice lost the vote on ECA72 in Parliament Heath made the final crucial vote, a vote of confidence. Faced with bringing down the Government, the Conservatives reluctantly voted by NINE votes to pass ECA72. So much for the “overwhelming support of Parliament”.
As to the loss of sovereignty, we fortunately have a witness in Lord Thorneycroft who was present in Heath’s private office when Lord Kilmuir’s letter was delivered. Heath had asked the Lord Chancellor Lord Kilmuir whether the ECA72 was contrary to English Constitutional Law. The advice was clear.  It would be. Heath read it and went as white as a sheet. He folded the letter, put it in his pocket and said, “No one must see this, least of all the Cabinet.” Heath went ahead anyway and signed the ECA72. It was an actof treason. For that reason alone under English Law, the ECA72 is void and of no effect.
Heath’s was the most calculating and grievous High Treason in British history. He knowingly gave away his country. Upon signing, his treason instantly removed him from lawful office and his treasonous act failed to become lawfully binding because treason has no legitimacy and cannot do that. You cannot make law by breaking the law. His then treasonous government immediately became an unlawful assembly as a treasonous government is not lawful and has no legitimacy.
No parliament can bind a successor. But no following parliament has ever reversed Heath’s treachery. Instead, every following prime minister and parliament has consciously and deliberately lied to reinforce Heath’s outrageous pretence that Britain had knowingly and willingly consented to foreign rule. As public servants, neither he nor they ever had such authority and their actions are treasonous contrary to English law for acting against the nation’s known interests, intention to surrender its sovereignty, using wilful deception to deliberately betray the nation and for acting in the political interests of a foreign power. It is effectively to declare war on the British Crown and the nation and is thus treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act and the Treason Felony Act 1848.
Every parliament since Heath’s therefore, is and has been an unlawful assembly. With no legitimacy and in knowingly committing the most evil act of treason against their own people, each has invited and imposed foreign rule over their own country for others’ political purpose.
Since 1972, not one British parliament has acted within the law. Having solemnly sworn lifetime oaths of loyalty and allegiance to serve and protect Britain, each has conspired in this treason and they persist in deceitfully concealing the truth of their illicit activities from the public as it has long been known that the British people would never accept it and would object most violently were they ever to find out.
But they are finding out. Parliaments’ history of treason and corruption is a matter of public record with an increasing number of research documents, newspaper and magazine articles, TV documentaries and an overwhelming amount of Foreign and Commonwealth Office documentary evidence released to the public domain. Over 600 pages of it can be downloaded and read at and this evidence is also verified in Hansard with a full and complete record of politicians’ statements.
No law or other binding obligation can result from treason or intent by an unlawful assembly. English law therefore, stands as it was prior to signing of the ECA72. Thus Britain is not and can never have been part of the European Union as every Act, EU Treaty and every statute since 1972 whether or not given the Royal Assent, is treasonous, unlawful, null and void. Not one has the force of law. In any case, the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties provides that a signatory power may abrogate any treaty unilaterally where corruption can be demonstrated in respect of procuring the Treaty in the first place or in respect of any dimension of it's implementation. This means that the known and proven treason by Heath and his successors and the widely recognized and often reported deep corruption within the EU render every EU Treaty “signed” by Britain, invalid.
The European Union has no legitimate influence in Britain whatsoever. Neither does its Napoleonic European Law. Their authority exist only in the minds of certain politicians in furtherance of the European Union political agenda. Britain may lawfully walk away at any time without a second thought as she is not a part of it anyway. Moreover, the supremacy of English law in Britain automatically intercedes and strikes down any attempt to repeal, subvert, overrule or replace it. The deceit, pretence and false enforcement of Britain’s “European involvement” is none other than parliamentary make-believe and pure theatre designed at the highest levels to deceive and subjugate the people to foreign rule against their will for others’ political purpose contrary to Common Law.  It is WILFUL TREASON. A succession of unlawful British parliaments therefore, having no legitimacy, illegally and without mandate, wilfully and criminally import and impose upon their own people, foreign rule and influence that has no authority in Britain. English Constitutional and Common Law is beyond parliamentary reach to alter or repeal and cannot be ignored. Parts are, in any case, by contract directly between the King and his people. Thus Parliament is not a party to those arrangements and can have no input. Importantly, this English law is immutable and in perpetuity, written specifically to forever protect the British people from despotic governance.
Even Her Majesty the Queen cannot change or ignore these laws as she is herself subject to them.  She cannot surrender Britain’s sovereignty that she holds in trust from the British people, for her successors.  Neither can she relinquish Britain’s independence and freedom of self determination to a foreign power.  Her solemn obligation is to protect and preserve the United Kingdom for her successors, as she received it.  What she cannot do, herservants in Parliament ALSO cannot do.
Britain Is Not Part Of The EU
A succession of British parliaments has since 1972 attempted to do the very things the Queen cannot.  In so doing, each has placed themselves above the Queen which is to imagine her death.  Each of these acts is the most serious treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act. Thus their treason is compound in plotting and attempting to give away their country and in considering themselves above the Queen whose death they casually assume.
The Common Law imposes strict and enduring duties upon every British subject from birth. Every British subject is duty bound in allegiance and loyalty to the nation and in the reporting and prevention of treason. These obligations are absolute and inseparable wherever one may be around the world and cannot be resigned except by renouncing British nationality. They far pre-date the Bill of Rights 1689 which protects Britain from all foreign influence or rule by any power or authority:“No foreign Prince, person, Prelate, State, or Potentate, hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction, Power, Superiority, Pre eminence, or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Realm.”
Britain’s pretend EU membership is contrary to (among others) the 1351 Treason Act, the 1559 Act of Supremacy, the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1689 and the Treason Felony Act 1848. These laws, remember, are beyond the reach of Parliament to amend, repeal or to disregard and just because modern day lawyers are not trained in these laws does not mean they do not exist or that serious offences against them have not been and are not committed. Under the Act of Settlement 1700 S4, these English Constitutional and Common Laws are the birthright of the people and cannot be taken away.
The treason committed by Britain’s politicians is being reported by a growing number of angered people across the country, to the police for prosecution. The police have accepted the evidence as prima facie cases to answer with a view to further action being taken.  Under English Common Law anyone who is aware that treason is contemplated or has or is being committed but who does nothing to report or prevent it, commits the equally serious offences of ‘Misprision of Treason at common law’ (knowing of treason committed but doing nothing to report or prevent it) and ‘Compounding (the) Treason at common law’ (any act or inaction which effectively condones, supports or allows the treason to continue). These are tried in court as the original treason. The legal obligation to report known treason extends to every British national. Treason continues to be regarded as so serious an undermining attack upon the British nation that it is still a hanging offence.  Ignorance of the law is, of course, no defence.
Lawful Britain

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