Letter to the Attorney General re Tommy Robinson

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Letter to the Attorney General re Tommy Robinson
« on: October 24, 2018, 06:14:19 PM »
Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox QC                                                                                        MP Albert Burgess
5/8 the Sanctuary
23rd October 2018
Ref Tommy Robinson
Dear Geoffrey
This farce has gone on long enough from start to finish the arrest and subsequent actions on the part of the police and the Judge who sentenced Tommy Robinson to 13 months in prison, has been to use the law as a weapon and not as it is supposed to be used as the fount of all justice.
This travesty has come about by the extreme dereliction of duty on the part of the police and government. As a former constable I would simply have moved him away from the court, and when given the order to arrest him by the judge I would have said not without a warrant.
Tommy Robinson was arrested for a breach of the peace; this was stretching the law on breach of the peace to the limit and clear beyond. Firstly constables do not arrest for breach of the peace because our job as constables is to prevent breaches of the peace, the constable who had arrested him had clearly failed in his duty to prevent a breach of the peace this itself is a discipline offence against the constable. However even for a breach of the peace arrest the grounds were the slimmest imaginable. The holder of the ancient office of Constable is answerable to the law and only the law. No one not you the Judge not even Her Majesty can order a constable to make an arrest without the benefit of law, in the case of a Judge that means he issues a bench warrant on paper. For him to look out of the window and instruct a constable to arrest anyone in the street outside was for the Judge in this case to have exceeded his authority. The sentence of thirteen months was excessive and the actions of a vindictive Judge unsuited to hold the high office bestowed upon him.
If the police all over this ancient Kingdom had done their job and arrested and put on trial Islamic child rapists and who having raped them pimped out our children. Instead of sitting like the three wise monkeys seeing no evil and hearing no evil and God forbid our police should call a Muslim rapist and pimp a rapist and pimp. They have betrayed the office they purport to hold purely because they did not want the Muslims in this her Majesty’s Kingdom calling them racists. Had on the rare occasions her Majesty’s Judges not betrayed their office and allowed child rapists to walk out of court because their evil and satanic death cult puts no value on women and instructs them to rape non Muslim women. So they see fit to put aside English law on a whim.
Had our police and courts upheld her Majesty’s law the way it is written there would be no need for Tommy Robinson to put himself to the fore in his attempt to protect vulnerable children from Islamist who are raping and prostituting our young children, on an industrial scale? Every one of them police and Judges is guilty of being an accessory during and after the fact, contrary to the 1861 Aiders and Abettors act if memory serves. Instead of prosecuting Tommy Robinson for trying to protect our vulnerable children. Try doing your job and prosecute those police and Judges who have failed lamentably to do theirs, and ignored the pleas of parents and the screams of the children.
Respectfully submitted

Albert Burgess

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