The People’s March? We set out to meet some ‘REAL’ people in Kenton and Wembley…

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A report of our UKIP Brexit Stall on Sunday 21st October
We decided we had to do our 2nd Brexit/Membership stall this weekend after the horrid anti-democracy march in London the day before. So, we set up in Kenton – our only other Tory ward. It was quiet, being very residential with cars racing along like FI drivers, but it has a station, a supermarket and local shops, so we set out our little table and our HUGE Union Jack flag and tied it to the railings!
A black taxi went by and beeped us, just like during the Referendum. London taxi drivers seem massively in favour of Brexit, taking huge loads of leaflets and stickers in 2016. It gave us heart – happy memories! On the other hand who thought we’d still be fighting for Brexit 2 years later…! We knew any Brexiteers would be glad to see our beautiful flag after the awful EU flags on the tele the day before, plus our flag deserved an airing – always a lovely sight – and it represents unity, whereas the EU flag is all about dictatorship.
Kenton – well, I learnt a lot about what has happened there. A huge amount of Eastern Europeans streamed by (some took leaflets, saying nothing). A huge amount of Eastern Europeans streamed by (some took leaflets, saying nothing). A few English people appeared  – some said they agreed with us, some just raised their eyebrows. And of course the obligatory ‘You’re racist’ conversation. But it wasn’t busy enough so we headed to Wembley Central – predominantly Asian, very diverse, and extremely busy…
We set up opposite the station and tied our Union Jack to the railings. It was VERY busy. People were really interested – walking over specifically for leaflets. Although Brent is the most ethnically diverse borough in the UK it also voted 40% Brexit – defying what Remainers say about Brexit being racist – not a bad result for London at all.
I took over leaflets to some ticket touts – turned out one was pro and one anti Brexit – which resulted in an argument between the two…oops!   
Tom tackled a Romanian who was worried about ‘after Brexit’ (he didn’t seem anti Brexit though) and managed to reassure him. Then Tom spoke to a lovely Anglo-Indian chap who said he had always been interested in UKIP and lived locally. We invited him to join – he is coming to a branch meeting soon to meet us all.

Next up was a chap who came here from Gujarat in the 70s, he runs a charity nearby. He said he has always admired Nigel Farage, wishing he was still UKIPs leader – I reassured him Gerard is doing a great job. His take was this: India is huge, it has 28 states and Gujarat alone is larger than the UK so how can the UK be expected to house the world?  He said India is overcrowded even though so much bigger so why keep letting people into the UK? And anyone who lives here should put UK interests first, vote for what is best for us, think of themselves as British and stop looking back to their previous country. Well, I couldn’t have put it better myself!
Then a tall young man of Asian descent – South African born – stopped and said where he works (South London) not enough staff were English and he felt it was too unrepresentative of the population to have so few of us (he also worked for a  national charity). He asked his employers about it who said there were not enough English living in the vicinity to employ… such is London now. He voted Brexit but some of his family were Remain and it caused divisions.
A busy and interesting time in Wembley Central. Andrew gave out a huge amount of leaflets, even checking to see if any were discarded – but no!
What we had confirmed was what we knew already – that Brexit appeals to people  across all races and cultures – and what I knew about where I live is that many Asian people fully support Brexit because they too hate to see the decline of the UK that they love and have always felt a part of.
Our Union Jack flag? Not the symbol of hate and racism the left wing media paint – most people either weren’t bothered or seemed happy to see it – it is the flag of our country after all! Not one snidy remark all day…
So, ‘Peoples March’ eh? Perhaps Remainers should try talking to some ordinary, hardworking Londoners of different backgrounds going about their daily business, rather than marching around shouting and waving dictators’ flags… then they might find out what people down here in the real world REALLY think!

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