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« on: October 30, 2018, 05:13:00 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: October 29, 2018
In: News

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From the end of national parliaments to rule by unelected power, to sending troops into Ukraine, from breaking up Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia to the rise of fascist movements, from driving out Jews from Europe to the power of the homosexual movement and the mass movement of labour, today’s EU mimics the Nazi Europe of the 1940s. This is no surprise given those who helped to found the EU (see And into the Fire pages 14 to 29)
A leading British Conservative in the European Parliament has been attacked after he compared current-day socialist parties with Nazism. In a debate Syed Kamall MEP said “you have to remember that Nazis were National Socialists, a strain of socialism, so let’s not pretend. It’s a left-wing ideology.” When attacked, Kamall added “you don’t like the truth, do you?” When his critics said many socialists had opposed the Nazis he rightly replied:
“I have upmost respect for anyone who stood up & fought against Nazism, Communism & any other kinds of extremism.”
And of course many democratic socialists and especially communists did stand up to fascism, as they do today but they tend to be precisely those who oppose the European Union. Those who support leftist corporatist fascism of the kind which produced Nazi Europe in the 1930s are precisely the kind of people who embrace the European Union  today!
It is the countries which were the most slavish followers of European Nazism and Fascism in the 1930s and 1940s – Germany, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia – which most enthusiastically embrace the European Union today.
On the Right we see the same split – between nationist democrats who oppose the EU and big business anti democrats who support it. So Syed Kamall was right about Hitler’s national socialist Europe but wrong not to include in the fascist “mix” right wing corporatists (in Europe and the USA) who exploited the new “common market” which Hitler started to build, who funded Hitler and collaborated with the Nazis.
National Socialism was a mixture of about 55% socialism and 45% right wing corporatism – both, as today, seeking expansion and imperial power over ever more nation states. Hitler hated the upper classes and his speeches were peppered with what anyone would regard as socialist bigotry. He joined the German Labour Party and turned it into the National Socialist German Workers Party. Nazi Europe destroyed sovereign national parliaments, created a European Superstate extending roughly to the same area as today’s EU, drove out the Jews, promoted big business and attacked Russia through Ukraine.
The EU today looks remarkably similar.
As we pointed out in Treason at Maastricht (1994) the social and economic structures of today’s EU are exactly the same as Walter Funk’s 1942 Nazi plans for Europe under German hegemony – European Space, Common energy, fishing and agricultural policies, a European Central Bank, a Committee of the Regions (to bypass democratic national governments) social chapter (“Common Labour Policy”) a common industrial policy and European Works Councils (“Hitler: “Replacing capital with labour”)
Hitler dismembered Yugoslavia and established petty statelets with strong indeed fanatical Nazi sympathies. He split Czechoslovakia into the Czechs and the Slovaks (the latter actually volunteering to send Jews to Germany!) Today the European Union has achieved exactly the same splits in those countries – which emerged after the defeat of Germany after the First World War.
As the Nazis marched into Norway they cried they were “building Europe” and the major objects of their scorn were the “Anglo Saxon economy”, the Jews, gypsies, Serbs, Slavs in general and of course Russians.
In April 2018 German Jews were warned by their leaders not to wear yarmulkes in public, so dangerous is anti-semitism in modern day Germany. Earlier in the year the leader of Hamburg’s Jewish community Daniel Killy told the Jerusalem Post “We no longer feel safe here”. Ironic that in recent days some British Jews of German stock have announced they are returning to Germany….. they might get a shock.
As record number of Jews flee Europe, record numbers of Jew hating Islamists are invited in. As European Jewish leaders today attack anti-semitism so Hitler invited the Jew hating Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to spend most of the war in Berlin.
In France Francis Kalifat, president of the Jewish body CRIF said recently:
“We’re seeing a new phenomenon whereby Jews are leaving the neighbourhoods where they were born and raised,…….It’s happening in Paris, in Marseille, in Lyon, in Toulouse and in other cities. They are moving into neighborhoods that are more Jewish. This movement of population was the consequence of “day-to-day antisemitism,”
In Belgium the head of the Anti-semitism watchdog said Jews were under a “permanent state of Siege”. In Oxford a Jewish centre was attacked and anti-semitic slogans left and in London a 70 year old Jewish woman had her head smashed against a wall and virtually the entire Jewish community has condemned the official opposition party, Labour and its leader Corbyn, for anti-semitism.
The politics of the EU have uncomfortable and exact parallels with Nazi Europe and the words of leading politicians in the 1990s were precise echoes of leading Nazis and Fascists in the 1930s and 1940s – see Fascist Europe Rising pages 44 to 56 for the full range and horror of those words – and deeds.
Among the worst of the modern examples of this dangerous modern Europe were:
“Might is right in politics and war.” —Helmut Kohl, German Chancellor
“Many Jews survive today thanks to the circumstance that they were forced Labourers and not directly killed by the SS. Ger­mans are tired of philo-semitic over-compensation in the media and sterile grief Rituals by politicians.” — Professor Lutz Niethammer, Historical Adviser to the German Chancellor Schroeder (2000).
“The Jews should consider whether they would have behaved heroically if they had not been victims of the persecution.” — Klaus von Dohnanyi, Former Mayor of Hamburg (1998).
The European Parliament has created the Europe which today has tolerated or promoted Nazi movements in Ukraine, Croatia and Bosnia and today faces strong resistance from the French people, the British people, the Italian people, the Hungarian people and the Czechs.
Nazism and Fascism are so dangerous because they appeal to both left and right. Both Left and Right prefer to see only their enemies in those ideologies but turn a blind eye to the presence of their friends. The democratic welfare socialist and the democratic capitalist who oppose corporatist fascism find the old political parties cannot combat the new threat, indeed they promote it. New cross party anti corporatist and anti fascist parties are difficult to create. But as they emerge the establishment parties have collapsed in Greece, Italy, France and (more slowly bit see recent local elections in Bavaria and Hesse) in Germany as the “populist” (ie anti fascist, democratic) parties slowly emerge without the support of the State and media apparatus. The latter still cling to the old decadence which has alienated millions.
When, in defence of Kamall, a German MEP quoted the former German Chancellor Willy Brandt
“We should acknowledge the socialist element in National Socialism and in the thinking of its followers, its subjective revolutionary basis”
the fascist left elements in the European parliament roared their rejection, as they did when the President of the parliament said that Nazism was abhorrent to both sides.
Syed Kamall has stirred a hornets nest. He was right but did not give the whole picture. It is not an easy picture to understand. He deserves support.
By way of a postscript the modern fascist left was at it again when the British actor Michael Caine defended his support for Brexit during a BBC radio interview. On Brexit Caine said:
“I’d rather be a poor master of my fate than having someone I don’t know making me rich by running it. What I see is I’m being ruled by people I don’t know, who no one elected, and I think of that is fascist,…….In the long run, though, it’ll come around.”
Cue howls of leftist apologists for the decadent EU – pity they don’t reserve such abuse for the actors hitherto given free rein to promote the fascist European Union! But as in the 1930s the left appeases fascism because fascism is (also) recognisably socialist and collectivist and its two main founders – Hitler and Mussolini – came from socialist parties!

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