Supposed white extremism

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Supposed white extremism
« on: October 31, 2018, 06:59:25 PM »
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Subject: supposed White Extremism.
Dear Mr Javid MP,
I wish to express my feelings of what is being bandied about by our Government and the media.  My concern is the nature of the supposed right wing groups as  being extreme or White Supremist . 
Let us just go back a few years. The BNP exposed the Muslim grooming gangs in the Rotherham and Bradford  about 20-25 yrs ago. The Police charged them with racism and took them to court. They were dismissed by the court after proving they were right with evidence. Then the whole discussion on this subject just went off the Radar untill a couple of years ago and the whole extent of the grooming came out.
We now have NO GO Areas for Non Muslims in numerous cities and the mutilation of young girls with FGM. We have the rape of young white girls and the Police sit back and do nothing. We have young girls being forced into marriages they do not want and we have so called honour killings. A normal practice of throwing acid at people in India and Pakistan is now becoming a norm in this country. You can also take into account that some Muslim men have more than one wife (which is against our Law in this country) and there are Secret Sharia Law Courts, which is also against the Law of this Land.
 The point I am making, is that the Police , who are supposed to UPHOLD THE LAW, security and safety of the population, whether they are Christian or Muslim or any other religion, are clearly not doing their job. They will not attend Burglary`s or thefts etc. etc
So Mr Javid, who is protecting us against those who want to destroy our National Identity and Culture ?  NO-ONE.
Immigrants are encouraged to live in their own segregated Ghettos and not to integrate, and some never learn the British language (have no intention to) so only know what they are being told by such people as Imans etc.  This is why these so called extreme right wing parties sprung up. They are mainly British Citizens who are Proud of their Country and realise that somebody has to stand up for the Indigenous Population because our Government (meaning you as well) and our Police Force WILL NOT.
So it is our Government of all Parties that are to blame for the people feeling obliged for their own sake to take the law into their own hands to protect themselves.
When I was at school (1949 – 1959) we were taught to be proud of our country, after all we had just won a World War. We sang Patriotic songs and we learned about our heroes such as Nelson, King Arthur,Charles Dickens, Shakespeare plus everything that we had invented (railways,spinning jenny`s etc) or contributed to the good of mankind and of the world.
 It seems now that our children are being taught not just to become sexual deviants, but to hate our country, our values and standards and the British people. I dismay at what the future holds. I am at the latter stage of life so I thank goodness I will not see the final rotting stage of my beloved country.  Yes I am an Ex Serviceman who served and fought for his country  -  OUR country  -  and I was very proud to serve.
Thank you for reading this email and I hope you will take in some of what I have said and do something about it.
Kind Regards
(address supplied)

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