Shimon Peres to Address BNP's Nick Griffin

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Shimon Peres to Address BNP's Nick Griffin
« on: March 09, 2013, 12:11:46 AM »
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? Shimon Peres to Address BNP's Nick Griffin
? Early Day Motion - Covertly Replacing White People in The Football Industry
? Crocodile Tears


Posted: 08 Mar 2013 08:44 AM PST
Been working on some of the votes for next week's plenary in Strasbourg most of today. Here's something you might find of interest with regards their planned "anti-racism" initiative/homage. Talk about sweeping the subject of immigration under the carpet, this is tantamount to nailing it under the floorboards.

On strengthening the fight against racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Gypsyism, homophobia, transphobia and all other forms of hate crime and hate speech...
calls for
 g)  public figures to refrain from making public statements that encourage or incite hatred or stigmatisation of groups of people on the basis of their race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation or nationality;
There again, if this goes through, following the logic, it would mean that nobody can specifically stigmatise white Europeans as racists any more.Bet they had not thought of that, perhaps I shouldn't have said anything!

Shimon Peres to Address BNP's Nick Griffin

Posted: 08 Mar 2013 07:33 AM PST
Shimon Peres, President of Israel will be addressing Nick and other MEPs in Strasbourg next Tuesday afternoon. His speech is lined up straight after a Commission & Council statement on Strengthening the fight against racism, xenophobia and hate crime ....(and how you can get away with it with enough money and power)

Early Day Motion - Covertly Replacing White People in The Football Industry

Posted: 08 Mar 2013 01:28 AM PST
Before I forget, the little protest outside the Argentinian embassy this week made the Buenos Aires Herald:

Representatives and supporters of the British Veterans Group (BVG) conducted a protest opposite the Argentine Embassy in London yesterday. The BVG protesters were protesting against Argentina's continuing claims of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, holding placards stating ?HANDS OFF OUR FALKLAND ISLANDS.?
 BVG Veterans Officer Pete Molloy, speaking exclusively to the Buenos Aires Herald, said that ?the protest went really well, and it was important for us as British military veterans to let the Argentine Government know that 255 British servicemen did not die for nothing, and our people that have been living on the Falkland Islands for generations are British and they want to remain so.?
Meanwhile, to keep you updated, here's a list of MPs who have so far signed up to that Dianne Abbott Early Day Motion designed to drive white people out of the football industry under the guise of "equality". Is it just coincidence, or perhaps Mr Cameron looking over his shoulder, but apart from the Conservative's resident Uncle Tom, Peter Bottomley, no Tory seems to wants to take the field?

Campbell, Ronnie  Labour Party  Blyth Valley  06.03.2013
 Caton, Martin          Labour Party  Gower  05.03.2013
 Corbyn, Jeremy  Labour Party  Islington North  06.03.2013
 Dodds, Nigel          Democratic Unionist Party  Belfast North  07.03.2013
 Durkan, Mark          Social Democratic and Labour Party  Foyle  04.03.2013
 Flynn, Paul          Labour Party  Newport West  07.03.2013
 George, Andrew  Liberal Democrats  St Ives  06.03.2013
 Glindon, Mary          Labour Party  North Tyneside  04.03.2013
 Hancock, Mike   Liberal Democrats  Portsmouth South  06.03.2013
 Hopkins, Kelvin  Labour Party  Luton North  04.03.2013
 Howarth, George  Labour Party  Knowsley  06.03.2013
 Lavery, Ian          Labour Party  Wansbeck  06.03.2013
 Long, Naomi          Alliance Party  Belfast East  07.03.2013
 Meale, Alan          Labour Party  Mansfield  04.03.2013
 Riordan, Linda          Labour Party  Halifax  06.03.2013
 Ritchie, Margaret  Social Democratic and Labour Party  South Down  05.03.2013
 Shannon, Jim          Democratic Unionist Party  Strangford  05.03.2013
 Simpson, David  Democratic Unionist Party  Upper Bann  06.03.2013
 Skinner, Dennis    Labour Party  Bolsover  05.03.2013
 Stunell, Andrew  Liberal Democrats  Hazel Grove  06.03.2013
 Williams, Hywel  Plaid Cymru  Arfon  05.03.2013
That this House condemns all forms of racism and anti-Semitism in sport; is disturbed by the recent racial discrimination and abuse highlighted in European football; calls for the adoption of all necessary measures to eliminate racism and anti-Semitism and to promote equal opportunities within sport; believes that more needs to be done to raise the awareness of those in sports and football management to engage black and minority ethnic (BME) communities in the UK at both the professional level and grass roots game to empower BME players, managers, coaches, referees and staff to set the agenda on race and diversity issues and to work collectively with the authorities to do so; and further believes that the landscape within British and European sport, especially football must change to a position of zero tolerance of racism.

Crocodile Tears

Posted: 07 Mar 2013 11:29 AM PST

Trademark, prefabricated smear in the local newspaper just before an election - they must think that the electorate was born yesterday. Still at least they printed a small portion of my response deciding to leave out the fact that these anti-white grouplets are aligned to the Labour Party and never have the integrity to contest elections themselves. Neither did the reporter take any notice about the violent attack these very same groups incited and inflicted on Nick Griffin and others outside Westminster in 2009.

Simon Darby, spokesman for the BNP, said the gang were, ?just local BNP supporters who do not like other people coming into their area telling them how to think?. He said: ?We have a lot of BNP supporters up and down the country and particularly in that area who are just fed up. ?Hope Not Hate are coming with their crocodile tears when they are trying to sabotage our campaign.? 

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