THE DAY TO DAY REALITY - of the EU bulk imports - and zero exports!

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I have been a truck driver for 48 years and if you need to know how the EU works for the UK,  please come and talk to me,  and my kind.
I swear this is the truth and nothing but the truth,  so help me God.
If you take a trip to one of our east coast ports,  Harwich for example,  you will see every morning two very large ferries dock,  each loaded with :  250   -  44 tonne trucks,  or 500 every day of the week and 52 weeks a year.
They have Dutch flowers, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peppers garlic, they will have French wine, cheese and grapes,  German car parts, Italian clothes,  Polish chicken, Danish bacon and Swedish truck parts.
But they will return next day with  :  Absolutely nothing.
Yet, if you look the other way, to containers which bring in goods from: USA, Canada, Thailand, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina etc., they come in with goods and go back with billions of pounds worth of our goods.
There are many other issues from a truckers point of view, but I will leave that for another day.

Glen Johnson - Trucker.
This is the position from which our government is negotiating Brexit, so why are we listening to the EU, and still sending them £64 million pounds per day?
THE DAY TO DAY REALITY - of the EU bulk imports - and zero exports!

Without us the EU would have collapsed long ago.   We've stupidly allowed them to bamboozle us with our own money.   Half of our national debt (Which our citizens owe!) has been wasted and they've scared witless, hence the nonsense.   Ensure we leave -Now!

An illuminating message from a British trucker!

I can believe this, but the media and Remainers keep it very quiet - because their mantra is that "the bulk of our trade is with the EU"!   Not so, it seems!

Still, mustn't let facts, get in the way of speculation and dreams, must we?
I am delighted that my MP (Harriett Baldwin) is fighting so hard to Leave the EU - very few of the other MPs are doing so!  We want 2.5 years ago!

So why, as Peter rightly asks, are we paying Brussels £65 million PER DAY?  For what, exactly....just to keep the French farmers sweet and in new tractors, presumably. Along with a load of other EU cash wastage!

How very charitable of us!  Pity about our Police, Army, Schools, NHS, roads, et al....

PS: I saw today that we should invite the Romans back to repair our roads - as we seem incapable!  Good idea!

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