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« on: March 09, 2013, 08:59:18 PM »

How long before we are sucked in further?

Sat, 09/03/2013 - 14:00

By Northernscot,

Excuse us, but with so many cut backs and the disabled being left to rot on the streets, we thought Britain was in deep debt.

How silly of us to think that we cannot afford to pay our troops, thus cutting the numbers to save money.

Yet here we go again, sticking our noses into yet again another Muslim bloodbath, sorry Arab spring and the millions of your pounds it will entail.

This time we have moved from sending medical and food supplies to heavy armoured vehicles and body armour to the so called Syrian Freedom Fighters. Yes, the same ones who are killing Christian priest, one had his eyes pulled out. The same fighters who have blown up churches and told Syrian Christians, if you come back we will execute you and your children.

Hague and Cameron believe that by sending these vehicles paid for by you the taxpayer that lives will be saved.

No doubt just like Libya and Iraq, the same tools will be used against Europeans once the new Islamic regime takes over and links itself firmly to Iran.

We are talking of millions of pounds being used of your money to help the Islamic revolution there, whilst British soldiers come home to redundancy notices.

Lib Dem Sir Menzies Campbell said many MP?s were concerned ?lest we might drift towards? militaryintervention in Syria.

Former Conservative defence minister, Sir Gerald Howarth said he feared the Ukase? hand is being drawn ever closer into this mangle.?

Whilst Labours Peter Hain said that there had been ?a monumental failure of diplomacy? and accused Mr Hague of ?making the situation worse?.

Other MP?s expressed concerns that the armoured vehicles, body armour and communications equipment will be used by the wrong people.

They mean the Islamic nut jobs, of which there are plenty in Syria at the present time, foaming at the mouth for another Islamic medieval republic, care of the stupid western politicians like Obama and Cameron.

We wonder, how long before we send medical personnel to help patch up the Islamic revolutionaries, and the needed security teams to protect them.

How long before we send military advisors and the squaddies to protect them. How long we wonder before the first coffin comes home with a brave British soldier dead inside.

Can we trust Cameron?

We will leave that for you the taxpayer to decide.

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