Isn't it amazing how the fascists get to call patriots fascists?

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Our demos were a success DESPITE the attacks of Politicans and Antifa!
Isn't it amazing how the fascists get to call patriots fascists? Well done UK Unity for Scotland, NI, England &Wales.
Yesterday UK Unity teams took to the streets of Norwich, Cardiff, Leeds, Coventry & Cardiff in an ambitious day of action designed to mobilise people over the betrayal of Brexit. London was a massive success with ever growing numbers and you can watch the event in full below on our YouTube Channel:
What we did not anticipate beforehand was the ferocity of the attacks we would receive from the Hard Left & Antifa as well as high profile politicians and local media who stirred up trouble by calling as 'fascists' & 'racists' as you can see below what the Labour MP for Norwich had to say.
Being 100% honest with you not everything on the day went to plan but as a fast growing and dynamic organisation we will learn from our mistakes for future events.
To put things in perspective to equip and organise these demos we spent £500... The remainers funded by Soros and the Globalists spent £500,000 on their march, paid people to turn up and even bussed them in for free!
We need to reclaim our streets and we must thank the leaderships of the For Britain Party as well as the Democrat & Veterans Party for their help and support. We must also thank local UKIP organisers members for getting out on the street and doing something.
Too many senior figures and Leave organisations are too comfortable sitting back and making bold statements on social media. Not us though, we will continue to take to the streets and our protests and numbers will become even bigger! A huge thanks once again to all our donors, members, volunteers and supporters who helped with yesterday  and our continued existence.
If you have any questions or thoughts then please let us know.
Kind Regards,

David Clews

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