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BBC Complaints - Case number CAS-1964566-N9VW2M

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BBC Complaints - Case number CAS-1964566-N9VW2M
« on: March 10, 2013, 10:17:26 PM »

To: Lord A Hall Director General BBC -
Dear Lord Hall
Clearly your Mr Patterson thinks that, on the one hand the BBC Worldwide Ltd operates "at arms length" and yet only a few sentences later maintains that they use the "EIB loan rather than its own commercial borrowing facility because the lower cost meant they could generate slightly higher commercial returns which would benefit licence fee payers". So is it arms length or not? Clearly yet another example of  obscure thinking from the BBC and an attempt by the BBC to pull the wool over our eyes.
BUT, in any event, why would you allow the BBC's name to be besmirched by loans from the EU? Would you take loans from any other poilitical organisation? The Labour Party for example? It beggers belief that an organisation such as the BBC, already known for its biased pro-opinions on the EU (Brussels Broadcasting Corporation), would allow itself to be so compromised by obtaining loans to further allow the charges of EU-lackey to be levelled and be manifestly true, regardless of "arms length" or not.
Quite clearly Lord Patten has his considerable work clearing out your offices of those incapable of determining what is, and what is not, the meaning of integrity. Clearly your finance department and director of finance has considerable problems with such a simple issue and perhaps should consider their position. An immediate change in business practice is clearly required and the current pro-EU ethos needs to be cleared out at ALL levels and a "return" to impartiality engineered. Maybe stopping all adverts appearing only in the Guardian would be a simple and effective step.

From: [email protected]
 To: nick
 Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2013 15:38:52 +0000
 Subject: BBC Complaints - Case number CAS-1964566-N9VW2M

 Dear Nicholas

 Reference CAS-1964566-N9VW2M

 Thank you for contacting us.

 I understand you're concerned as you feel we're incapable of being impartial as you believe we've received loans from the EU. I also note your comments in relation to our website.

 The loan to which you refer from the European Investment Bank (EIB) actually involves BBC Worldwide Ltd, which is one the BBC?s commercial subsidiaries that operates at arms length from the publicly-funded BBC. BBC Worldwide is self-financing and has absolutely no access to licence fee funds and no loan taken out by the commercial subsidiaries is used to subsidise any BBC public service operation.

Contrary to what is sometimes reported, the EIB loan does not include instructions about how BBC Worldwide can apply the funds or how they should be invested. The loan does not carry any editorial obligation and it has no impact whatsoever on the BBC?s public service output. The only conditions attached to the loan are normal commercial and financial covenants.

 BBC Worldwide used the EIB loan rather than its own commercial borrowing facility because the lower cost meant they could generate slightly higher commercial returns which would benefit licence fee payers. This EIB facility was used so that BBC Worldwide could purchase the rights to audio-visual output already commissioned by the BBC which could then be sold to global commercial markets.

In the meantime, I?d like to assure you that I?ve registered your very strong concerns and website feedback on our audience log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that's made available to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, programme makers, channel controllers and other senior managers.

The audience logs are seen as important documents that can help shape decisions about future programming and content.

 Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

 Kind Regards

 Jamie Patterson
 BBC Complaints

 NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.





07 March 2013 12:26:30


This is the full text of a complaint (of two issues) I have lodged with the BBC. Should anyone else feel as strongly as I do about these issues please feel free to copy the text in whole or in part.
PS - I am still awaiting FOI information from the BBC concerning the irregular proportion of Scottish presentors, interviewers and interviewees. Will get back on this once the BBC have completed and returned the figures.
From: [email protected]
To: nick

Dear Nicholas of the xxxxxx family
Thanks for contacting the BBC. This is an automated email confirming we have received the complaint below and submitted in this name via Please do not reply to this email since it is generated from an unmonitored address. If you believe you have received this in error please contact us using our webform at
We attach the text of the complaint for your records and will normally include it in our overnight report of all today?s audience reaction. This is circulated to BBC staff tomorrow (with your personal details removed) and ensures your points will reach the right people quickly. We aim normally to reply within 10 working days (around 2 weeks) depending on the nature of your complaint.
To make sure we use the licence fee efficiently we may not investigate every issue in detail, and for consistency may send the same reply if others have also complained about the same issue. For our full complaints procedures and how we consider the issues raised in feedback please read
Complaint Summary: Interview concerning Rumanian immigration
Full Complaint:
Issue 1.
We are now well aware of the the fact that the BBC have sought and been advanced loans from the European Union over a number of years. It seems not to have struck the BBC management that this immediately compromised, irretrievably, the BBC's impartiality upon ANY issue concerning the European Union. In view of this lack of disinterest these loans automatically imply, any EU reports should be prefaced with a warning to listeners, much like MPs are forced, quite rightly, to divulge anything that might give rise to a conflict of interest likely to affect the impartiality clauses required by the BBC Charter. It seems inconceivable that the BBC should even have felt it necessary to damage their already poor reputation for left wing bias by taking these loans.
Issue 2 .
I am disturbed that the only two ways the BBC make available channels of immediate contact, on the 'Contact' function for the programme web site, are to use 3rd party commercial facilities. It may come as a surprise to your web site designers but many millions of us are VERY strongly opposed to using either Twitter or Facebook and find this a very strange decision. Surely the BBC could make their OWN real-time blog/forum functionality without alienating many of us who who never go a million miles near either of those two commercial "services" you offer because of security issues prevailing.

Thank you again for contacting us.
BBC Complaints
NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.

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