Lies,Myths and Deceptions

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Lies,Myths and Deceptions
« on: November 13, 2018, 08:32:36 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: November 11, 2018
In: News

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European Union. Nor do we need well known “Brexiteers” sabotaging Brexit. May and the
Remainers are pretending we must have a withdrawal “deal” – so that people can be
rushed and bludgeoned into say “for God’s sake do a deal, we must leave” (some are
even saying “abandon Northern Ireland if we must”). But we are leaving anyway –
definitely – on 29th March 2019.
The legislation has been passed and the exit is pre-programmed in the UK. In the EU
Brexit is pre-programmed through the Article 50 provisions which say that 2 years after we
triggered the process in March 2017 we must leave in March 2019.
It is ironic that the only leading politician who has clearly grasped this (and hence the UK’s
bargaining power) is Jeremy Corbyn!
There is no such thing as “No deal” as regards trade. We simply become on 29th March a country like any of the other 160 non EU countries in the world – including the biggest like the USA, China and Russia who are not EU members and who trade with the EU on World Trade Organisation rules. Those rules prohibit discriminatory action against our exports.
The detailed, day to day problems of the change in tariffs and customs are now being tackled – three years too late but better late than never.
Because of the time constraints the EU and EU members are taking specific action to prevent the disruption of trade. They would never have done this if they KNEW Mrs May’s “transition” would kick in. But now they see that no deal means no transition – so they recognise their weakness and the chaos their obstruction of Brexit will now produce – for them!.
Any delay or transition period would allow them to spin out the leaving process, creating uncertainty, reducing trade and economic activity, piling pressure on the UK and continuing our vassal status in the EU empire. This is particularly clear from an email sent by 14 British MEPs to all 751 MEPs which says:
“Despite our political differences, as U.K. MEPs we are united around one fact: if you wish to allow the U.K. to remain within our EU family, then all ways to do so will necessitate an extension of the Article 50 timetable”
Many of those who have been most prominent (but not necessarily the most effective) in the recent history of euro-scepticism have often been the most dangerous to the cause. Today many of them display their inadequacy as “leaders”.
NIGEL FARAGE, who for years by his actions and politics drove thousands of Brexiters out of UKIP actually conceded the 2016 referendum which we had won – and then later the same day called for a public holiday because we had won! Then having won he suggested a second referendum, thus giving in to Remainer hysteria. Now he says he would stand again for the European Parliament because there was a possibility that the Article 50 process would be suspended. So he gives hope to our enemies while lining up a continued job for himself. Not good politics!
Even suggesting this is madness. Postponement or suspension of the withdrawal process could take us into a new 7 year EU budget period costing us billions and of course would allow the Remainers time to organise a second referendum while we are still in the EU – which is far easier for them to win than if we have left by March 2019 and the referendum would be about rejoining!!
Farage then went on to give further comfort to Remain by saying that “May will get a Brexit deal and parliament will pass it”. Given the chaos of Brexit negotiations, the opposition from the DUP and some 60 Tories, the anger of even Remainer Tories (see Jo Johnson resignation) the opposition to the fishing fiasco by Scottish MPs and the opposition of Corbyn – even to Chequers (May’s “first bid” to the EU before further negotiations could compromise even that position) this disastrous Farage summary could not be wider of the mark.
Every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it. A period of silence would be helpful.
HITCHENS AND BOOKER two journalists who have claimed leadership of the anti EU movement have lost it completely, saying the UK should join the weak supplicant nations in the EEA (European Economic Area) who are in the Single market, must accept freedom of movement, must pay into the EU coffers, be under the effective jurisdiction of the European Court and obey most EU legislation. Hitchens says he has “known for years” that is what the UK would end up doing. So why was he arguing for Brexit?
Neither of these journalists (who never have to accept the economic consequences of their words) ever said that the UK had no right to be a sovereign country. But that is what they say now!
DANIEL HANNAN came up with the most absurd, dangerous idea of the lot. First he gave succour to Remainers by entertaining the idea of a second referendum (thereby of course questioning the validity of the first one!) but he then went on to suggest LEAVERS should abstain in that second referendum, thus handing victory to Remain.
ARRON BANKS, whose effective devotion to the Brexit cause was as a very generous “moneybags” should have confined his contribution to funding – although even the manner of that funding is now the subject of a police probe. Like so many wealthy men – even the best of them – they risk disaster when talking actual politics. And so he has just done:
“The corruption I have seen in British politics, the sewer that exists and the disgraceful behaviour of the government over what they are doing with Brexit and how they are selling out, means that if I had my time again I think we would have been better to probably Remain and not unleash these demons.”
Half the sentence is quite sound and justified. But what a ludicrous conclusion – that because a Remainer Government and unelected civil service, a manipulative Remainer establishment and a Remainer Parliament have conspired to try to frustrate the democratic will of the people that therefore we should have ignored the will of the people! Grotesque!
Finally even if Parliament passed a resolution to stop Brexit (which is unlikely) Sir David Natzler, the Clerk of the House of Commons, has confirmed that the already passed Statute for withdrawal cannot be reversed by that resolution.
“There’s no House procedure that can overcome statute.You’ve passed the European Union Withdrawal Act and you can’t overturn that by a resolution of either House or even both Houses… If the House passed a resolution that said we are going to stay in the European Union, would we stay in the European Union? No, not as a result of that resolution.”
There are even many, previously sound, Brexit MPs who think, incredibly, that we should follow the disastrous Chequers deal which will leave us in long lasting, indeed potentially indefinite, political and economic control by the EU, unable to strike trade deals and unable to cut import tariffs. Please educate them. Even Remainers now see that the May deal is worse than a No deal – indeed it is worse than staying in!

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