A letter to anyone who has voted Conservative

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A letter to anyone who has voted Conservative
« on: November 16, 2018, 08:26:29 AM »
16 Nov 2018
Dear Sir
I trust that when anyone who has ever voted for the Conservative Party looks in a mirror they say:
I voted for the Conservative Party, therefore:
I voted to condone colossal lies and deceit over 45 years up until the present time,
I voted for hypocrisy, treachery and treason,
I voted to lose my vote,
I  voted to allow unrestricted immigration into the UK,
I voted to throw away vast sums of hard earned taxpayers money into the corrupt and un-democratic EU and,
I voted to destroy the United Kingdom, this once great country of ours, from being a sovereign, independent and democratic nation so that it would become a vassal state of the EU and be governed by un-elected, un-sackable and un-worthy foreigners.
The same can be said about Labour and Lib Dem voters.
Yours faithfully
J Wraith

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