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The only surprise is the EU have been so slow to muscle in . . .   For us one of the pleasures of the Olympics was seeing the Union flag and no sign of the golden ring of barbed wire!  B&A
By Emily Fox for EXCLUSIVE

THE European Union has tried to claim Britain's entire Olympics medal haul for itself.  Berlin-based Euro Informationen, which works for the European Commission and European Parliament, developed an Olympic medal table which declares the 'European Union' as the top nation.
On the agency's website, it combines the 27 members of the EU into one, meaning that - with 306 medals - it is placed above both the USA and China. It states: "We count and compare how many medals the EU would win if it took part in the Olympic Games as one team. The European Union is the Winning Team."
Britain, who were in third position at the end of the OIympics with 65 medals in total and 29 golds no longer appear on the table at all.
Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis spoke of her outrage at Brussels' attempt to impose a federal identity on nations. Sir Chris Hoy competed for the EU, apparently.  She said: "As a member of the European Parliament for London, I am proud of the way my home city delivered a great Olympic games.
"Perhaps I was not paying close enough attention, but I do not remember an EU team marching into the stadium at the opening ceremony.  Nor do I remember hearing the strains of Beethoven's Ode to Joy as winning athletes mounted the podium."
Instead the achievements of our Olympic athletes, including Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah, have been amalgamated with France, Germany and all the other EU members so that they are no longer credited in their own right.
Euro Informationen was set up in 1996 to help educate people and businesses about the Euro.  Its clients include the German government, the European Commission and the European Parliament. The agency boasts on its website that the Euro project has 'long since been successfully completed'.
This is not the first time the EU has attempted to lay claim to Britain's medals. The European Parliament's office in London triumphantly tweeted on August 13 about the EU's haul of 92 gold medals. Before the London Olympics, the EU's delegation in Washington published a newsletter with articles entitled Europe: A Sporting Powerhouse and Europe: The Cradle of the Olympic Movement.
The newsletter reproduced the medals table from the Vancouver games, where again the EU came out on top. The agency denied it was attempting to upset the people of the UK but then disparagingly referred to Britain as 'the island.'  A spokesman said: "We didn't do it just to annoy the Brits. But then we have already received tons of mail from the island."



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Putting it plain and simple so that even the most pig-ignorant, Europhile gets the message: The EU can go and get stuffed! You don't even exist!The success was all ours, not yours The EU as a nation state, only exists in the Minds of bought-and-paid-for Traitors.

Its very existence is due to the collaboration between Rothschild-Zionists in England and their bed-fellows in Russia and America:

Principally, by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. These three smug bastards, were photographed infamously, at a meeting in Yalta where post-WW2-Germany was to be 'divided-up', for carefully-planned, controlled, Socio-Economic, supervision of its ruined Institutions.

The careful planning was done probably, centuries before; but the final touches probably came, once Hitler and the Nazis, 'took-the-bait' in 1933!
Allegedly, the Nazis designed the EU in 1942 once they'd recognised that their war with England, supported by her Empire and the former colony of America, was destined to fail - That is now known to be a complete fabrication and deception, as was blame on Hitler and the Nazis, for the so-called, Holocaust! Yes, many Jews died of poor health, hygeine and starvation in the camps but they were not designed by the Nazis, to do that. That tragic and evil outcome was planned and manipulated by the Rothschils-Zionists who never did give a damn for their own kind. The myths that have been created by them, are tragically, still believed by both our 2WW survivors and their offspring. Exactly the way it was meant to be!

The whole survival of the Illuminati, pyramid-of-lies, rests upon this cornerstone (the mythical holocaust) of their power - and that cornerstone is now crumbling fast!


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Several years ago I listened to a T.Stokes being interviewed on Red Ice radio.The subject was the second world war and I was riveted to my chair as everything I had been taught was dismantled piece by piece. Since then I have researched much and learned that everything is not always as it seems and I believe we are still only at the tip of the iceberg.Lo and behold following on from Dragonslayer's post the below e mail popped into my mail box today!
Illuminati British & Nazis Collaborated

 September 7, 2012
(left, Sir Claude Dansey, Deputy Director of MI-6,  sent hundreds of British and French Resistance agents to their deaths.)

Originally posted in 2011, this article is an important reminder that WW2 was staged by the Illuminati to degrade and destroy Europe and the Christian world order. All wars are designed to bring about the satanic New World Order.   

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the wake of D-Day June 6, 1944, hundreds of acts of sabotage were committed by the French Resistance --- with one exception.

There were none in the north and north west where they mattered most.

There, the "Prosper" and related "Scientist" networks had been mopped by the Gestapo in 1943. Prosper's courageous young leader, Francis Anthony Suttill, 34, was languishing in a concentration camp.

He and scores of British agents were later executed, along with over 10,000 members of the French Resistance. One hundred and sixty plane loads of armaments --2600 containers -- including tons of sten guns and explosives, were seized by the Nazis. (193)

Who was responsible for this debacle?

According to BBC Producer Robert Marshall's thoroughly documented book, "All The King's Men" (Collins, 1988) the culprit was none other than the homosexual and Freemason, Deputy Head of MI-6, Sir Claude Edward Marjoribanks Dansey (1876-1947.)

Dansey deliberately placed a double agent, Henri Dericourt, at the heart of the Prosper organization. Dericourt, a French pilot, was responsible for organizing the nighttime shuttling of agents and materiel in and out of France.

He kept his handler, SS Sturmbannfuhrer Karl Baumelburg, head of counter sabotage in France, apprised of all the comings and goings, including the mail that passed back and forth. In return, the Gestapo allowed the operation to unfold which made Dericourt look very good indeed.

MI-6 placed their own man Nicolas Bodington in SOE  to vouch for Dericourt and block all efforts by SOE to uncover the traitor. Bodington actually met with Baumelburg on a visit to Paris in 1943. They all had known each other before the war. It was Bodington who introduced Baumelburg to Delicourt.

After the war, Dericourt confirmed that he worked for Dansey. (151) 

Why would MI-6 engage in this kind of treason?

Marshall offers this explanation. When Churchill formed a coalition government in 1940, Labour was promised ministerial control of one of the Intelligence Services.  As a result, Special Operations Executive (SOE) was carved out of MI-6 and given responsibility for sabotage.

In revenge, Dansey and MI-6 decided to sabotage SOE by placing Dericourt (left) at the heart of its primary network, and instructing him to betray it to the Gestapo.

After Prosper collapsed, Dansey and his superior, Sir Stewart Menzies lobbied to have SOE dissolved. In 1946, it was folded back into MI-6.

Since the network was doomed anyway, they had Illuminatus Winston Churchill summon the heroic Francis Suttill to a private meeting where Churchill confided that D-Day would take place at Calais in September 1943.

They were confident that Gestapo torture methods would suffice to extract this juicy tidbit from Suttill or his confreres. (It did but the Nazis weren't fooled, and actually transferred divisions from France to Russia.)


I don't believe MI-6 would sabotage the war effort over bureaucratic rivalry.

There were dozens of other far less costly diversions in play before D-Day.

My hypothesis is that the Illuminati infiltrated and controlled the top ranks of all the wartime adversaries.

The real war was not between the Allies and the Axis but rather between this satanic cult and humanity.

The war was just a pretext to destroy the genetic elite: the natural leaders,  the patriots and the idealists. It was a genocide of the Best, who might in future offer resistance to their plans for Luciferian one-world government.

And who were better than these highly trained SOE agents who were prepared to sacrifice their lives for their country? 

MI-6 had already murdered a natural British leader, a colonial politician, the Earl of Errol.


Henri Dericourt had immense respect for the man he betrayed. He called Francis Suttill "magnificent, strong, young, courageous and decisive, a kind of Ivanhoe." (133)

When Suttill (left) was arrested June 23, 1943, the Nazis showed him Dericourt's file. They knew everything about the Prosper Network.
All that was left for Suttill was to try to save his agents' lives.

He negotiated a deal whereby, in exchange for his agents and the French resistors being treated as prisoners of war, he would reveal where the arms caches were located. He even got Heinrich Himmler to sign the agreement.

The Gestapo "swept through the countryside like a scythe through ripening wheat. At first scores, and then hundreds of French men and women were delivered to the prisons around Northern France. At Fresnes, people were crowded, sometimes five or six to a cell." (192)   

Of course, the Nazis did not keep their bargain. The Illuminati could not allow Suttill and his kind to live. That was the point of the war. They could not allow them to discover that the Illuminati, including the Prime Minister, had betrayed them and the war effort.

Francis Suttill was hanged at Sachsenhausen concentration camp March 24, 1945.

Andree Borrel, 25, left, Suttill's second-in-command, was given a lethal injection and then incinerated at Natzweiler in July 1944.

Agents Gilbert Norman, John MacAllister, Frank Pickersgill, Johnny Barrett and Robert Benoist were hanged at Gross Rosen in Sept 1944.

Noor Inyat Khan, 30, left, their radio operator, was kept in chains at Pforsheim and then sent to Dachau where she was shot.

There is no account of the fate of hundreds of other agents, British and French. "Frances Suttill had 144 full agents within his network, but when you count everyone officially connected to Prosper, the number rises to1015." (192) 

After the war, Gestapo officers confirmed that Henri Dericourt was their agent, responsible for the implosion of the resistance networks in Northern France.

Nevertheless, investigation and trial were stymied by MI-6 and Dericourt continued his career as a pilot. He became involved in the heroin trade and died in a plane crash in Laos, November 22, 1962.


In June 1943, Patrick Reilly, an assistant to MI-6 Chief Stewart Menzies was shocked when Dansey came bounding in clapping his hands.

"Great news Reilly!" he exclaimed. "One of the big SOE networks in France has just blown up!"

Reilly naturally thought him "a wicked man, undoubtedly." One of his colleagues actually claimed "Dansey was the only truly evil man I met." (193)

Born in 1874, Dansey had a long distinguished career maintaining the Illuminati (aka "British") Empire.

According to Anton Chaikin, in 1911, William Rockefeller, (JD's brother, President of Standard Oil and founder of Citibank,) employed, "in a private capacity through his elite social club, a high-ranking British secret intelligence service officer named Claude Dansey... [to reorganize] the U.S. Army intelligence service into an adjunct of the British secret service."

Dansey went on to organize the Freemason executives of the Freemason corporations controlled by the Illuminati bankers into an informal intelligence service called "Z Section." When MI-6 was mortally wounded by the capture of two agents at Venlo Holland in 1939, Z-Section became the backbone of MI-6.

Thus, we see why MI-6 and the CIA, as well as most intelligence agencies, have never served the national interest. They have always served the Illuminati bankers and their design for one world tyranny called "world governance," "internationalism" and "globalism."       

The Illuminati traitors didn't just sacrifice thousands of agents. They endangered the Allied war effort and the lives of millions of soldiers. This leads me to wonder if the Nazi war effort wasn't also sabotaged, and the Allies allowed to succeed in Normandy.

It's hard to speak about treason when the dominant forces in society are engaged in treasonous activities, the recolonization of independent democratic nations by a Masonic international banking cartel. 


War is orchestrated by the Illuminati. Using their agents in politics and the media, it is conjured by Black magicians to degrade, demoralize and destroy humanity.

War is a satanic orgy where the good are sacrificed to the evil, who feed on their souls. Millions of patriots respond to the call to "defend freedom" and die for nothing.

Based on their record, we must not underestimate the depravity of the Illuminati bankers, and the measures they will undertake to enslave humanity.

Knowing what we do about these demons, how can we doubt they were behind 9-11 and countless other atrocities, some quite recent?

Society is stricken by a cancer which threatens to be fatal unless it is soon addressed.


First Comment from Martin:

I, too, found the same book (All The King's Men by Robert Marshall) in a secondhand bookshop, and, looking to see whether anyone else had recognised its stunning proof of MI6 treason, I came across your article.

M.R.D. Foot, who wrote the official history of SOE, died last week (20th February). In his obituary in the Daily Telegraph  we find the following two paragraphs:

"The genesis of Foot's classic account SOE in France (1966) was almost as clandestine as its subject. In 1958 the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, authorized the inception of research, but it was not until two years later that Foot was invited to an interview in the Foreign Office. Even then, it was only after an hour-long grilling that he was asked whether he would like to take on such a project.

 There were, his interviewers told him, some conditions: he was not allowed to tell anyone what he was doing -- not even his wife. He was, furthermore, to write his account on the assumption that MI6 did not exist, and without the knowledge or co-operation of the men and women involved."

Thus, Claude Dansey's successors succeeded in covering up MI6's treachery by ensuring that a false history of SOE was written, based on files now back under MI6 control (and the probably false claim that certain files had been lost or burnt) , and without the knowledge of former SOE people.

As this recent obituary shows, Marshall's claim, twenty years after Foot's "classic account", that Dansey, Boddington, and MI6 deliberately betrayed SOE's Prosper network, still remains a potentially explosive issue.

All The King's Men is one of those books which are perhaps even more resonant with a reader today than when they were published.



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