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Letter from Rex
« on: March 11, 2013, 04:10:03 PM »
Your Majesty


Over the last forty years,  a grave situation has been allowed to arise.  I write in the event that its full implications might not be apparent,  particularly since Your Majesty is the Supreme Governor of England and the fount of all law in this country.


When he signed the European Communities Act in 1972,  Edward Heath knowingly and wilfully deceived and betrayed the British people into the hands of a foreign power,  now the European Union (EU).  It was High Treason.  Upon signing, his treason instantly removed him from lawful office.  His treasonous act failed to become legally binding because treason cannot do that and his government immediately became an unlawful assembly because a treasonous government is not lawful. 


No parliament can bind a successor.  Each successive parliament has been free to reverse Mr. Heath?s treachery.  None did, however.  Instead, each following parliament has consciously and deliberately continued his treasonous pretence that Britain had signed up to the EEC/EU.  Each parliament since Mr. Heath?s therefore, has also been a treasonous,  unlawful assembly and the present Parliament is no exception.  Indeed they noticeably accelerate EU intrusion.


No law or other binding obligation can result from treason or action by an unlawful assembly.  British law therefore,  stands as it was immediately prior to the 1972 Act.


Britain is thus not part of the EU as all Treaties (and all statutes since 1972) are unlawful,  null and void.  They are bad law and as Your Majesty will know,  bad law is not law.  In consequence,  the EU has no lawful influence whatsoever over the United Kingdom.  In any case,  the law prevents Your Majesty from ever surrendering the Kingdom to a foreign power.


The matter deepens when Your Majesty?s duty to ensure Britain can feed her people has been seriously neglected through loss of our traditional fishing grounds and ruination of our farming industry due to overwhelming EU interference treasonously permitted by Your Majesty?s Ministers.  It deepens further when the EU unlawfully imposes its own alien European Civil Law upon Your Majesty?s Kingdom.  To allow such thing is also high treason and Ministers are responsible.  The question then arises, ?Which law is supreme in Britain,  the longstanding and extant English Constitutional and Common Law,  or European Law ??


English Constitutional and Common Law (Higher Law) is entirely beyond the reach of Parliament.  Parliament is powerless to alter or repealed it in any way.  Our forefathers wrote it for our protection against despotism,  purposely to remain unaltered and in full force for all time.  That means,  never to be tinkered with.  When Tony Blair believed he had repealed the treason laws,  he actually achieved no such thing.  They remain as written.


The treason laws which are Common Law as much as statute law,  therefore continue in force today as when they were written.  They cannot be repealed (even impliedly) because Common Law will immediately intercede and strike down any statute that clashes with or attempts to amend it in any way.  (The ?mischief rule? as declared in Hayden?s Case 1584 and also Sir Edward Coke,  Chief Justice of the Kings Bench 1628). 


So the answer to the question above is,  ?English Constitutional and Common Law reigns supreme in Britain for all time.  European law can never have any effect whatsoever.  Moreover,  English Common Law has been so written as to absolutely exclude and prevent any form of foreign interference or intervention in the way that our country is run for and by her people?.


One should have thought that the Attorney General would be able to explain this to put our minds at rest.  Unfortunately however,  he refuses to be drawn on the subject  -  indeed,  he refuses the courtesy even of a reply.  His staff moreover,  are apparently unable to find any policy or other statement of any kind in all of their offices,  to show clearly one way or the other which law is superior.  In his duty as official legal advisor,  this is deeply disturbing.


Though Your Majesty?s Ministers might advise that European Law is superior,  this is not the case.  As I have shown above,  they would be doing so entirely unlawfully and purely for their own beneficial purposes.  Their solemnly sworn lifetime allegiance to Your Majesty,  Your Majesty?s Kingdom and thus to Your Majesty?s subjects all of whom they are to serve,  would render such act of advice to be committing further high treason.


Britain clearly operates as she has for hundreds of years, under English Common Law for ever.  That can never change.  There will need therefore,  to be immediate serious and major changes in the running of Your Majesty?s Kingdom to return her to her former status as an independent sovereign nation state free from all encumbrances.


I have the honour to be, Madam,  Your Majesty's humble and obedient subject.



(Your and


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