Fishermen warn withdrawal agreement lets EU seize our waters forever

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The Fisheries Bill is due for its Second Reading in the House of Commons on Wednesday, the first time the Government has attempted to take back sovereignty of UK waters for forty years. But all is not going to plan for UK fishermen. Fishing For Leave say they are “apoplectic” but “vindicated” by the recent EU briefing that Britain “would have to swallow a link between access to products and fisheries in future agreements” after the transition period as part of a deal. The campaign group say they have been warning for the last 12 months that re-obeying all EU law in a transition would ultimately become a permanent arrangement.
Aaron Brown, who leads the group, warns that re-obeying EU law will allow the EU to enforce detrimental laws to grind down the remainder of the British fleet through use of international law by claiming the “surplus” resources Britain would no longer have the fleet to catch. The campaign, which led the Battle of the Thames before the referendum, say a clean Brexit where Britain takes back full control over its waters could create an industry worth £6-8 billion, making it more significant than the UK-based car industry.
Brown called for an “economic link” whereby British boats must be sixty per cent British-owned and sixty per cent British-crewed – and that sixty per cent of landings, sales and processing should be in Britain. You can listen to our recent podcast with Fishing for Leave below and you can subscribe to our latest podcasts on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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