Report #94: Marc Delantre Explains the Gladio Code, Covert Neurotech, & the Terr

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16  November  2018  .

Non-formal interview and focused, exploratory conversation with ex-Belgian and French Intelligence Agent and computer scientist Marc Delantre where he explains what the Gladio Code that he speaks about really is, how it registers on his server, how he records it, and what it reveals definitively about the deliberate and purposive nature of the many false flag and terror "Gladio" operations currently being conducted around the world--including such events as Hurricane Florence, the recent typhoon in the Philippines, storm in Venice, and the California DEW fires .

Also discussed are other means of communication with the Gladio masterminds running this code on his server--whom Marc is convinced are real people, not AI--Intel agents caught in a private conundrum of being bound to their jobs (commissioned by governments and militaries) of terror-creation yet keen to covertly publish to the world the patterns of their actions, so that thousands and millions may be informed of the dangers and cost to humanity in real-time and thereupon act to stop them . .

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