Brain-hacking memory black market: Cybersecurity experts warn of imminent risk

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31  OCTOBER  2018  .

The human brain may become the next frontier in hacking, cyber security researchers have warned in a paper outlining the vulnerabilities of neural implant technologies that can potentially expose and compromise our consciousness.
While basic brain implants are already here, current science indicates we are on the brink of mastering the chemistry of memory. Deep Brain Stimulation (D B S) therapy involves implanting a device into the body to send electrical impulses to electrodes specifically placed to treat neurological diseases like Parkinson’s. “Memory implants” like those featured in dystopian TV series Black Mirror will most likely be built on existing D B S   architecture. Kaspersky Labs collaborated with Oxford University to test these systems for security flaws before we start linking our consciousness to them, and their report is quite illuminating. .

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