Letter to Theresa May

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Letter to Theresa May
« on: November 26, 2018, 08:40:21 PM »
Rt Hon Theresa May MP Albert Burgess
10 Downing Street
26 November 2018
Ref our exit from Europe
Theresa I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have not the faintest idea of the history of the ancient Kingdom, into which we had the misfortune you were born into. So in an effort to rectify this I feel a brief history lesson needs to be given. I am enclosing a copy of my book it is written for children to understand so your personnel staff should have no problem understanding it.
Now for the answer to your problem you have only to follow the example of history. 1132 years ago the Pope sent an Archbishop from Rome to the Court of King Alfred I known today for good reason as the Great. King Alfred had appointed an Archbishop from amongst the Church in his Kingdom this Archbishop was an English man. The Pope sent his choice back saying he appointed every King in the world and Alfred either accepted his choice for Archbishop or he would replace him as King. Alfred sent the Popes choice back telling the Pope he Alfred was elected King by the English and he would only ever do what was in the best interests of his subjects, and he had appointed the man he believed was the best choice and he was keeping him as Archbishop. This was the first occasion of many when a King of England refused foreign interference in the governance of England.
King John I of odious fame surrendered England to the Pope when he handed us over to Archbishop Pandolph at Dover renting it back as a vassal King to Rome for 1000 marks a year 700 marks for England 300 marks for Ireland, after Johns death in 1216 his son Henry III a nine year old came to the English Throne. On coming of age he did what you should have done he wrote to the Pope telling him he Henry answered directly to God for all things ecclesiastical and to his subjects for everything else and he stopped paying the rent and put those small number of barons and bishops who had assisted his father to surrender England on trial for treason. There is a warning there for you and your advisors
In 1366 the then Pope wrote to that great and valorous King Edward III demanding the unpaid monies. King Edward knew nothing of this so he spoke to the Lords Spiritual and the Lords Temporal, they consulted with the commonality of England this constituted a meeting of the estates of England England's highest law giving body who had last met at Runnymede when King John had signed the Great Charter when he agreed to rule us in accordance with our existing laws and customs. The estates came to King Edward III on the following day first the Lords Spiritual then the Lords Temporal and finally the representatives of the commonality of England each told King Edward III that England did not belong to King John, he only held it in trust for those who follow on. It was not King Johns to give away he broke the law and what he did was void, and the monies were not to be paid. This major constitutional ruling makes our entire membership and subservience to the EU constitutionally illegal and acts of treason by every governments from Edward Heath onwards. All you have to do is follow the example of King Henry III and deny the authority of the European Union in this her Majesty's ancient Kingdom and tell the EU to get lost and stop the payment of all monies to the EU. Anything short of that constitutes an act of high treason against her Majesty contrary to the 1351 Treason Act and the ancient constitutional arrangements of England arrangements instigated 1132 years ago by our first king and restated in 1366 by the estates of England. And most commonly known when King Henry VIII repudiated the Popes influence in England and again in 1559 when that Greatest of Queens Elizabeth I issued her Act of Supremacy.
Her Majesty's subjects in a fair and honest vote and against the remonstrations of traitors in government voted to restore this her Majesty Queen to her rightful state as the supreme governor of England from where all her other titles supremacies and pre-eminences flow. You were one of those traitors in government, all you need to do is take us out of the EU stop all monies to the EU and use those monies to support those currently dieing on our streets, fund our police so that they are able to maintain the rule of her Majesty's laws. Fail and you may well find yourself answering to those very laws in the same way King Johns Bishops and Barons did at the hands of his son Henry III.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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