9th December Rally

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9th December Rally
« on: November 29, 2018, 02:10:41 PM »
It was a great pleasure meeting you and you lovely wife Lina at the garden
party we hosted in the summer.

The reason I write to you now is there are many people on the fringe who
rightfully should be supporting us in UKIP as the only party who is serious
about getting us out of the Evil Union.  I have in mind the likes of the
Magna Carta Society, the Freedom Association, the Bruges Group, many of whom
we met on the Thames trip to Runnymede to remember Magna Carta.  There are
other fringe parties on similar lines who are there to uphold our
Constitution.  The one thing that they are all hoping is that we as a party
will make it crystal clear that when Traitor Ted, incidentally a sailing
acquaintance I stupidly trusted, took us into what we were told was an
economic community, he was in breach of our long standing Constitution. 

If at what could well be an extremely well attended Rally if you could make
this very point forcibly it will be reassuring to those people, who may well
then decide to support our party.
All the very best, especially for the Rally,


Bill Woodhouse
Thank you for this  B & A W.

Yes this is true,  under NF it was more about 'selling UKIP to gain votes'
You point was not considered as politically saleable.
I think with our new UKIP energy,  the is issue can very definitely be sold
to the UK  -  especially when promoted alongside the T. May, Heath-like,

Copy: The Magna Carta society, the Bruges Group +other.


Christopher H. Caffin.

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