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Pesco etc
« on: November 30, 2018, 08:23:01 PM »
Dear all

Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak has decided to resign in protest at parliament’s decision on Thursday to reject a U.N. pact on the treatment of migrants, his ministry said.

German government backs controversial UN migration pact

The Party Political System

Letters to DT, published today

SIR – Lord Hague (Comment, November 27) claims that Theresa May’s deal ensures “we are not expected to be a part of” more EU centralisation, including in the military context. This is not the case.
The political declaration on the future relationship states that the UK will remain in the EU’s Defence Fund, among a range of other defence industrial structures, to the extent possible under EU law. As Norway has found, and the Cabinet Office has admitted, this means that the UK will remain under the authority of the EU’s foreign policy and its rapidly growing defence policy. When these defence industrial structures kick in over the next few years, they will also be accompanied by a requirement to place funds and decision-making under EU authority. This is the opposite of taking back control.
The exit agreement of November 25 further sows the ground by keeping the UK under EU defence directives. This is another prerequisite of these EU military merger schemes, which are unashamedly political and aimed at further integration.
There are ways to achieve military and industrial co-operation with European states that do not involve the EU at all – for example, through bilateral agreement, as with the Anglo-Dutch arrangements for co-operation between their respective marine corps, in place since 1971.
There are only two possible reasons for participating in these schemes: to sweeten the plainly failed attempt to win concessions in other areas, or to pave the way for re-entry to the EU. Either would disrespect the vote to leave the EU, and either would be a gross breach of the most basic contract between government and citizen.
Maj Gen Julian Thompson
Chairman, Veterans for Britain
London SW6

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