Letter to Cressida Dick from Albert Burgess

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Letter to Cressida Dick from Albert Burgess
« on: December 03, 2018, 12:42:29 PM »
Cressida Dick                                                                                                                      Albert Burgess
Commissioner of the Metropolis
New Scotland Yard
Victoria Embankment
SW1A 2JL 1st December 2018
At the end of this note is a letter written by several very important people including a former head of MI6, who make it clear that the agreement Rt Hon Theresa May MP has made with the European Union constitutes a considerable risk to the future of this her Majesty’s ancient Kingdom. In 1983 you took an oath of attestation to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in that oath you swore to uphold the law to the best of your ability without favour, fear, malice or ill will. The laws you swore to uphold were the laws her Majesty swore to rule us by in her coronation oath. Those were the laws of England as they were at her coronation. Her Majesty did not swear to rule us according to statutes passed in Parliament. Some of those laws like the 1988 Road Traffic Act are good laws, others like the 2002 Police Reform Act are not only bad law they threaten the security of her Majesty’s subjects. The sole reason of having constables is to keep her Majesty’s subjects safe. Her Majesty must by the ancient laws of England control her Kingdoms boarders and have direct command over her armed forces and police forces. I am submitting a formal allegation against the Rt Hon Theresa May MP who has committed an act of high treason against the common and constitutional laws of this her Majesty’s ancient Kingdom, and that the terms of the deal she is attempting to force through constitutes a personnel treason against her most Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II contrary to the 1351 Treason Act by imagining her Majesty’s death as the commander in Chief of her armed forces, and fly directly in the face of the clear instruction given to her government by her Majesty’s subjects, to remove this ancient Kingdom with immediate effect from any degree of European Union control of this her Majesty’s ancient Kingdom. You have to forget your common purpose training and remember your oath to her Majesty. If you look across Europe you will see the citizens of numbers of EU countries openly rebelling against their governments. WHEN not if her Majesty’s subjects go into open rebellion it will be considerably more violent than anything seen in Europe so far. Should your officers be foolish enough to attempt to put it down, it will be your officers who suffer, I suspect the vast majority of your officers will support a public uprising as will the vast majority of her Majesty’s armed forces. The revolution when not if it comes will have one aim to hand the rule of this ancient Kingdom directly back into her Majesty’s hands. Failure to deal with the high treason of the Rt Dishonourable Theresa May MP renders you subject to arrest for Misprision of Treason at Common Law I will leave you to look up the tariff.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess
Former MI6 chief accuses Theresa May of ‘surrendering British national security’ to the EU

Written by
Jonathan Isaby
Jonathan Isaby is Editor of BrexitCentral
The Sun carries a story today covering a letter written by a clutch of well-known figures, expressing deep concerns that Theresa May’s Brexit deal “surrenders British national security” and compromises UK Intelligence capabilities.
The signatories – including Sir Richard Dearlove, former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service – call on the Prime Minister to instead seek a departure from the EU on WTO terms on the basis that “no risks are greater than the Withdrawal Agreement’s terms of surrender”.
I have obtained a copy of the full text of the letter which I reproduce below.
What is being presented to British citizens as “the best deal available” is the exact opposite of the people’s instruction to take back control. For the first time in its history, Parliament is being asked to suspend its own sovereignty: it has no constitutional or moral right to do this. Any legislator that votes for it will not be forgiven.
The ‘deal’ surrenders British national security by subordinating UK defence forces to Military EU control and compromising UK Intelligence capabilities. It puts at risk the fundamental Anglosphere alliances, specifically the vital Five Eyes Alliance and thereby threatens western security.
This surrender is to an undemocratic organisation, the European Commission. The last two years have demonstrated how untrustworthy and hostile towards the UK the EC is, notably its use of the Irish border as a weapon.
The EC offers subordination, not partnership. The only way to leave the EU is by declaration that from 29th March 2019 Great Britain will deal fairly with the EU as it does with the rest of the world. No ransom should be paid.
Mrs May has completely failed to understand that this vote was on an issue of principle: sovereignty.
To leave on WTO terms is now the only viable way to leave the EU and we urge British people to ignore the hysterical demonisation of this course of action by the current Project Fear, just as they ignored its scare-mongering predecessor in 2016. No risks are greater than the Withdrawal Agreement’s terms of surrender. The people voted to take back control of our sovereignty, not for a colonial status.
Mrs May has broken trust with the British people as she has lost the trust of so many of her Ministers.
Sir Richard Dearlove (former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service)
Sir Rocco Forte (Chairman, Rocco Forte Hotels)
Martin Howe QC (Chairman, Lawyers for Britain)
Lord Lawson (Former Chancellor of the Exchequer)
Sir Paul Marshall (Chairman of Marshall Wace Asset Management and Co-Chairman of Prosperity UK)
Major General Julian Thompson (Chairman, Veterans for Britain)
Lord Trimble (Former First Minister of Northern Ireland and Nobel Peace Prize winner)
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