In Stasi Germany, 1 in 8 was and informer.

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In Stasi Germany, 1 in 8 was and informer.
« on: December 04, 2018, 09:39:55 PM »
German teaching brochure sparks spying row and far-right outrage
An advice brochure for kindergarten teachers dealing with children and parents who express far-right views has drawn accusations of spying from Germany's right-wing media. The family minister defended the publication.
Germany's biggest newspaper, Bild, has been accused of pandering to far-right populist sentiment over a report that allegedly mischaracterized a brochure published by the anti-racist nongovernmental organization Amadeu Antonio Foundation (AAS).
The Bild report from November 29 described a 60-page AAS guide designed to help kindergarten teachers and parents deal with children who had expressed racist sentiments or appeared to be indoctrinated by neo-Nazi ideology. In a story entitled "Row over snooping manual," Bild presented the publication as an attempt to get children to spy on their parents.
In its response to the report, the AAS pointed out that Bild only picked up on the three-month-old brochure after far-right German blogs like Philosophia Perennis and Journalistenwatch had expressed their own outrage. Bild largely repeated the far-right arguments without challenging them, and the AAS says it has received hundreds of threats of violence since the newspaper ran the story.
The brochure, which was co-funded by the Family Ministry, featured advice for parents and kindergarten workers dealing with various actual scenarios: "What to do if a kindergarten teacher is active in the far-right scene? What to do if a child draws swastikas in kindergarten and says this is a good thing at home? How to deal with it when teachers or parents make anti-refugee or racist statements in front of children, or directly attack refugee children or parents?"
German teaching brochure sparks spying row and far-right outrage | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 03.12.2018
The AAS rejected this interpretation. "This is a case in which a girl from a well-known right-wing family is described in a certain way," the foundation said in an article on its website.

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